And So Here We Go!

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I Hate You, Mom

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Mom, I Want a Facebook Page

As seen this week on (3/14/2012):* Please, read this week's blog and share it with others, as it addresses bullying and ways to stop it.  If you, or someone that you know, are dealing with bullying, please note the information at the end of the blog for help....more

It's Just Been One of Those Days

As seen this week on (3/7/2012):So I’m having one of those moments.  Actually, it’s more like a couple of those moments.  The kind, as a parent, where you feel like you have somehow managed to do all of the wrong things and it is now showing in everything that your child does – or does not – do.  I’m also having a bit of parental sadness, now that the oldest has left and is officially property of the United States Navy....more

Million Moms Fight Gay Wedding in Archie Comics

Another day, another misguided moral panic.This time, it’s One Million Moms sending up flares about the fact that some Toys "R" Us stores are selling Archie Comics, featuring a gay wedding. Image: Robin Nelson via ZUMA Press. ...more
When I was a kid, my aunt used to bring her girlfriends to our house for family events.  This ...more

The Indiffence of Good Men

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Two Moms at the Sweetheart Ball

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You both looked lovely that evening and I think it is terrible that someone would make you both ...more

Mama on a Soapbox

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You have such a beautiful family and it breaks my heart to think of the legal loop holes that ...more

A Day in the Life of a Deviant Married Lesbian Mommy

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Her Head is Going to Spin Around!

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