A Day in the Life of a Deviant Married Lesbian Mommy

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Her Head is Going to Spin Around!

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Nightime Musings from the Nursery Rocker

Tonight I am sad.It’s after midnight, the baby and the boy are asleep.  The wife is asleep.  I should be asleep.  But my mind won’t shut down, thinking about some of the awful things going on today in our country....more

Movie Review: "Pariah" warrants acceptance with its vibrant, universal themes

Dee Rees, is a talented writer and filmmaker whose directorial debut, Pariah, began as an award-winning short in 2007 has transformed into a feature length film in 2011/2012. A crowd favorite at Sundance in 2011, the cinematographer, Bradford Young, was honored with the [U.S. Dramatic Competition] Excellence in Cinematography Award for his brilliant work on the project....more

'Work It' Doesn't Appear To Actually Work

Sitcoms on TV, lately, are divided into two very distinct categories. On one hand, you have shows like 30Rock and Parks and Recreation, which represent a very high-brow, accomplished sense of comedy. In fact, I'd go as far as to say that 30Rock (thankfully returning to regular rotation this month) revolutionalized modern comedy. I mean- think about the last half-decent show you watched with a laugh track....more

The Difference of a Few Years

As see this week on TheNextFamily.com (12/28/2011):It’s hard to believe, after all of the anticipation and waiting, that Christmas has already come and gone.  We’ve had such a busy few months:  new baby in October, her first Thanksgiving in November, and now her first Christmas.  It came and went too fast!  But on Christmas night, after celebrating for two weekends in a row, I sat and reflected on these holidays versus those of the past few years.  It is amazing the difference of a few years….and a baby, apparently....more

Merry Christmakkuhzaa!!

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I Could Not Ask for More

As seen this week on TheNextFamily.com (12/15/2011):I’m finding out that life as we knew it is no more.  Yes, I know that seems like it would be an obvious discovery, but silly me thought that our lives would be as before, with just a tiny addition.  Right?  Wrong....more

If We Blink, We're Going to Miss Something

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