Back to the Hospital

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She's Absolutely Perfect!

The first few hours after Harrison was born went by in a blur.  She arrived at 10 PM, on the hour, and by 11 PM  we were back in our room and introducing her to friends and family who had arrived and been in the waiting room.  I was running on adrenaline, to and fro between the room and the waiting room.  We had quite a crowd, but by midnight we were finally starting to say our good-nights and hoping for some rest.  Erikka was resting after her surgery, and they were pumping her full of medications to bring her blood pressures back down to normal while I got to spen...more
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For a Moment, Time Stood Still

As seen this week on (11/8/2011):So the last time I wrote it was Monday, October 24th, and time had stood still while we waited for four or five days thus far.  Needless to say, I wrote it and put it out there, and sure as hell, things started moving and shaking within hours of my authoring that blog....more

When Man Plans, God Laughs

As seen previously on (around 10/24/2011):We’re getting closer – even closer than we had originally planned.  As you may remember, our sweet baby girl is scheduled to arrive on 11/1/11 via a planned C-section.  Well, we now know that this isn’t going to happen. But that’s about all we DO know at this point.  I’ve always heard people say that “when man plans, God laughs”, and am finding that it seems to be true.  My mother-in-law said that life is what happens when we’re busy making plans; that is NO LIE....more

How Inequality Harms Children of LGBT Parents

Children with LGBT parents face numerous legal and social inequalities, according to a major new report from several leading LGBT, children's welfare, and social service organizations. Even for those who support LGBT equality, the facts may surprise you. ...more
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"Hell Found Me"....a story

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Being the Baby Daddy

I decided yesterday that I need to send my boys’ father a thank-you card.  No, seriously.  As I was fighting with the stroller construction, and attaching carseat bases into our vehicles, kicking and cussing them all, it struck me that this was a pain in the ass!  I stepped back, after practically throwing the stroller across the driveway, sweating and frustrated, and realized that, while I had all of this same equipment when Noah was a baby, I NEVER once had to put any of it together.  I took off my sweaty Texas Rangers baseball hat and scratched my head, and thought ab...more

Top 25 Most Popular SexIs Magazine Articles in September

As an editor, I am pretty much always wanting to know what people are reading and what they want to read. At SexIs, we collect information from a variety of sources to figure out what was interesting and what just didn't connect with our readers and we use it to refine what we publish. Hopefully the end result is more interesting to our readers. Recently someone on staff suggested it might actually be interesting to our readers to know just what other people, like them, were intersted in and to have a reminder of what we'd published over the previous month — in case they missed something. So, we started a digest of the most popular articles we published and I am posting it here — so check out what we've been up to!...more

Who Our Family Really Is...

So today I went to my mother’s to pickup Noah, since he had stayed there last night and gone to church with her this morning.  We were sitting and chatting, and I try to keep her updated on all of the baby news whenever I talk to her, just so she knows that it REALLY IS going to happen and that it isn’t going away.  Since the moment that I told her that we were pregnant, she has given several mixed messages to us in regards to the birth of our baby.  From the beginning, my mother has made it very clear that, in HER eyes, this is NOT my baby, but rather Erikka’s.  The fir...more
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Thoughts on National Coming Out Week

This is National Coming Out Week. And though we'll focus on celebrating the queer community, it's not a holiday.  And despite the fact that its whole existence is due to prejudice and hate, it's not a memorial.   Image: dbking via FlickrPictured is the late gay rights activist, Frank Kameny, who passed away yesterday at age 86....more
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