What if Your Child Turns Out GAY??

What if your child turns out gay?                            ...more
I don't think that there is a need for a parent to even mind at all bugging themselves about the ...more

The Last 24 (Or, The New Adventures of Old Yom Kippur)

I knew I would be prompted to blog based on the dramatic way in which it began. As sundown approached the city, 6PM to be precise, my parents were leaving the runway of JFK on board a jet plane to Europe for a 2-week vacation....more

Non-Bio Mom Nesting Crazy

Do dads and/or non-biological moms get the nesting hormones that many pregnant women get right before they get ready to deliver?  What about adoptive parents who await the birth of their child from a surrogate or birth mother?  I don’t know about scientific evidence that can answer these questions, but I do believe that the answer is YES (at least for THIS non-biological adoptive mom)....more

Oh the Places We Will Go!

As seen the week of 9/21/11 on TheNextFamily.com:...more

What Will it Take??

As seen the week of 9/14/11 on TheNextFamily.com:This past Sunday was the tenth anniversary of September 11, 2001.  Facebook blew up the closer that it got with messages of remembrance and “never forget” admonishments.  At one point it seemed a bit redundant to see the words “Never Forget” over and over – how in the world could anyone in this generation EVER forget the horrible events that happened that day?  I would be scarce to find any, I imagine.  But I digress....more

Sympathy Pregnancy Brain??

As seen during a past week on TheNextFamily.com (9/7/2011):I’m one of those people who is always thinking about…something.  And mind you, my thinking is often very scattered and random, given that I have the ADHD pretty bad and have been without medication for it for a while now.  I remember having this when I was pregnant before, this “pregnancy brain”, but am I now having some kind of weird sympathy pregnancy brain??...more

Sugar and Spice....Not Always So Nice!

As seen on 8/31/11 on TheNextFamily.com:So life as we know it is changing all the time, and it has been no different with a pregnancy and the knowledge of a daughter on the way.  It’s happening way faster than I anticipated!  Doctors’ appointments have been good, and ultrasounds have been plentiful – which is awesome!...more

New NBC Show Pushes Buttons by Putting "Lesbo" in the Title

It's been a long time since I've been called a "lesbo." Perhaps the last time heard it, it was from my 7th-grade friend Andrew when I admired his Farrah Fawcett locker poster a little too hard? It's certainly not a contemporary word, and it's usually not a compliment -- though it's hard to take seriously as a pejorative. So not being used to hearing "lesbo" in day-to-day discourse, I raised my eyebrows and made a characteristically queer smirk at this week's news that NBC is developing a sitcom pilot called My Best Friend is a Lesbo....more
Hmmm....... If I am in a group of other Lesbians or Gays, the tag of "lesbo" goes without ...more

LGBT at Work - A Look at News and Stats

It's been a long time since I've written about LGBT issues in the workplace. I used to do so at least weekly but over the 4+ years I've owned my own business, I haven't had my finger on the pulse nearly as much. That is why this recent roundup of gays, lesbians, and trangendered folks in the workplace was of interest. This recent Chicago Tribune article provides a great roundup of LGBT Work Stats. Here's a few that really caught my eye: ...more

It's A ... ???

Those first months went by quickly and smoothly, and we anxiously awaited the appointment at which we could find out the baby’s gender.  Erikka had wanted a baby girl since SHE was a little girl, and since we have my two boys, I was really excited at the 50/50 chance of having a girl myself!  I kept telling Erikka that there was nothing wrong with having a boy, if that is what we get, and we both agreed that we will enjoy whatever little darling we are blessed to have....more
I have thoroughly enjoyed reading your stories. Looking forward to your future writings. Love to ...more