I Heart the Library

A library is a museum of books; a shrine to literature. It is more accessible than a museum and always free to enter. It is far less elitist the a museum: a poorly written book could exist on the shelf next to best-seller. Obviously the greatest aspect of the library: borrow books (up to 50 at a time!), enjoy them at your leisure (in the bathroom, on the beach), fold the pages without penalty (do not recommend!) and return it in a timely fashion....more

A grateful heart: A grump and a pint-sized bookworm

I was ecstatic for a moment. I thought I had won the Christmas tree wager!! (The one where I bet the Christmas tree that I could lose 13 pounds by December 1.)...more

Charlie and the clueless library staff

I try very hard not to think negatively. It's an experiment. I'm told being kind is good for me. I'm trying it. It's work. I mean, hard work. And if you know me, you know why. I believe I hold the world record in withering flash criticism.I bitch. A lot.Whence my experiment in kindness and positive thinking (not the "I CAN DO THIS!" kind of positive thinking, the "absence of negative thinking" kind).BUT!!! It's hard......more

Why buy when you can borrow?

I still remember learning the Dewey Decimal System in elementary school.  I started my research papers with a trip to the card catalog.  Like me, your local library has grown up a lot over the past few decades.  My family relies on the local library system for free entertainment....more

NaBloPoMo #4 (Am I caught up?)

Whee! So, what to write about?  I tried to find the post on all the crunch prompt thingees for the month.  After a few moments of searching, broken up by some much needed cleaning, I gave up and just clicked on the list of blogs.Today is day four, so I clicked on the fourth blog.  The first post I read was about libraries.My subject.  Libraries. Okay.I'll go with a personal story, as the whole issue of why libraries are important to the local community/country/world should be pretty obvious to most writers/readers....more
JoAnneApple Thank you!more

Sorry, excuse us, sorry.

Finally made my way back to the public LIBRARY! to renew our cards after learning last week it does not open until a seasonally sluggish 10AM. (BTW, that exclamation point isn’t just me being super-stoked about libraries. I mean, they’re great, but that’s actually the official title of all Boise libraries. Are you not enticed by our ECCENTRICITIES!?)...more

No More Overdue Books: Getting Digital with Your Local Library

Greetings, Bookworms!I’ve told y’all a time or twelve how much I adore reading on my kindle. (Sorry physical book purists, this post will be of no interest to you. You have my full permission to daydream about unicorns and puppies and singing penguins.) One of the biggest drawbacks for me when I first got the kindle was that I had to pay for all my books. Sure, there were free classics, which is great, but a girl cannot live on classics alone. There are always free titles available too, but the only stuff I wanted to read I had to pay for....more

Having Fun Isn't Hard When You've Got A Library Card!

Thanks to Arthur the Aardvark for making library's fun again :) So lucky to visit the new Toronto Public Library's Fort York Branch for it's grand opening. It is a beautiful space that does away with the stuffy and dark libraries of the past. Grand Opening at Fort York Branch...more

How to not go broke with an e-reader, aka why I heart the public library

One of the perils of misspent youth: Financial troubles. Although I had my share of credit card debt, do you know who my most pernicious creditor was back in the day? The Sacramento County Public Library....more
Oh I know the whispernet debt! As a reading addict, my kindle (beloved though it is) has made it ...more