Filling Up My Days with Joy

I watched Everything is Copy, the documentary about Nora Ephron’s life and I can spend days quoting her charm and wit, but a line in the movie has stuck with me: “Eat your last meal when you’re alive.” She means it’s rare to know you’re eating your last meal. In jail, being executed is one of the few ways you can know it’s your last meal. Otherwise, if you’re old or sick, at the end you’re not eating at all and you could have had your last meal months ago without knowing it was your last. ...more

I Organized My Desk Drawers

I’m of the “life-changing magic of tidying up” religion ( ) and fully believe “clutter in your house is clutter in your life.” I like minimalism; I want to know where everything is at a glance. Mess and disorganization disturb me and disrupt my brain. ...more

I Over-Share ...and I'll Continue

I’m not a social media over-poster. In fact, after a two week trip to Hawaii, I only posted 69 of my 2,000+ photos to Facebook or Instagram. It’s not the photos I’m over-sharing; it’s my words. ...more

Judgments Divide


on meeting strangers

The weather in Houston this past weekend was...weird. Weird in that it wasn't 105 degrees with 90% humidity. It was 89 degrees with 45% humidity which is what I can only imagine Antarctica must feel like.  But really, it was cold for a Houston summer day....more

Mosquitos Loves Me

Do you want a secret mosquito repellant? It’s Me! Keep me within two-three feet of you and the mosquitos will instinctively swarm to me, my skin emitting invisible pulses like morse code, summoning them to feast. ...more
Ouch. There has to be a solution... but I don't really know what it might be. Though I did read ...more

The Directions

As I drove down through the countryside, during one of my "ever so often" daydreaming moments, I realized that I was off course and began to panic as nothing looked familiar. I must have made a wrong turn or two. Lost, I looked for anyone that might steer me in the right direction....more

"You've Changed."

“Look around you. Everything changes. Everything on this earth is in a continuous state of evolving, refining, improving, adapting, enhancing…changing. You were not put on this earth to remain stagnant.” ― Steve Maraboli Not many people can pinpoint an exact day or moment when they feel like they changed.  Change can be gradual and slow and minuscule until one day you wake up and realize: huh, look at that.  I’m kinda different.  When did that happen?...more

Fairy Tale Ending

Tuesday, August 2, 2016 Do you believe it’s possible for some people to get that fairy tale ending of happily ever after?All things are possible, but fairy tales are called fairy tales for a reason; they are fantasy tales. Some aspects and events in life seem to be a fairy tale, but do not last for ever after. Life always throws in curve balls....more

What Color is My Parachute? And Does it Match My Shoes?

(Excerpt from Real Time Wreck)...more