7 Things you need to know about artificial grass.

We know that artificial grass has been gaining reputation and a good recognition from people. According to ARTTRA Grass Company, Artificial grass is an innovation in the world of landscaping - Designed and developed with state of the art technology....more

5 Reasons to Take a Break Already

Why You Should Pretend To Be A Photographer At Least Once In A Lifetime

Photographers are like celebrities: they are rich and famous and they always make extraordinary things. And they are always busy doing more amazing things. It's certain that professional photography is not for everyone, even if nowadays we all have powerful cameras in our pockets. ...more

Truly, Those Were The Best Days Of My Life

This world famous song sung by Bryan Adams and released in 1985 touched the heart of millions across the globe. Three decades later also, we see people of six to sixty grooving to the tune of this number. Do you know why? It’s because everyone finds themselves in this song beautifully. Those past memories of school days, college days, and poolside of locality spent with best buddies refreshes our mind. Basically, friendship and our belongingness towards our friends make sigh and hum the lines, “those were the best days of my life, summer of 69”....more

Life Lessons You Can Learn From Convicts And Apply In Businesses

I've never been to prison, but one of my friends' relatives made a mistake and had to spend two years in prison. Unfortunately, he spent those years abroad, which made it even more difficult for my friend, who was unable to visit him. Couple of days ago, he was released from prison and he returned home.He wasn't changed in appearance, but he brought home some valuable life lessons, which can be used by entrepreneurs all around the world....more

Social Media and Compromise

COMPROMISE/SOCIAL MEDIA Yesterday afternoon I was observing a  vigil for Yes on 62 and a man comes up to me and screams obscenities and throws a glass of urine in my face--and to be clear this person was not homeless;  this was direct, it was scary and painful.  ...more

Three Word Thursday

Start something new!A year from now you will wish you had started today.Karen LambSomeone posted this quote on facebook a pretty long time ago and I instantly liked it. So I'm using it as my writing prompt for today's post....more

The Nablopomo Alarm

30 days, 100 words a day-One day I sleep 2 hours and then the next day I sleep 10.  Yesterday I pressed the snooze button three times; I never do that. Didn’t really want to get up, how many days of school would the kids miss if I just didn’t get up? But then what would they do all day at home; I wouldn’t be schooling them. That wouldn’t work. I needed to get up. Make a breakfast we will fight about and not eat. I have an invention idea, a really sweet breakfast cereal called “something else”. The box would smell like old lollipops...more

50 things I am grateful for

Gratitude is not just a quality but a virtue. It is also a way of life. In recent years I’ve experienced quite a few things, and frankly, I think I’ve seen the colors of the rainbow, the whole spectrum and no sunglasses were needed! Quite a colorful show and I’ve had no time to be bored, not even for a minute....more