What I learned with NaBloPoMo 2014

I took part in NaBloPoMoBlahBlahBlah 2014 because I've been neglecting GingerSass for GayBrideGuide and I felt like my older blog-child was feeling the wrath of my accidental favoritism.Actually, it totally was.This past month, I learned that my sassy followers have actually missed my sass, and that they Google the weirdest shit....more

Take Your Turkey and Stuff It: Four Thanksgiving Foods That Should Be Banned

Here we find ourselves once again at the season of Thanksgiving. This week, we’ll travel to be with friends and family, count our blessings, watch football, and possibly most importantly, sit down at a table and eat a truly ungodly amount of food.Let’s talk about that food for a sec. Kaythanx.I’m risking being called out as the worst American since Benedict Arnold for the declaration I’m about to make, but blog traffic is always down around the holidays, so what they hay: I effing hate Thanksgiving food....more

people have more of an issue with victims of racism using the word racist to describe a person than racism itself

So recently I was speaking to  a girl in my year and the name of another girl in my year came up. As the discussion progressed to the subject of race I thought it necessary to point out that I felt the girl whose name came up was a racist and in response 3 different people turned around and told me how racist was such a strong word and how i shouldn't throw it around like that. As if I committed an offense by expressing my opinion. It's unbelievable to me that not one person asked me what she had said or done to make me have such a strong opinion of her....more

Nov 21 - Soundtrack of My Life

Since I missed yesterday, I decided to answer both prompts today.  The Daily Post is asking: If your life were a movie, what would its soundtrack be like? What songs, instrumental pieces, and other sound effects would be featured on the official soundtrack album?...more

Dream Analysis For Beginners And Lunatics

I have ridiculous dreams.They’re vivid and memorable, but mostly insane. For as long as I can remember, I’ve had a very active dream life, recalling details with spectacular clarity....more

Why It's So Hard for People to Accept Your Transformation?

People feel entitled  to know you. It's an ego trip.People's ego even emerges in how they relate to you. They want to feel in control of your persona and be able to feel like they " know" you, so if you do veer from some new way of being,  they get to throw in the old you in your face to appease there own ego. Ooh, " I knew you haven't changed", I know you still want to do that." They can't let it go....more

Sharing My Crazy

Why is it that I think of tons of things to write about when I'm not actually writing?  Like, I'll be sitting with Husband and think, "ooohhh that would be a great blog!"  And then when I sit down, "ZAP!" there's nothing.  There is a big hole in my head where all those great ideas were. "Write them down," you say...or you would say if you were in my head. ...more

My Life Is An Adventure In Moderation

I’m a big believer in moderation. I shy away from just about all extremes—this includes, but is not limited to—sports, music, food, politics and personal comfort.Quick examples:I like Duke AND North Carolina men’s basketball (but Gonzaga is my team)I like Coke AND Pepsi (and Dr. Pepper, but it’s all Coke where I’m from)Friend: You wanna go get a Coke? Me: Yeah! (pull up to the drive-through) Friend: What kind of Coke do you want? Me: Dr. Pepper....more

Thank You Life

 My life hasn’t been perfect and I believe that most people think the same way.We live each day hoping good things come around and struggling at the same time to put things right.Either way I’m mostly grateful of all the people and things I have in my life....more

Episode 47: Oops I Did It Again!

I am the undisputed queen of ‘putting my foot in it’, literally as well as figuratively! I just seem to  attract calamities and disasters, and can make a fool of myself without any help, or encouragement whatsoever!...more