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I think most of us spend our time trying to be extr...more

Smart Girls Believe in Fairy Tales

It’s that time of year again!We plan for the fabulous new year ahead of us and make all sorts of lofty promises to ourselves and the universe.  Faith, religion, dreams, fairy tales, “Cuz my Mom told me” – whatever you choose to call it, we all have them.  And during this time of year, everything seems to be just a little bit more possible doesn’t it?...more
playdatesonfridays Yes!  Sometimes we need to open ourselves up to happiness.more


I try to start every day with a to-do list.Some days I get it all done. Some days I completely forget to even make a list. Most days I am somewhere in-between, crossing out the easier items with satisfaction and rolling over the rest to the next day’s list.Order business cards. Work on my first ever Focus Word for the year. Write. Blog. Prepare for reviews at work. Fight writer’s block. Navigate the emotional exhaustion. Eat less sugar. Plan for what’s next. Try to be my best. Save money. Pay off debt. Try to contribute more to retirement....more

I spent the vacation in my blue flannel pyjamas

This is the only way to spend a winter vacation with a house full of rowdy kids. Wearing flannel pyjamas ( God bless the inventor of flannel). I planned on not taking them off (except to wash them). However husband refused to be seen in public with me wearing them, so I had to change to attend a couple of dinners and a wow birthday party. I think I could have pulled it off at the birthday party though, I mean Mickey Mouse was wearing his red pyjamas I don't see why I couldn't wear mine. Okay maybe they weren't pyjamas, but they looked it....more

Be Happy in 2015

The first day of the year is always a good place of new beginnings and newfound or renewed commitment towards creating a healthy and prosperous life and being focused on what matters the most in life. That’s why it was no surprise to receive invitations to 1) participate in a bowl burning ceremony and to 2) a dinner celebrating the unity of friendship....more
I love this. We wish one another a "happy new year" over and over, but how often does "have a ...more

3 Signs You Are Ready To Make A Change

I’ve been through so much change this past year it makes my head spin. My mother’s passing. Leaving my career. Talking to my father for the first time in over 20 years....more
Thank you for this powerful share on changing and moving on. I created a work of art on this ...more

Arranged Marriage : Dear (Not So) Suitable Boy

Dear (Not So) Suitable Boy,I have been meaning to write to you for some time now (about 20 years) but somewhere along the way, after I realized you most certainly were not my knight in shining armor, I married someone else and had five kids. So yeah I was a bit preoccupied. No, I didn't end up marrying the knight in shining armor. He still hasn't shown up. Curse you, Disney. Curse you....more

Things Brown Moms Say

There are some things that are just genetically embedded into you. You can't avoid them no matter what. I was born and raised in Canada, I have adapted things from both Pakistani culture and Canadian culture. Things I felt would create a good balance for my family, but there are some things just so automated I can't control. Like the typical brown mom inside me. I can hear her when I rant at the offspring....more

Being true to yourself... Still time for your 2014 Resolutions

Sometimes they say all you have to do is decide... admit you have a problem and then, there! That's half the battle.All it takes is a DecisionWell I have been at half the battle for sometime now... almost a year plus since making the decision to de-clutter and approach life a quietened consumer with deeper, truer happiness and life based on material and financial minimalism. Shoot for the Stars...more

The Modern Day Christmas Story of Hope an affiliate of National Embryo Donation Center (NEDC) emailed Lisa a local donor and announced “The embryos you donated resulted in the birth of twin girls and the adopted couple wants to meet you.” Lisa, dropped the laptop and began sobbing....more