Peace, Power, Purity And Protection

A while back as I was taking a nice hot shower a vision had appeared to me.The vision regarded my present state then and now.Three healthy white doves were rapidly flapping their wings straight above my head.It was such a beautiful sight.My peace and protection was gorgeously attached to me as I was graciously blessed by thee.No one gave it to me and no one can take it away from me, the love, power, and guidance of my Orishas, the love, power, and guidance from my ancestors....more

"Tunes" Of Harmony To The Universe

I feel a great freedom that comes along with the balance and alignment with the universe. The power to self express and to reflect back to us all of the essential benefits that life has to offer.Elements that are suitable and fulfilling to the particular needs of any aspiring individual, corresponding to the aids of a better health and state of well-being.I find in not being at all afraid to acknowledge and to display what I truly know, feel, or believe effectively welcomes in a change and opens up the doors to the reality that one naturally deserves....more

Proud To Be Asexual/The Liberating Truth About My Asexuality

I was a very cute little girl growing up. And young males were always attracted to me, always bothering me.Whereas I found the behavior of the opposite sex quite annoying most females would have enjoyed the attention.When I was coming up in the 1980’s many of the children living around me within my neighborhood were having sex at a very early age.One of the youngest girls that I knew of at the time was about the age of eight. The boy whom she had had sexual relations with was at the age of either ten, or eleven....more

"Be the kind of woman who, when your feet hit the floor in the morning, the Devil says 'Oh no, she's up!'"

By: Cindy G. CastilloBeing the kind of woman who, when your feet hit the floor every morning, the devil says "oh no, she's up!"The first thing that comes to mind is literally -- being grounded. Know where you stand. When both your mind and your body are sure of where they are and where they're going, there's nothing that can knock you down. Sounds a lot like a tree doesn't it? That's one of the reasons why I often look at trees for a source of inspiration....more

And if I asked you to name all the things that you love, how long would it take for you to name yourself?

By: Cindy G. CastilloThis one hit close to home. It kind of hits you in the face the first time you read it. Some of the first things I thought of were hobbies, friends, family, cool weather, flowers -- everything but myself....more

Are you really happy or just really comfortable?

By: Cindy G. Castillo Being happy or being incredibly comfortable?Both can sound and feel quite the same -- but they're not. Trying to tell them apart takes wisdom, something that'll only come with time, experience and much thought.When I think of being incredibly comfortable I think about settling. Whether it's a relationship or a career, settling shouldn't be an option. Of course, that's only speaking from personal opinion....more

Finding Hope!


fake life vs. real life

Today we are going to talk about marriage and Fake Life. You know, the life where your expectations are alive and reign freely. The life that doesn't have to be covered with three Instagram filters + 6x more brightness and 18x more contrast. We're also going to talk about marriage and Real Life. The life where Come on! You're close to 30!...more

a catch-up

Important item number one. We've decide that Lupe is Max from How The Grinch Stole Christmas. Notice I didn't say that we've decided that Lupe looks like Max, because he doesn't just look like Max. He straight up is Max so I suppose that means we need to rig up an antler for him for Christmas Day. These are my holiday priorities and they are important....more

Stepping out from the Comfort Zone..

Comfort zone is called by that name because it's the zone which suits us. We feel free and vibrant. We all reluctant to step out from our comfort zones. Mostly we are afraid of the outcome.But keep in mind,  “The new zone that you are reluctant to step in , will eventually become your comfort zone.”There is no permanent line dividing the terrifying zone and the comfort zone. It’s all in our imaginations.Try these simple steps.........more