Are you a World Changer?

I attended a conference recently and the speaker explained how each of us is created for a special task.  Just as we have our own unique fingerprint, we are called to leave our own unique print on the world and mankind.  Over a year ago I wrestled with the Lord throughout the night unable to sleep at all with His constant admonition, “Heather, you are a World Changer.”  Being a World Changer sounded like such a huge and daunting feat.  I was so intimidated.  I begged the Lord to choose someone else.  Since that time, my understanding has changed and the call is...more

Repeat after me "I AM THE GROWN UP"

Repeat after me:  “I AM THE GROWN UP” For me dealing with my teenager requires great skills. Compromise, communication, understanding, communication, patients, communication and sometimes the ability to translate the secret teenage codes that keeps parents and teens on opposite ends of the communication scale.   Sometimes I am the one who is lacking the commination skills. Or maybe it is the enevedivable never ending, age old problems that teens and parents will always face. My first reaction to conflict is anger....more

Oh! Canada! Why Vote?

It was just the other day I was speaking with a friend about the upcoming Canadian Federal elections informed me that she has never voted and refuses to vote. I looked at her shocked, “Why don’t you vote?” “Nothing ever gets done. It’s not like my vote matters.” I think my ears went red and I went into grill mode “So instead of following the election, checking out each political party’s platform, and making an informed decision on who you want to represent Canada and your views. You are telling me you would rather not vote?” “Yup!” ...more

PR has been discussed for years but nobody seems to want to make it an issue on the campaign ...more

Could you whisper in my ear the things you wanna feel

They played fake alternative music during lunchtime at the restaurant where I worked in college. I never wanted to like Johnny Rzeznik but I kind of did. It was that year when I drove across country when my sometimes boyfriend died. I took off in an old blue Toyota Corolla with three friends who were not in grief and rolled away with my mother’s gas card towards freedom. I am certain we were all pushing towards some sort of hopeful Kerouac moment. We were pushing back the cobwebs of a summer spent working at a Presbyterian Church camp deep in the forest....more

Teach your children well, their father's hell did slowly go by…

Not too long ago, my husband, Marc, and I took a defensive driving class to save some money on our auto insurance.  We were dreading going, because we thought it would be long, tedious and boring.  Fortunately, the class was taught by a wonderful and lively man who made the class interesting, and the time just seemed to fly by, mostly because he used driving examples that had broader life implications.  For example, he asked the class if anyone has a child, niece, or nephew who is about to learn how to drive.  Numerous hands rose up in response. “Can I teach them...more

My Top 10 Irritations: I Need Advice On A Few

      In No Certain Order 1-Empty Milk Carton put back in the refrigerator. I want some cereal, get the bowl out, put the cereal in it, even get the spoon out then when I reach for the milk the carton it is empty. My response: I search the house for the culprit and for the hundredth time tell him how much I wanted some cereal only to find out there was no milk....more

Thanks for the comment I'm about to bawl myself. its so exciting! headed to your ...more

Spring Sweets: Raw, Decadent, Vegan Chocolate Mousse “Then indecision brings its own delays, And days are lost lamenting o’er lost days. Are you in earnest? Seize this very minute; What you can do, or dream you can, begin it; Boldness has genius, power and magic in it.” Goethe   ...more

I agree with you completely. My wish is that within the next ...more

On Being Single Yet Not Being Alone

I read through a friend’s blog about ...more

Mirror, Mirror on the wall

The day after I did the Brazilian Keratin treatment on my hair, I decided to do a major cooking. I knew that due to the procedure, I wasn’t going to be able to put my long hair in a ponytail or behind my ears. So, to keep my hair away from my face, and the food, I decided to put on a bright orange, college hooded sweat shirt, so I could tuck my hair inside the hood.As I pulled out the pots and pans to make my vat of turkey meat sauce and black bean soup, I was very happy with my creative solution....more


Those that know me, know that I have been hanging out with/dating/seeing someone/insert whatever the appropriate title is here. Those that know me also know he’s being deployed for a year starting in about two weeks. Those that know me are also asking what are you guys going to do? Have you talked about it yet? When are you going to? You’re running out of time. Time…I love and hate time right now. Time…I know that I have enjoyed the past month or so. Time…I wish there was more of it before this deployment. Time is taking away the one thing I want more of…more time....more