Somedays maybe you should just stay in bed

Seriously, it has been a rough couple of weeks. Between work, construction at the house, Alex, our cat’s tail amputation, and a revolving door of house guests, I don’t know if I am coming or going anymore. I am beyond the point of exhausted. But, as we all know, life doesn’t stop if you are tired, and there is no rest for the wicked.  ...more

and he sure had to use all the self control he could muster not to.... It couldn't have been ...more

Hey Bright Eyes

It was a crazy day.  I had tons of things on my mind. Work.  Home.  You name it.  My to-do list must have been a mile long, but I felt like you needed a magnifying glass to find my accomplishments.  I pulled into the driveway, after work, to find my husband, Marc, standing outside.“Hey!” I greeted him, with a quick kiss.  As I took some packages out of my car I said, “I have to just log onto work for a second. I need to do one thing that I forgot about.  And, I have to send a few short emails out.”...more

I don't know who I am trying to fool.. I am sure not falling for it... But,it sounds ...more

quiet sunday


God's Creations

God's creatures are all around us. One of the things my children have loved about living in Western PA is the abundance of wildlife that is always presenting itself for their enjoyment. Since moving here, God has shown us the beauty of His creation in many ways.A few examples worth noting:...more

Quest for Freedom...A tailless cat's tale

Hey!  It is Alex! ...more

Moving Up in the World

Last night I got into a semi-heated argument with a long-time friend whom I fear I can no longer relate to on certain levels. Living overseas has definitely altered my way of thinking and viewing the world and the petty issues many of us struggle with on a daily basis. I don't think I'm better or wiser than those I said goodbye to when I left the U.S. two years ago but there's no denying I'm now a different person....more


Hi im new here.;) ...more

If you need to get familiar with the site scroll down to the bottom right and click FAQS. If you ...more

Get it, Got it, Good....

I was at work the other day, when my husband, Marc, sent me the below email (OK, I edited it a little – but just a little).  To: Hilary @ workFrom: Marc @ work Here is a blog for you…. My husband, Marc, is on the Board of Directors in our fifty unit home owners association.   Although he is involved in pretty much everything, his main role is landscaping and architectural project approvals. ...more

But, sadly, I am sure I will soon find out... For a girly girl, Marc has sure made me a ...more

Life is short.

My little sister changed her facebook status update to this the other day: Tired of all the "goodbyes" this year... God is definitely filling up his house with some of the most amazing people....more

Life is not about what you have but it is how you live it. Sometimes we can get caught in the ...more