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“It’s not just your story”…....more

Pillow Fight NYC 2015

On the first beautiful Saturday afternoon of this month, I planned to meet with a couple of friends to go to Pillow Fight NYC 2015. , organized by New Mind Space . My friends really wanted me to go and since I was going to be in Manhattan for the Macy's Flower Show anyway I thought, "Why not?" ....more

The Girl in the Tree

When I was a little girl, I climbed every tree I could find....more

Fibro: A year later

What would I do if the pain was gone?            It has been over a year since I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia. Previous to that, I had always just been “unstable.” One day I stopped taking all of the psych meds…and the crazy, for a while at least, disappeared. No depression. No anxiety.  There was new hope. It was like I was given a second chance as a completely different person….and then the pain started....more

This Simple Life Lesson Could Change Life On the Internet

The only things I really want to ingrain into my kids are compassion, kindness and tolerance. If they want to become world-renowned physicists? Cool. If they decide to wait tables at the local Swiss Chalet? A-ok. If they’re not sporty or can’t paint a picture or don’t want to speak in public, whatever, that’s fine. But if they can’t bring themselves to treat another person with respect? I draw the line. More than anything, I believe in the importance of treating others with respect, owning our mistakes and apologizing when we cross lines, and being a decent human....more

What's the Point?

I’ve heard a lot of discussion lately about the meaning of life.Why are we here?What’s the purpose of life?What are we here for?Some say there’s no rhyme or reason behind the why. There’s no purpose, no greater plan. It’s just an exercise in futility we must muddle through until we die.Others say the point is to be happy: Find our bliss, pursue our passions, die with a smile on our face.Some seem to think the key is in suffering. We suffer well here on earth, we’ll be rewarded richly in the next life....more

What No One Tells you about FREE Time before Motherhood

Coming to motherhood this late in the game has been very eye-opening (newsflash: I’m not a young new mom).Before having my daughter, I used to be somewhat busy.  I worked as a Marketing Communications manager and it required a lot of networking events and committee meetings for me to go to.  Even at my busiest times, I remember having to be able to look forward to an afternoon, or a day, or a weekend afterwards for down time.  Tell me, what the hell did I do with all that free time back then?...more

#SaveTheUndies - Free Samples for the ladies!

Proceed with caution: There is some serious girl talk about to happen! If you are shy - open up and #SaveTheUndies with me! (all hyperlinks lead to a safe page to U By Kotex & will help me out as a blogger)...more

10 Ways Old-School Parenting Is Better

My parents were extraordinary. They still are. They were ahead of their time in so many ways. Sure, we sat—or stood—anywhere in the car we wanted, but whatever, they got so many things right. They got them right without the luxury or convenience of the internet and a million how-tos at their fingertips. ...more
pinesandpalmettos I know - when imagining doing things the way they "used to", you wonder if it ...more

5 Times I Wish I Was a Better Mother.

Hi Everyone. I have to say that I think I'm handling this whole Mom gig pretty well. I mean after all, most days I throw some food at them, I make them bathe a few times a week; and I'm usually good about getting them into bed by 10 pm So, you one is starving, dirty or tired around here!  I even do the more important, but quite possibly equally mundane things like forcing them to complete their homework and read every night as well. These are all good goals to have as a mom, don't you agree, LOL!  ...more
We all have times we could have done better as a mom but the fact that you KNOW those times ...more