Can You Take a Punch?

The highest moral in the traditional martial arts is  not to  have to fight. If you can avoid a fight, that is highly regarded. You are trained in depth to seek out many alternatives in avoidance and  redirection  before you actually  have to throw a punch or land a blow…..but you are also taught to take a punch....more

Life is Fragile: Protect What You Have

We believe we are doing our best to protect what we value most in our lives.. family first, then our homes, our jobs, and our income.  But how secure are they really? How sure are you that you have done everything to safeguard your life’s most precious possessions?Recent global events– from natural disasters to the Middle East violence– can make us realize just how fragile life really is. Catastrophic events make us feel mortal, providing a stark glimpse into an uncertain future.  So protecting what we have now is the best we can do....more

What is the most important thing in the world?

The most important thing in the world? love 21.7%money 8.0%health 56.5%beauty 1.0%there's many important things 12.7%Total Votes: 2934...more

.The most important think,was my Mom,but now it's too late..She just died yesterday, more

What is uniquely you?

We all have things we like or love such as food and movies (crawfish, Tom Hanks films), hobbies (tennis, quilting), activities we're good at (writing, cooking), or random quirks (ambidextrous). And some of us excel at certain things -- maybe we always have, or maybe we've newly grown into it....more

I'm uniquely ME because God created only one ME. There is no one like ME in the universe. I like ...more

The Language of Adoption

I never knew that there was a special language for adoption until we adopted.  I think most people haven't been taught in their normal vocabulary that there is a secret language - a very special language for adoption.    I hadn't.  ...more

False Buttons: What If There IS Something You Can Do About It

A few months back I was with a friend who was telling me about all the problems she was facing in life, which were overwhelming. The problems ranged from financial to medical and were affecting her whole family, including her parents and her children. She concluded her part of the conversation with this statement: "But, there's nothing I can really do about it." I looked at her and said, "What if that's a lie?" ...more

It's so hard to catch because it is a knee-jerk reation at the gut level. I had to pay such ...more

And that's that!

Sadly, where I live, there is a vey large feral cat population. Fotunately, the TNR program is very well supported in my town. However, despite their efforts, many of cats still have not been neutered, so they continue to reproduce.     Last summer, as my friend's daughters were pleading for a cat, one of these pregnant felines found her way to their house. As my friend toyed with the idea of getting a pet, her mother and her daughters made sure to kept the mom-to-be well fed....more


Windflowers . my father told me not to go near them. He said he feared them always . and he told me that they carried him away Windflowers, Beautiful windflowers I couldn’t wait to touch them, to smell them I held them closely. And now I cannot break away. Their sweet bouquet disappears like the vapor in the desert. So take a warning, son. Windflowers ....more

Auto Therapy

I did something yesterday that I've never done. Something completely for me, that would make me feel refreshed and organized and happy.   Can you guess what it was? Are you thinking hair cut, massage or manicure? A day off from work just because? A new outfit? They all sound so lovely. I've been feeling a little down lately, tired from swimming through a murky puddle of stress, bad weather, and an overwhelming confusion about who I am, where I want to be, and how to get there. A day at the spa or a trip to the mall probably would have helped, but they weren't what I wanted -- needed -- most....more

I'm in Parkersburg. You could totally meet me at the spa! We'll get a good old fashioned wash ...more

Just One of Those Days

I thought I would come back from a trip like this one with so much to say. Some new revelation about living with diabetes, maybe come back having conquered the disease. But really, I came back to the same old shit I always deal with. There is no conquering this disease. There is no point where you have become good enough at taking care of yourself that it just goes away. There is no remission. It is always going to be with me and always going to suck up my time and energy just to feel as good as what other people feel like without even trying....more