The Sun Is Shining

The sun is shining… You finally got it—you were finally able to see and understand what was needed to make our relationship bloom. You were finally able to see that time, energy and effort must go into the relationship in order for the relationship to bear fruits of love, joy and hope. But in order for you to give time to the relationship, you needed time. You needed time to understand that long-distance didn’t mean long times of no communication. The distance should be a product of our physical proximity, not our emotional immediacy....more

Live and Let Live

I was at the grocery store this morning and witnessed a young man nearly pushing over an elderly man. The young man appeared to be in a race of arriving to the check out line, before anyone else was able to. With all do respect, we live busy lives and may often times experience the internal stress cycle that tardiness creates. I do not know the reasoning for the young man's hurry, but I did feel there was an injustice being done to the elderly man....more

Small Town Stylist Destroys Eyebrow

In a town where for the most part people do not wax, tweeze, pluck or spend long hours at the spa (because there is no spa) finding a place to trim things up a bit is a little challenging.  This is where the saying “ you get what you get and you don’t throw a fit” comes in.  Shelby my step daughter and I decided that it was time to get our eyebrows waxed.  We know from other past, unpleasant experience’s that getting the perfect shape and escape without a tiny burn from this person was a 50/50 chance.  But as I said our options were very limited....more

The Ugly Truth...Marriage Scares The Heck Out Of Me

From My Blog:

Confidence: A Must

There is something to be said about confidence, which I have very little of. I think the lack of it started very young – I am the youngest of my siblings and always felt like I was just falling short of all “cool” and “interesting” things they could do. And I had very little support from the mother that raised me. I did okay in college. I was pretty confident then – feeling like I definitely had more life experience than some of my roommates – and was often looked up to for help. But now, I’m flipping the world as I know it upside down to attempt to achieve big things with my writing....more

More than just a manicure

As I sat in the nail salon, and watched two friends enter, I couldn’t help but wonder if I go there for a manicure or for the entertainment? I think a little of both.My pedicure was just beginning when they entered the salon. One of them seemed pretty quiet. The other, was the polar opposite. You could have heard her three states over.The loud, chatty one took it upon herself to tell the manicurist exactly what type of manicure her friend wanted, permanent French. For herself, she wanted acrylic tips – but not too long....more

Can you tell I live in a "unique" town?more

Things that make you go hmmm?

About a month ago, my husband, Marc, felt a lump on Alex, the cat’s tail.  We watched it for a week or so to see if anything changed.  When it remained the same, we brought the cat to the vet to get it checked out. Since Alex is over sixteen years old, the vet wasn’t too concerned with the lump.  He explained that he wouldn’t want to touch it, as it would cause more harm to Alex then if we simply left it alone.  The vet proceeded to give Alex a general checkup.  Last summer, Alex was very sick....more

And the vet.... I am glad Alex is doing so much better too. Although he is currently mad at us. ...more

Spilled Milk, Broken Vases, and Misplaced Treasures “Conclusion”

February 6, 2058, Adler and Dulcenia Havnejgerde talked long into the night. Together the old couple lay holding hands—shoulder to shoulder, feet touching and toes wiggling—in their huge four-poster, king-size canopy bed. Both so frail and thin that they just about disappeared from within the thick comforter and many pillows. And with only the light of the moon shining through their great window, they talked about the day’s celebration, as they listened to the drifting, fading sounds closing the day....more

Isn’t technology grand?

My laptop recently committed suicide, and ever since I started using my new one, I noticed that Outlook didn’t display emails the way I was used to.  Rather than having multiple fields (attachment, importance, from, subject, date, etc.) it only displayed two fields.  I was able to change the two fields, but no matter what I did, I wasn’t able to increase the number of the fields that were shown. At first, this didn’t bother me too much....more

Poor Marc does a double take every time I touch something technical. I have gotten better, but ...more

I Have The Biggest Boobs in The Whole World (according to Cole)

O.K. I’m sure that if you know me right now you must be scratching your head in wonder. If you do not know me then I must appear to be bragging. Either way please allow me to explain. My nine year old son Cole teaches me lessons about life almost on a daily basis. He has an amazing mix of the boy that is never in clean clothes because it’s much more fun to be dirty, everything can be made into a gun, no idea what fear is and a very enduring sensitive side that can tune into any ones hurt and try to make it better....more