Grab Your Dreams Before Your Fears Do

What’s holding you back from getting everything you want in life?  For many people, it’s fear.  Which means, you are the only person standing in the way of having everything you want. Start using your fears as passion to fuel your fire to get the things you want in life. Despite any of the excuses you tell yourself why you don’t have the things you long for (your goal weight, the job you want, a soul mate, whatever it is), I am here to tell you that you have the power to turn this around!  ...more

Today (9/6)

I'd been feeling pretty good the last few days.  We had a BBQ yesterday with family, Frogmore Stew on Saturday and a play date/mommy date on Friday.  I enjoyed being out of the house, for the most part.  I woke up today already anxious.  I had 2 phone calls to make.  What's so hard about downgrading a phone plan and giving someone my insurance information so I don't have a bill for hundreds of dollars?  Everything.  In my head, I already have a notion that they will yell at me for not thinking of this before....more

Life Lesson 102: Lost my keys or Lost my mind?!

     Have you ever had one of those days where you woke up on the wrong side of the bed, or on this particular day, on the wrong side of the couch and you just knew the stars were aligned against you?  This was how my day began and it gradually got worse as the minutes ticked by.  I had a friend in town so I borrowed my dad’s truck so we would have a vehicle to drive while they were in town.  Mistake number one: borrowing anything from my dad of all people who is an anal neat freak and expects everything to be returned in better condi...more
LOL! I only said that because I know my parents don't read my blog... :-)more

Celebrate Your Successes

Gosh it’s hard to type with a big fat cat lap nosing my hand, sinking a claw into my chest and purring profusely. After Hope went missing Zoom Zoom has become so affectionate he can hardly contain himself. Maybe he’s afraid of getting beamed up as well. He just jumped down leaving a flurry of hair on my keyboard.  I blow it off and continue my morning communiqué. Daughter Darling got a new kitten, but we all claim him. He is a yellow striped kitty named Obi Kitty Kenobi. (You know, Obi Wan Kenobi from Star Wars)....more

Lisa Montalva's Blog

Seeing is believing

The day was endless.  Hours were spent preparing the house for the pending hurricane.  My husband Marc and I were exhausted. Muscles I didn’t know I had hurt.  But, just when we thought we were done, and that the day couldn’t get any worse, we learned we had to evacuate our house.  At that moment, we knew our work only begun, and we had hours of tasks ahead of us.Needing a break, Marc, my mom who was visiting from out of town, and I headed to a local restaurant for dinner.  As my mom and I chatted, Marc fidgeted a little with his phone....more
@victorias_view yeah.... but we have to catch them in the act.... otherwise they would never ...more

My Buddy is Home!

II didn't even bother trying to take a picture of him, instead, here is what I see.  He is very camera shy and gets annoyed whenever I ask for a photo.  ...more

My Mom and Empty Water Bottles, Empty Prego Bottles and More...

About a week ago, I threw away a water bottle sitting on the kitchen counter. I had no use for it. It was empty, and I didn’t remember putting it there....more

Life Lessons



I've been home from being overseas for five days and I still feel like I got tossed off a carousel and dumped into an alternate universe.  Five weeks away, even with highs and lows during that five weeks, ill prepares one for re-entry into the reality of everyday life.  The sun is shining, I've been pootling around in the garden trying (in vain) to rescue the tomato plants from blight, and attacking weeds that threaten to envelop the house.  I am dipping back into work projects but wonder if working for a living is really necessary.  Today I flatly refused our self-impos...more
I feel that same restlessness every fall. My kids get a little spoiled over the summer, and ...more