How sweet it is to be loved by you

We sat around the table, six friends who haven’t seen each other in quite a long time.   The food was passed.  The wine was flowing.  We joked.  We laughed.  The mood was light, and levity filled the air. But then, as if a cool wind blew, the mood changed, instantly.  Someone asked the question, “How is Walter doing?”  The answer wasn’t good.  Walter wasn’t well.  Walter was actually in very bad shape, and it was clear, Walter wasn’t going to make it. ...more

The Reason Life Just Happens

My bestie and I are getting together today, as we do every week, to catch up, hang out, get advice, laugh and over analysis our lives.  It's something we have been doing for the past 9 years. Tonight is going to be different, because tonight is when we find out that our lives as besties, people and individuals is going to change. Karis and I have been best friends since the 8th grade. We have shared our whole life together; boys, periods, first kis...more


I really want to be sympathetic. To everyone. I do. But I am just not pulling it off the way I usually can. Maybe it is due to the fact that I am in a place in my life right this minute where I need to be more selfish. More all about me. I know, that sounds totally bitchy and beyond comprehension, but it is true. When you have spent your life being the giver, you sometimes get to a point where you feel like the life has literally been sucked right out of you... That you absolutely could not bend over backwards for anyone even one. more. time. ...more

The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree

It was a few days before we brought our cat, Alex, in to have his tail amputated. He was frantically scratching and biting at the tumor on his tail. My husband, Marc, and I attempted to stop him from further hurting himself by putting a cone on him. He wasn’t happy, and neither were we. In fact, we were worried sick.   Marc and I were sitting at our dining room table, both pounding away on our laptops....more
@victorias_view It would have been quite the sight... It is funny, a few weeks after, we were at ...more

On Steve Jobs and Living the Life You're Meant To

There’s a For Sale sign on our lawn.The listing for our house will officially appear tomorrow, but the sign is on our lawn now.“How can you make a decision like this so calmly?” a friend asked a couple of weeks ago.Calm? I’m not calm about anything right now (and evidently I wasn’t entirely prepared for that sign to go up)....more


Blog October 4, 2011 My Hawaii book is up to 69,000 words. Sixteen thousand to go to reach the  “sweet zone” of 85,000.  I just got a call from the owner of the property where we live. He is going to pull out the grapefruit trees and plant avocado.  These trees are white grapefruits, people like the pink ones best, and the farmers are having trouble making any money with grapefruits, so out go the trees. I think, I hope, I pray, I convinced him to leave the grand old grandmother olive tree that sits in the middle of the orchard....more

When it Comes to Having Children, Is One Really the Loneliest Number?

 I always believed that I wanted two children. One boy, one girl preferably. My husband felt the same. It was nice to know where the other stood prior to starting a family. When we got pregnant about seven months after our wedding day, we were both ecstatic. Oh, how we enjoyed the doctor's visits. Listening to our little one's heartbeat. Feeling the kicks that came a bit later. When we welcomed our son into the world on Valentine's Day after a day of intense labor and an emergency Cesarean, something changed within me. ...more

October is my favorite month of the year

 Yeah, it's my favorite month.  My birthday falls at the end of the month so it shouldn't be.  But it is, because it is beautiful outside.  I've been busy helping my sweet daughter during the last few weeks, she is at the end of her pregnancy and just in need of momma's help.  (Thank goodness, I love to help her)...more
Happy Birthday Elaine!! A very Feliz Cumpleanos!!! @elaineR.N.more

Hate Love Relationship

“Oh my God, you have to try these olives,” I said to my husband, Marc, as we sat in the new Portuguese restaurant by my house for the very first time. . “What? You are kidding, right?” Marc asked me while looking at me as if I lost my mind....more