Create a little magic!

So winter is finally here in the UK with cold snaps, wind, rain and grey days....more

A Day In The Cage: A Step by Step Guide On How I Make It Through My Work Day

A Day In The Cage:   I am sure you can all relate to the typical 9-5 routine. As I myself power up my computer every morning I think about the 8 hour day that stretches out ahead of me. I take a few deep breaths and I strategize on the best way to get through the 8 mind numbing hours. I am going to share with you what a typical day looks like for me:  ...more

How sweet it is (to be loved by you)

Marc and I spent the beginning of last summer, shuffling Alex, our cat back and forth to the vet.  He had a very rough few weeks; he was a very sick little cat.  He stopped eating, and he had major stomach issues.  Alex doesn’t do well in a cat carrier.  Fortunately for us, our vet works out of his house, and he only schedules one animal there at a time, so we are able to transport Alex loose in the car. Every time we had to bring Alex in for either a visit or tests, Marc would drive my truck, and I would hold Alex on my lap, while James Taylor played on my car’s...more

Oh Boy!

Thanks to my husband, Marc, my house is extremely high tech....more

Game Face

My husband, Marc, is the youngest of three children.  Growing up, one of his siblings was fiercely competitive when it came to playing all games....more


Come on by and check our encounter with a homeless woman.  ...more


               Hi everyone, what is your understanding of soul mates?            ' Richard from Texas' in 'Eat Pray Love' makes a different explanation to the SOULMATES concept.....more

STOP, LOOK and Say HELLO! My Very 1st Blog Post for...... Personal and Precise.

Personal & Precise  personal and virtual assistant services. <a href=>personalandvirtualassistantservices</a> Welcome.... First I want to introduce myself, my name is Tasha Mabry and I am the owner and chief resource for Personal and Precise. I am known to be the Jack of all trades, I feel there is nothing that can't be accomplished when you put your heart, mind and energy to it. This is why and how I cane up with the concept for Personal & Precise....more

Hey buddy! Have you got the time??

I have been wearing the same Movado watch for over ten years.  I love it, that is, until the battery needs replacing.  Then, it is a royal pain, because most jewelers do not replace the battery....more

Unemployed Mid-West Girl w/ Hollywood dreams

So here I am writing a blog something I honestly thought that I would never do. Now I am not saying that it's a bad thing writing things for possibly millions of people to see but it's still weird to me for the time being. Let me begin by saying that I am 24 years old and currently unemployed (have been that way since October 31,2009)....more

Caregiving is a thankless but necessary role. Thank you for caring for your mother. There are ...more