Down syndrome - A normal life.

As I've mentioned on my blog before, when I was about 11 weeks pregnant, we learned that Ellie has Down syndrome.  I started working on a scrapbook of ultrasound pictures and cards for our little girl.  When we had maternity photos taken, we held the scrapbook in several shots.  On Ellie's one month birthday, the weather was sunny and we spent some time hanging out on the porch.  I read, Ellie napped.  And then, I decided that since the sun was shining, I wanted to take more pho...more

What a beautiful little girl. Just beautiful!

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"Blog Bits" or "Rants, Raves & Ramblings"

We had the seventeen year old Girlfriend Kid (yes, I just made that up) over for dinner the other night with her boyfriend. When we were saying our good-byes at the door, she uttered the following, "See you later. Love you guys." She's probably said it before, but since I'm on this whole Girlfriend Mom/parent/pseudo responsible adult kick, it touched me in my soft place, usually reserved for stray dogs and Down Syndrome children. ...more

Whoever would have thought?

Sometime life takes unexpected twists and turns. Sometimes what you think will be an important event or situation turns into nothing. And then, sometimes, the opposite happens. A minor event, one that you don’t give a second thought to, somehow, takes on a different meaning, and makes an lasting impact on you, or someone else’s life. This is one of those stories.Several months back I was contacted by Megan at Build a Sign to host a bumper sticker give away on my blog....more

Life As A Pineapple

Long ago, my friend's friend told her she needed to be, " tough like a pineapple not soft like a peach". The context of the statement was due to some serious boo hooing over a dumb boy. I thought the sentiment was hilarious and have used is as my own ever since. Later I was to discover that a pineapple was the symbol of hospitality. Again, I loved it and adopted this icon to be my own since I've been a Party Planning Goddess my whole life. As I started to study French I listened to how native French speaking people say the word "the" in English....more

I know you are but what am I?

As he descended the down the stairs and entered the dining room where my husband, Marc and I were sitting, the man who was installing the new compressor for our air-conditioning unit asked, “Excuse me? Do you have a band aid?” “Sure,” Marc replied.  “What happened?  Did you hurt yourself?” “Yeah… I cut myself.  I can’t make it through a day without an injury.”  As he placed the bandage on his arm, he continued....more

Perseverance is a Beautiful Quality

Perseverance Defined as steady persistence in a course of action, a purpose, a state, etc., especially in spite of difficulties, obstacles or discouragement. My first encounter with organized scholastic sports came as I entered my sophomore year in high school. Trying out for the junior varsity basketball team taught me a life lesson.  I learned at that young impressionable age that the emerging athlete inside me would have struggles, both physically and mentally....more

For your kind words!

It has taken years for me to embrace as well, but it seems I had a good ...more

Running: when not to listen to your body

What do you think about it? (read the article here)...more

Gimme a BREAK (fast)

As I reached into the refrigerator to grab a yogurt for breakfast, I turned to my husband, Marc, and asked, “Do you want a yogurt too?”“Sure,” he replied.“What flavor?”“Peach or vanilla… I just don’t want strawberry.”I took two yogurts out. I put one on the counter next to my cranberry juice, and placed the other on the opposite side, next to the bowl of fruit that Marc was eating. As I packed up our lunches for us to bring to our offices, Marc crossed the kitchen opened the yogurt that was on the far end of the counter. “Strawberry?” he questioned....more

The Vicious Cycle ...more