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The Balance of Working at Home

Having recently joined the BlogHer community, I thought it would be good for me to share a little from my life... I'm a stay-at-home dad who also works from a corner desk in my bedroom. As I type this, I can hear the theme song to the Backyardigans playing the background and my daughter just wanted me to help her use the word "judicial" in a sentence. Needless to say, there's a lot of challenges to working from home. I left the corporate rat race to spend more time with my family....more

Why You Hate Me: the Collective Edition

The Mad Housewife and Mad Merlot Mama blog at Desperately Seeking Coffee @   ...more

Can sex exist without love ?

A dear friend between the spaghetti and the fruity red, ask me: “Does sex without love exist?” I was not sure what were more tasteful, the spaghetti, the red or the question. Yes, tasteful, because its just matter of taste, some would enjoy it and  others would not. Two different things tied by  hearts and minds....more
I believe sex without love simply does not exist. Let me explain: according to my view of the ...more

Deeper Still | Weekend Recap

Recently a friend and I had the privilege to attend a Deeper Still LifeWay sponsored womens conference.  I've had the opportunity to attend several and they have yet to let me down.  Each conference provides something new and fresh and honestly gives me exactly what I'm needing at the time.  It's such a nice weekend getaway. Here is a recap of what Deeper Still had to offer....more

Joining the Divorce Club

For those of us who have been divorced, indubitably at one time or another, we turn the magnifying glass on ourselves and question our judgment. We scrutinize every move, every red flag missed, every sign we ignored. I [thought I] wanted something, I tried it, I gave it my best, and it didn’t work out [according to original plan]. It doesn’t really matter the reason – I thought “forever and always” and instead I got “until now.” ...more
Tonight, I needed these words. Thanks.more

Attention Women of the Modern World

I am reading a fascinating book called "Backwards in High Heels:  The Impossible Art of Being Female" written by Tania Kindersley and Sarah Vine.  This book is not a self-help book in the classic sense, as more of a "guide" to the day to day life of women's issues, etc.  The book is broken down into categories such as: Marriage, Career, Love, Food, Health and so on.  Not even halfway through it, I have already extracted many useful and interesting hints, thoughts and views.I can easily get into each of the categories and give my interpretation.  However...more

Zen and The Art of Raising Tiny Humans

When you read the defiinition of what Zen is, you quickly realize, it may be harder than trying to get your two year old potty trained in one day.  Finding Zen means having calmness and a sense of piece.  Easier to say than done right?  I am the mom of three kids under four.  Since I work from home and we have chosen to be a one car family for a while, I am a mom at home everyday and most of my conversations revolve around arguments over who had the red car first and have I washed the beloved Star Wars YET!!!!!!!!!!!!!...more

Do as I say... Not as I did... Let's talk trash!

A Post from guest contributor Cindy Conner... Our EmG-Ma:...more

Beyond and better

My husband, Marc, and I needed to pick up some household items, so we headed off to Bed Bath and Beyond to do a little shopping.  The first item on our list was a replacement for our squirting dish brush.  We didn’t see the type we needed on display, so I went off in search of a salesperson for some assistance.  I found a very helpful guy, who immediately went into the storeroom to check for the item. While I waited for him, Marc went to the vacuum section to check out the new Dyson animal vacuum cleaners.  The vacuum section was located right by the storeroom, s...more