Memories of Mom, or Why I Enjoy the Macabre

 Mom left Dad, again, and we were driving from East Texas to New Mexico. There was a horrible accident on the flatlands, and Mom pulled over to do the looky-lou thing. I might have been six. Cars were turned over, and the windshield of one had a head-sized hole in it. There was hair and blood around the jagged edges. People were talking about searching a field for an infant that had been thrown from the car that rolled....more

Artfully Coloring A Lie Still Tells a “Big Fish” Story

The truth when artfully told still tells a “big fish” story. There is a fine line when attempting to tell the truth mingled with “a little white lie;” a little white lie still tells an “honest lie.” And there are “honest” people that lying has become second nature to. Lying is their first language....more
And that is just what has happened. The lies have come back to bite them in the butt, as my ...more

how many is too many?

One of the best things about fall in Oregon is the abundance of fresh fruits and veggies. Local farms dot the landscape throughout small rural towns. Some of these are only open during the months of September and October. An array of goodies piled high in large wooden boxes obstruct entrances to farm stand stores. Shoppers are tempted with mouthwatering samples of the sweetest fruits, apple slices drizzled with warm caramel sauce, fresh from the fryer applesauce doughnuts dusted with cinnamon and sugar, the aroma of freshly baked pies. ...more
I have six pairs of boots but sadly none of them are cowboy boots.more

Dad’s Wisdom – Still Relevant in Life and Business

WisdomThis time of year it's good to slow down and reflect on what we know, what we have learned and what knowledge we still need to acquire. It's valuable to ponder the wisdom of those we have loved and lost and perhaps wished we had listened to a bit more often....more

Relaxation reversal

I love manicures, pedicures, and facials. However, I have never had any desire to have a massage. In fact, since I usually ask my manicurist to skip the massage when I get my nails done, I was sure that I wouldn’t enjoy a massage one bit. A couple of friends were flying in for a long weekend. It was one of their birthdays. We wanted to surprise the birthday girl with something special to celebrate. We decided to hit a spa by my house. I spoke to the birthday girl’s husband, and he suggested I sign her up for a massage. The other girl wanted to do the massage as well....more

When do we get to the funny part?

I mean there has to be one right? I have to hold onto that thought pretty tight today and just focus on the gong show funny part of this whole thing. I am sure it is just from my perspective that it is hard to see... Let me fill ya in on the happenings around the Castle for the last 24 hours or so. Yesterday when I got home in the afternoon there was a wet spot at the bottom of my stairs, Dylan was downstairs and had the door shut, so I just assumed that the dog had to pee, got ignored and peed at the door. ...more

Swimming with Alligators

Swimming with Alligators  ...more
@victorias_view Yes, you're right about taking risks! :) I honestly don't know if I would have ...more

Pediculus Humanus Capitis. *scritch scritch scritch*

OK. So. Lice.I think the first time we got lice--and you know this is gonna be a good story if it starts with "and the FIRST time we got [a plague]"--was when I was about seven and I went to after-school daycare at the Young Men's Christian Association....more

The New Adventures of the Real Me

Hola 'new' BlogHer Fam!A newbie to the BlogHer community and a VISONeiress to the royal throne of my own creative QUEENdom. I wanted to share my first post on her as a way to gradually come out of my 'shy' shell to introduce myself....more
Forgive is a powerful word. It took me a lot of years, and a fair bit of heartache, to ...more

Word Play

I  was sitting on our deck, when my neighbor’s five year old son came over for a visit. He was very excited to show me how high he can count. With the exception of him disrespecting the number thirteen, I listened to him count to twenty. Proud of himself, he counted to twenty again, and again..I tried to encourage him to include the number thirteen, but for some reason, he just didn’t like the number. Around the tenth go around, my husband, Marc, joined me on the deck. Excited to have a new audience, the little boy excitedly asked Marc if he wanted to hear him count....more
@victorias_view oh, no... I can see it now.. alex counting how many kibbles I put in his bowl ...more