My Buddy is Home!

II didn't even bother trying to take a picture of him, instead, here is what I see.  He is very camera shy and gets annoyed whenever I ask for a photo.  ...more

My Mom and Empty Water Bottles, Empty Prego Bottles and More...

About a week ago, I threw away a water bottle sitting on the kitchen counter. I had no use for it. It was empty, and I didn’t remember putting it there....more

Life Lessons



I've been home from being overseas for five days and I still feel like I got tossed off a carousel and dumped into an alternate universe.  Five weeks away, even with highs and lows during that five weeks, ill prepares one for re-entry into the reality of everyday life.  The sun is shining, I've been pootling around in the garden trying (in vain) to rescue the tomato plants from blight, and attacking weeds that threaten to envelop the house.  I am dipping back into work projects but wonder if working for a living is really necessary.  Today I flatly refused our self-impos...more
I feel that same restlessness every fall. My kids get a little spoiled over the summer, and ...more

Music Miracle - Guest Post from The Crazy Life of a Writing Mom

I'm very excited to feature a guest blogger today - Elisa from The Crazy Life of a Writing Mom has written a special memoir post that I know my readers will really enjoy...but it's not just about writing today!  Elisa is a musician and a mom, and has managed to write a memoir, too!  Be sure to stop by her blog and experience her life as she "...vow(s) ......more

32 years: I am who I am. And it's all good.

I've always struggled with what I wanted to be -- occupationally....more

The Strangest things...

I tend to be fairly standoffish when I travel. I don't know why, mostly it is probably just the BC ferries. I hate them. They are always freezing, and they are a total ripoff. I am bitter. Obviously. But sometimes, when the moon is just right or something, people try and befriend me. Not sure why. Maybe I am just having a cute day or something. Maybe the hormones are sending out some strange be my friend vibes. I don't know. ...more

Life is a Series of Defining Moments

@DesiValentine4 Thank you for the wonderful comment! I truly appreciate it. more