A Blood Test For Heart Disease: Would You Want to Know?

Did you know that heart disease is the number one killer of women in the United States? It's true. And even though it seems to kill in an instant, it's actually a chronic illness that can sneak up on you without any warning at all. But what if there was a way to know that you were at a greater risk of dying from heart disease? Would you want to know? In the case of heart disease, knowing could actually save your life. ...more

If you KNOW, then you have the option of doing something about it.

Similar issue - I would ...more

My Nairobi Sunday

Going to church has since recently become a necessity for my sanity, especially now with all the work I'm trying to put into my blog / website. And at school and work. Finance is a tough career!!! I don't think I could go a week without my Sunday morning Church Service at Mavuno Church, Mombasa Road here in sunny Nairobi, Kenya....more

The Resolution Run

On New Year’s day I participated with over 1700 people in the 5km Resolution Run. A sea of orange jackets took to the streets of Edmonton. All of us with the same goal to kick off 2011 right by completing the 5km run. It was a low-key race, great weather,  no hills, and lots of fun. The race started off with a crowd of eager participants all of us out to reach our personal best. It was about starting the New Year right.  It was through running with the crowds, that kept me motivated to stay on track, keep my pace, and make it to the finish line....more

Thanks! It does sounds like a great idea. But on days like today, with the cold and snow, it's ...more

Welcome 2011

During our run today, I contemplated on what I would blog about today...this first day of 2011. As I ran and thought, it seemed that this particular post would need to be...well..awe-inspiring and rather memorable.  It would be the first post of 2011 ya know, so it would need to be somewhat colossal....more

What Will Your Word Of 2011 Be?

Can you put your hopes and dreams of 2011 in one word?  This was part of an email message I got in a newsletter from Gretchen Rubin, author of "The Happiness Project" .   I think the word you choose says a lot about you and your way of thinking.  Are you an optimist or are you a pessimest?...more

A Bucket List of Sorts...

Most people I talk to had a pretty rough 2010.  Not entirely.  There were weddings, births, birthdays, and Anniversary’s.  There were graduations and happy events.  But, there were funerals - people so young, deaths so tragic...  There were layoffs,  divorces and bankruptcies and simply difficult times making ends meet.  ...more

Another year over, another begun….

When I was a little girl, by far, New Year’s Eve was my favorite holiday of them all.  I would spend weeks preparing for the festivities.  My mom would get me a package of bright colored construction paper, and from mid December until New Years Eve, I would sit and cut it up into teeny tiny pieces, thus making my own confetti.  When the clock struck midnight, my sometimes dozing mom, and my always sleeping dad, would be startled awake to me screaming “HAPPY NEW YEAR,” at the top of my lungs,  as I banged pot covers together and tossed my homemade confetti all around the ...more

Are Food Bloggers Negotiating Opportunities?

So how does it happen? Food bloggers making money from their writing, photography, advertising; have they negotiated the paid work? Did the blogger initiate it or did the opportunity come to them? And maybe more importantly, for those of us who may not have the paid work that we want, did we try to negotiate every opportunity presented to us? ...more

I agree it's a delicate matter. Sometimes you can't get money, but you might be able to get ...more

What I learned this year

As usual, I am pensive as the year draws to a close.  However, this year, more than ever, I am simply amazed at all that these 365 days have held for us.  I am quivering with gratitude and amazement.  If you had asked me, at the beginning of this year, how I thought it would go I would probably have started sobbing.  And now, I am sitting quietly, filled with joyful calm....more

New Years, New Persepctive or Same Numbness?

The Journey to Sagacity. This blog was started as a tool of a learning process. I titled the Blog as a reflection of that process. Some ask, What is "Sagacity"? Sagacity is defined as "...more