The Vicious Cycle ...more

Home Schooling - Do I dare go there again?

Ok, do I go there yet again? But I have a question, on TV I regularly see these "learning centers" advertising, so, if the school system is adequate, why do people have to pay to help their kids learn?  ...more

Well said. You go girl! I'm with you on home schooling.more

Homemade natural firming facial mask

When I found this recipe I couldn’t believe it, so I decided to test it! (read more)from

If you try and don’t succeed, try, try again?

I was having a really bad day at work. It seemed like pretty much anything that could go wrong did. Frustrated, I did the natural thing. I walked away from my desk and across the street to Macy’s to pick up a pair of sandals. Retail therapy makes everything better, doesn’t it?Well, this time, apparently not. It seemed that annoyances and frustration were going to just continue to follow me where ever I went.Since I never know what size shoe I am, I picked out four pairs of sandals and asked the sales woman for them in an eight and an eight and a half....more

I am Relationship.

 'I don't think we should date anymore'. Stop. I want you to stop and think for a moment about your first break-up. Who knows how long you were in that dark place or if you're even out. I thought I was far from the days of listening to 'Tears on my Pillow', myself. So, I'm 28 and dating. If you're older you're probably thinking, 'You still have time' and if you're younger you'd start off with, 'You're not that old, you still have time'. My first break-up (gulp) I found out that my boyfriend was dating another woman on Myspace....more

Quarterly Bucket List Update...

Can you believe 1/4 of the year is almost gone?  When I wrote "A Bucket List of Sorts", I was thinking that somehow this year, I would slow down...  Well, until this month, I have not done so good with that! What are your lists?  What are the things that you want to accomplish? Don't waste this year!!!  Don't let your year control you! ...more

Breakdowns…Sometimes. Self-Doubt…Never.

Yesterday I suffered from three different breakdowns of increased magnitude.  The first was around 8:30 a.m. on my way to pick-up a raspberry mocha (two pumps mocha and two pumps raspberry to cut my calories in half from the regular four pumps of each usually served) and a reduced fat turkey bacon sandwich....more

Take me out to the ballgame..

Does anyone know what today is? Here is a hint: ...more

Pary of One.

All the women out there (and not to alienate the men, but I do not think I am able to speak for them) have done this.  I admit to being victim/active participant.  We just can’t help ourselves.  And at some point in your life, as you continue to read this (hopefully) and are saying to yourself, nope, I haven’t done that and never will, I suggest you just take a moment....more