My husband and I have separate checking accounts

The other day I found myself defending my decision to have my own separate checking account from my husband. Really? And, it was with a total stranger (amazing what happens in the grocery store line). My husband and I have separate checking accounts. We have a joint account, which I really don’t use, and I have my own account with a debit card (no checks) that he doesn’t have access to....more
Good for you, for not only doing this, but writing about it and defending your stand!  And ...more

the shimmering light.

blogs have been coming a little less often lately. for many reasons, i’m know. so when in the midst of a basket of laundry folding i started typing in my head – the words rolling out faster than i could remember and store, i abandoned ship. or basket. i often find myself coming back to this quote – which i found via my cousin emily – because of it’s empowerment, it’s sureness, it’s reminder to live fully here and now. no matter what....more

The Truth Is

Go Ask Sharon

  Hi, I am Sharon andI love motorcycles, rock music and kittens. I am giving real life advice to everyone for free and sharing all the details here on this blog. People seem to come to me often for advice. My best friend writes a blog and thinks a lot of my stories of helping people out with their problems are worth writing about. So she is helping me set up my blog here. No problem is too much for me to handle, trust me I've heard it all....more


The numbers are ugly, if not hideous. I wake up every morning and dredge into the bathroom and peer down at that glowing blue screen. It usually wavers between 156 pounds and 162 pounds. I never know which lucky number I'll roll....more

Thank you for writing in words what I have finally come to tell myself in my mind. My two most ...more

(VIDEO) Olympic Hopeful Marathoner Sally Meyerhoff Killed in Bike Accident

Sally was a lifelong runner, and her most recent accomplishment was winning the PF Chang Rock & Roll marathon in Arizona on January 17th this year. She is the first woman to ever win this race. Sadly, earlier this week at the age of 27, Sally’s life was cut short when she was killed in a bicycle accident. ...more

This post made me so sad -- my heart goes out to her family.

And that quote is perfect and it ...more

No Reservations

This morning I was thinking about Anthony Bourdain’s show “No Reservations” and how perfectly named it is with its double meaning. If you haven’t seen the show I highly recommend you catch up on the episodes. Anthony Bourdain is a perfectly snarky, inquisitive, brave and daring chef who travels around the world eating and learning about the food of different cultures. Whether he’s eating an eyeball or pizza there’s always an element of surprise and even sometimes danger. It’s fascinating and inspiring. And he’s funny… like really, really funny....more

I did follow a dream once -- and failed. But I still have hope that I can build on that failed ...more

Create a Family Recycling Center

  Creating a recycling center in your home should take very little time.  Simply grab a basket and place in a convenient section of your kitchen.  Convenience is the key....more