Gratitude Battle

A very smart and helpful friend and I decided to challenge ourselves and others with a gratitude battle. My practice of taking time on a daily basis to identify all I appreciate has begun a significant shift in myself to a greater place.  I have moved from an "I have to..." over towards an "I get to..." way of living. So let the battle begin....add your comments to share a gratitude for the day.. Everyday I battle with my day's busy challenges and being grateful for the many blessings in my life.  So, how about a 100 day challenge?  I will lis...more

I continue to embrace this task and have an enormous appreciation that has grown deeper in this ...more

Yoga is Good for the Heart and So Much More

After my final bow and “Om Shanti” in class last night, I realized just how good yoga makes me feel. I knew it relaxed me, made me more flexible, relieved my lower back pain and helped me sleep better but I didn’t realize that practicing yoga may actually be good for my heart....more

a bridge to the moon

I grew up in PEI (though in the eastern part) so I tend to think it's all beautiful. :) ...more

A lovely comment regarding Home Schooling

I just want to comment on the comment I received on my Home Schooling post on my blog.  It was lovely to receive because the writer, spoke straight to all my questions and fears, hopes etc that swirl around my head as I try and grapple with ideas of what is best for my son and family as we grow.  The commenter knew exactly what I was talking about and it was so nice to read.  So it is a lesson to be learned, that sometimes, when you comment to someone, you can really have a big impact, so try to make it a positive one!  ...more

Your last day!!!!

.your last day!!!!!!!!!!What would you do????If you knew ???????:YOU ONLY HAVE ONE MORE DAY TO LIVE ????????? But do not lie, answer honestly ......more

If we knew when it would be our last day, would make a big difference in our lives.It's not ...more

The secret to being and staying happy

“All seasons are beautiful for the person who carries happiness within.” — Horace FriessHappiness is not an out-come based on outside triggers. Quite the contrary. Happiness is an in-come based on our inner state of being. Literally - it is a priceless income given to ourselves by ourselves once we make a choice to live our life to the fullest....more

Techno Overload

The day before my husband, Marc, and I were to leave for vacation, unexpectedly we lost the internet at our house. He tried everything he could to restore it, but unfortunately, he was not successful. With everything else that we needed to do before our trip, we decide to not worry about it, and instead deal with it when we returned home.As Marc and I rode to the airport, both carrying our BlackBerrys and laptops, I said to him, "In a way, yesterday was so nice. It felt so good to be forced to disconnect for a little bit.""I know," he replied....more

More on cancer grief: letting go, being in the "flow"

I can't begin to describe how amazing my life has become in such a short time. The death of my brother, while hard, has lead to incredible things manifesting in my life. Truth be told, I forgot to mention in my last post that I felt a lot of loneliness this last week. It was that familiar old "woe is me" despair from the last two years. I'd often feel it after returning from a visit with my mom or my brother.  It was me trying to fill a "god-sized hole" with another person, to take the emptiness & loss away. ...more

So glad it helped you, Katy! Thanks for the Tripping site, too. It looks really great. Another ...more

The Death of My Aunt and Finding My Middle Place

In the last few weeks, my 68 year old Aunt passed away unexpectedly and a friend’s 64 year old mother has had two strokes. Both women seemed otherwise healthy and in both cases, these turns of events came out of the blue. I feel as though overnight, I’ve traveled into a new stage of my life – one in which the people my parents’ age are becoming frail and, in some cases, passing away. It’s strange how life passes us by in phases. When I was young, the years were marked by birthday parties. After college and into my early thirties, weddings were the big events....more