After all these years, What have we learned?

Although the last 12 months have been some of the toughest months of my life, and full of trials I hope to never repeat, I must admit to learning a few things about life, people & myself. There were good and bad times. I had some really painful moments and moments of pure joy. Most of my life has been a roller coaster of emotions and experiences that I have tried to learn from. So, after 40 years, what do I know for sure? What can I take away from every moment good or bad, and turn into a strength? ...more

I'm A 46 Year Old Runaway

So, I ran away last night.  Yup, got dressed, grabbed my car keys and took off.  I was at my wits end with all kinds of garbage going on in my life.  I'm sure you know what I mean or can relate and if you don't, heaven love ya! I'd go into detailed details but those things are for a different blog post than what I have in mind today.  It is not the issues that made me runaway in the first place I want to talk about but rather the outcome.&nb...more

Dreams really do come true

We barely uttered a word.  All that my husband, Marc, said to me was, “we are good.  We leave at 8”.  Now, I knew what he was referring to.  But, Alex the cat, who was sitting next to me in what we have come to call our “recovery room” wasn’t privy to the prior conversations.  However, he didn’t have to be. He understood his father loud and clear. ...more

we defrosted salmon for dinner.. so Alex will be getting a treat.... I like Carly more, but I ...more

I am domestically-challenged

I am a lot of things. A daughter, a friend, a sister, an editor, a classy lady, a dork, a big spoon (I know the mystery of whether I am the little spoon or the big spoon must have been killing you!), a self-proclaimed comedic genius, an emotional basketcase and a hula-hooping champion (unofficial). One thing I am not, though, is a domestic goddess.I appreciate a clean home. And a vase full of fresh (store-bought) flowers. But the thought of having to, one day, own a home and learn how to garden or assemble furniture or hang drapes on a curtain rod terrifies me....more

Time Flies

I can’t believe another week has passed.  More accurately, I can’t believe ten days have passed since we brought my cat, Alex, home from the hospital following his tail amputation. These days have flown by and have gone in slow motion all at the same time. ...more

He really is a trouper, and a very good sport. He had it rough, but he did better than I would ...more

wms with lovely tapas

We had a great time yesterday. I enjoyed every minute of what was destined to be a dull Saturday. As I've told you before, I am a winter type of person and when summer arrives, I get a little more bitter than usual (I know I'm weird), especially because we live 350 km away from the nearest beach - not that I love going to the beach, but it is definitely the most effective way of putting up with our Spanish summer....more

Manifestation: Developing a Blogging Practice Makes Perfect

Julie Weckerlein will be speaking on The Write Brain: Essential Blog Content Development Workshop panel at BlogHer's 2011 conference on August 5, 2011. It's an extended session running through two afternoon time slots, from 1:15 to 4pm; Julie's "Manifestation" portion of the workshop starts at 3:15pm.  On a late summer evening in 2001, I was seated in a dark corner of my then-fiancé's living room in Erlangen, Germany, silhouetted by the blue glare of his family's ancient HP monitor.I hit "publish" on my first introductory entry, and thus officially began a personal, and ultimately professional, blogging career that's spanned a whole decade and an entire globe.It's pretty safe to say I've blogged about all sort of topics in just about every environment possible.In 2003, I typed out pregnancy updates from the cluttered office of my Italian townhouse, my first home as a married woman. Busted! Micro-blogging from DisneyWorld, Summer 2009. ...more

Amazing post! My problems start when I think of who would be interested in what I'm writing. I ...more

Girl Power...

I sometimes wonder what the Universe is up to with me. I am not really surprised by the random stuff thrown at me on a day to day basis. But I wonder fairly often if I make the right choices in said situations. What if??? Is a question that pops into my head a lot. My motto for years has been... ...more

Friends, Loss, Life and God

Let me tell you about some nice people.  I met B and K and was friends with them separately in college, waaaay back in the late '90's and before they were dating.   K and I became closer after we became mothers, me in 2005 and her in 2006. We both had girls and then  I had another one in 2007.  We loved to talk about our "divas,"  toddler meltdowns and the every day stresses of being a mom.  Some days we didn't know if we'd make it until our respective husbands got home.  We provided funny stories, antics and support to one another....more