Getting older.... let's not take ourselves too seriously!

Sunday night and I finally arrived home after a three and a half hour drive from our place in the mountains. It’s always bittersweet when I have to come home. I absolutely believe I was born to be in the mountains!  I love the drive. I am always amazed at how much thinking I do on my way.  Are you a thinker?  Do most women think non-stop?...more

Running Solo

It was just last week  temperatures plummeted to below-20 with a wind chill factor of -36. It was on those cold days I would bundle up and run. On most of the runs, I was fairly warm, with the right gear.  I enjoyed the brisk air, the snow-covered trees, and quiet trails. ...more

You are out exercising and that's great! You are right - it is about personal preference and ...more

Stop! Thief!

My mom was at the mall about a week ago.  At a major department store, she stood by the jewelry counter browsing.  On one side of her was another woman.  On the other side there stood a young man.  As this guy looked at first a bracelet, and then a necklace, my mom thought to herself, “Wow, such a nice, thoughtful guy....more

Life is too short to say "I don't know how."

As you may have gathered if you read my other blog posts, I write about aging, getting older, the second half of life.....and what it means....real-time. I have become acutely aware of a glaring defect in my personality. Although I long to do certain things...some of which I mentioned earlier, I seem to have drifted through life never having embarked on many of these dreams.  Now, I am not saying that I am actually called to such. As I wrote in an earlier blog...I am not talking about riding my bike across the United States....more

Parent and child. Circle of hypocrisy.

Home from hours and hours of cleaning up the kids section at work. Why do kids not clean their rooms? I will tell you for free. They just act like mommy while she is shopping and elbowing other moms in the face to save $2.00 on a spongebob t-shirt little John Smith is going to wear once.If only the holiday spirit could be bought in stores....more

A few good men

Everyone has their own weakness; the things that they buy that just bring them a ton of pleasure, regardless of the cost.  If you are lucky, your spouse understands, and never questions your choices, even if they don’t agree or appreciate them.  My obsessions are designer clothes and shoes.  Despite the fact that my husband, Marc, had to enlarge my closet (twice) for me, he never questions me when I return home with yet another shopping bag filled to the brim. In turn, I never question Marc’s obsession, which is his stereo equipment.  Nothing gives him more pleas...more

A perfect storm?

Sometimes it takes a perfect storm, a molten lava volcanic eruption, an implosion of unrelated-yet-ever-so-connected details, to make us appreciate how good we have it....more

Procrastination Rears Its Ugly Head

One first draft of a novella, two half-finished short stories, and one personal essay, all looking at me, waiting for me to edit, rewrite, rework, revise, and start the whole evil, editing cycle, over once again. Unfortunately, editing has become one of those  tedious labours which my red pen keeps getting interrupted by the telephone, the anxious dog, and the thumping of the washing machine. I’m looking, at the papers, looking at my red pen, and then looking out the window....more

Do smoking women look sexier?

Winona Ryder, Mira Sorvino, Julia Roberts and Uma Thurman smoke much more on the big screen than people do in real life, a study had claimed some time back, calling them dangerous role models for young women....more

Are You a Lover or a Shrink?

Give and take. Back and forth. Ebbs and flow. Ups and downs. Win some, lose some—At the end of the day, it all balances itself out! At least that’s what we tell ourselves when we are in relationships. But what happens when it’s not balanced; when one party is giving over and above what the other one is giving?  What happens when you are giving so much that you don’t have much left to give? At some point the river runs dry…...more