This is the next phase of my life.  If I were in Hollywood the press would say that was “re-inventing” myself. I have done that a few times in my life and by all accounts to everyone else my “re- inventions” have been failures. I have tried just about every crazy idea that pops into my head. They may not have been great successes, but I can know that I had an idea, I tried it and when I am 90 years old in a nursing home I won’t  have any ” wish I would haves”  to look back on....more
Well, now that your child(ren) know just how important your "career" was compared to your own ...more

What goes around, comes around....

Living on the beach, the summer nights tend to get pretty cool.  As a result, my husband, Marc,  and I kept outdoor heaters on all of our desks, so we can enjoy the ocean air without freezing.  For the past few years, we have solely relied on the heaters that run on propane gas.  However, last year, when we had to replace our old ones, we gave the electric models a try....more

I Am a Child; I Am a Woman; In All that I Am, I Am Menopausal

I am a child at heart—because I refuse to grow up—disguised as a grown woman—enjoying the pleasures of being one. And though my wrinkles have yet to show, my hair is streaked with shades of gray, and on my face and eyes you read the many years I’ve already walked, because hidden within my heart, my mind and spirit, I bear the scars from fierce battles faced, some won, some not. As a woman, with a child’s spirit, I’ve at times thrown my obvious tantrums, crying and demanding to have, crying and demanding to be seen and heard. Sometimes winning, sometimes not!...more

Thank you, Elaine, for your kind words and support, it is very much appreciated. And now I need ...more

Take that!

Hey, it is me, Alex the Cat!  I got to tell you what happened this morning… it was great! After two unsuccessful hours of trying to get my lazy parents out of bed, finally at 5:30 AM they got their sorry butts out of bed.  My dad was holding me and looking at the lump on my tail as my mom headed downstairs to get me my breakfast.  She grabbed a paper plate out of the pantry closet and then walked over to the dining room table where my medicine sat. “Do you want this?” she called up to my dad holding the tube. “Nah, I’ll do it later,” he replied.  ...more

He has a temper and he holds a grudge... Get on his bad side, he is vengeful. But if you get on ...more

When Life Gets Overwhelming, Act Like a Kid

I’m not one that relaxes easily. I always have a ton of things going on in my life, and I have always been like that. I thrive in a certain amount of chaos. I think I get bored too easily.Every now and then I have to stop and remind myself not to take life so seriously. Or to just slow down.Luckily my kids are constant reminders of how incredibly wonderful and exciting life can be, even when things aren’t going your way....more

Some Days...

...I just feel like this....more


Today is the The Oprah Winfrey Show finale. The end of an era and, I fear, the beginning of a long heartbreak for millions of fans around the world.  What excuse will I now have everyday at 4pm to shut off the world, pour a glass of wine, and get on the phone with my girlfriends to say, "Oh my God, are you watching Oprah?"  I just might have to have a lesbian affair with a bi-polar, body building, politician who jumps up on my couch to declare her love for me then surprises me with a makeover by Carson Kressley in ...more

Living with less...

Over the last 5 months, I have learned to live on a very limited budget. My child support has been cut in half, due to the fact that my oldest child is...well old. I never really thought about how much money I wasted on stuff I didn't really need. Or how much food I bought. In the last few months I have been aware of throwing WAY too much food away. Adjusting to cooking for two instead of three has been a challenge to me. I always cook way too much, and both Colton and I aren't good with most leftovers, so it was just getting wasted. I think I have that under control now. ...more

Parents Are Just People and Sometimes Children Need to Struggle

I am almost an empty nester. I haven’t been able to put my thoughts into words until I saw that movie last night. My son graduated from college a week ago. His growth into adulthood has been painful for the entire family. He has struggled with every part of studying, taking tests, caring for himself, and social relationships. But he had grown in many aspects of his academia....more

A wise psychologist I work with is raising his two sons alone when his wife died 10 years ago. ...more