Chronicles of, Part One:

Ok, look, I realize I need therapy but I can’t afford it at the moment. I was thinking about putting a Paypal link on this blog to see who would get exhausted with me enough to pay for my therapy. Anyways, and but, I must tell you about It’s an Indian Dating website. Currently it’s my only venue for dating. Currently I’m going insane. ...more

I can't sleep anymore today...

It's around six a.m. (ignore the blog clock I think it's showing India time). I've got nowhere to go except for the gym. Everytime I skip the gym I've promised myself that I will make an articulate excuse on this very blog as to why I haven't gone. I'm very creative. ...more

He is just a man....

He is just a man, covered in fur, that is.  Alex, the cat, has worked his way so deep into my husband, Marc, and my heart and soul.  Fifteen years ago, Marc had no plans of adopting a pet.  As a surprise, his girlfriend, at the time, brought him a year old cat, as a birthday present.  She assured Marc that if he didn’t want the cat, she could return him to the shelter the following day.  When Marc fell asleep later that night that was exactly what he planned on doing the next morning.  Alex, however, had other ideas.  So, as Marc slept, Alex snuck out of t...more

Welcome to my Quarterlife Crisis

So with my birthday coming up in just a few days, I typically take a look back at the last year and reflect. What did I expect from myself and what was the most memorable moments? Do I have any regrets? How can I make the next year better?...more

Great blog post about 'quarter life crisis'! I'm a health coach and life coach and specialize in ...more

A Princess' life...

Well today started off badly. I had an appointment to have my internet and tv upgraded with Telus.  You see...since the first day Shaw hooked me up to this new digital box, I have NOT been amused. I mean, I am thankful that they rewired this old house for free, because my picture freaking sucked with the 40 year old wire...but nothing else has impressed me. Nothing. ...more

I hear ya, I was pretty choked by the time he got there...more

Not Comparing Ourselves

It's so easy to compare ourselves or our children to others, but we should strive to live our own authentic lives....more

My Blog Changed My Life

Three times in the last two weeks, someone has told me they are proud of me for starting and sticking with my blog. You have no idea how much this means to me, as I have often wrestled with the demons inside my head, who tell me I am never good enough. ...more


Thank you so much for your kind words! By the way, I love your blog! ...more

I'm crazy, crazy for feelin' so....

My husband, Marc, and I were in the kitchen preparing dinner.  We were going to be smoking lamb chops on the Big Green Egg.  But, since we made a turkey a few days earlier, he was going to warm some of it up as well. ...more

I need all the help I can get... I am holding on to my laugh as long as I can.... because if I ...more


My son Lucas has only been to my parents house one time. Given the circumstances, once is enough. He was almost five months old and it was a trip made out of necessity. There was much work to be done....more