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Redefining Moments


In Vino Veritas: In Wine, There is Truth

“In wine there is the truth.” It’s a latin phrase that refers to the remarkable ability of wine to bring out people’s true feelings. We’ve all been there before: several glasses in, feeling a warm glow, inhibitions wiped away…and the truth comes out—sometimes for the good, other times…well…you might just hope that the truth serum comes with a memory-eraser so you don’t have to relive the silly, embarrassing or awkward moments of truth spurred on by the multiple glasses of liquid courage you just consumed....more

Miracle of the Skittish Dog,

Do you ever have dreams that you are standing in a public place in your underwear? I used to have them all the time. It was aways in the same place -- the play ground at Highland Park Elementary School. I spent half my dream hiding in bushes trying to find something I could wear. I remember feeling so relieved when I woke up and realized that it wasn't really happening. I haven't had a dream like that in a long time, thank heavens. ...more

almost fishing

almost fishing There was once a fisherman on the beach of Mexico. He was hanging out by his boat, docked on the beach when an American businessman on vacation came and sat by him. The businessman asked the fisherman what he did, he said he fished. "Is that your boat over there?" asked the businessman. "Yep," responded the fisherman. ...more

I Am Beautiful

"If everyone lit their own candle, the whole world would be lit." Mary Moskovitz I am beautiful. I don't have a perfect complexion. I don't have an incredible smile or eyes that draws people in. I am 5'2", average by most standards, and I bite my nails. My makeup never looks quite right. No one has ever accused me of being gorgeous. But I m beautiful. Because, I see beauty everywhere. I see beauty in the eyes of homeless person. I see beauty in people life who live in old age homes....more

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Passion Seeker

I’ve been “actively” seeking my passion; entertaining ideas in my head, but not actually challenging any of these ideas. I’ve been waiting for this mysterious passion to surface and change my life; I utterly desire that feeling of “losing yourself”. I’ve been eagerly waiting for that sign from the universe, an indicator of what my passion/talent should be. Well it’s been some time and zero results, still at square one without a clue.   But this passion-seeking-journey has not been a total waste; I’ve digested some difficult-to-swallow advice…....more

Ideal idea

I don’t know if I am just observant, or if strange sights just happen to find me.  I was driving to work, and on the cement median that separates the opposing lanes of traffic, on the major highway on which I travel, sat the largest rat imaginable.  And when I say largest, I mean really large.  He was bigger than my cat, Alex! This sight freaked me out a little, so I shared it on Twitter and Facebook.  One of my blog friends replied, “LOL! I'm sorry!...more

I love them too, and I owe them all to you!!!more

Summer Heat, Sweat, and Flowers

Summer time, and the livin' is sweaty!  The humidity and heat have already begun their torturous cycle here in the south.  In spite of them both, I still love getting out and puttering in my flower beds.  This morning was devoted to watering and putting out mulch.  I'm still not finished with the mulch, but the heat forced me inside to get water and cool off for a bit.  Late this evening, the mulch will beckon me again.  And I'll gladly go.  There is something about digging and playing in the dirt that is therapeutic and soothing to the soul in spite of th...more

Paying it Forward

Forever 17...more

I believe a smile and a kind word can always make a difference. Great Post!more