11 Reasons Why Being 50 Rocks

Turning 50 gave me the wake-up call I needed, like a glass of ice-water in the face at 5 a.m. It was both unnerving (“I’m now thisclose to wearing Depends.”) and invigorating (“Prime of my life, baby. Bring it!”).Casting aside all the “over-the-hill” jokes and black birthday decorations, I’ve had a few months to come to grips with my half-century mark. And quite frankly, I’ve made friends with 50....more

Trading in parts of myself

At the ripe old age of 28 I have realized that since becoming a mother I have been slowly trading myself in. Some of the trade in's I noticed right away other's creeped up on me. Some shallow other's depressing. I've traded my young flawless belly for tiger strips that I prefer to keep under wraps. Those things are pretty roarsome as Daniel the Tiger would say.I've traded in my Roxy two-piece bathing suit, for a nice skirt based one piece. My motto went from less is more to more is not enough....more

Monday Morning Coffee Date

VIAIf we were having coffee this m...more

things i learned about life from playing tetris

Patricia stopped by Houston this past weekend for a visit, and boy oh boy did she pack in some rain. Thanks, Patty. Really. It's super fun staying indoors for 48+ hours. ::insert eleven side eyes emojis:: Freddie and I were super productive during this Patric-ation. We did a little of this (sitting on our butts), a little of that (sitting on our butts), and we even squeezed in some dog cuddles....more

Get Up & Just Do It: Start Moving In Your Faith

Exodus 14: 15 (NIV)Then the Lord said to Moses, "Why are you crying out to me? Tell the Israelites to move on."...more

Friday 5: Celebrating Simplicity

1. Here's to kids that know how to rock a 'stache.Mustaches were the theme for this week's half-day of school and I love that the kids were up for it! Could Vance's facial expression match that 'stache any better?   2. Here's to my favorite gymnast!...more

Killing Time is Merely Slow Suicide

Creedence Clearwater Revival’s “Proud Mary” blared through speakers on a nearby table and, as I held the hand of my grandmother while we danced and twirled to her favorite song, I marveled at how much spirit she still has in her at the sprightly age of 90.  A crowd surrounded us, hooting and taking pictures.  The room was filled with people, laughter, and love.  Indeed, her birthday party was a huge success and a wonderful celebration of life and family; a happy reminder that we aren’t merely bound together by blood and circumstance, but rather love and devotion....more

Life Is Hard: It's Not Just You

Over the past few days I've had several conversations with different people centering around how difficult things are for them.  "That's how my life is," said one friend.  "My life is just crazy right now," said another.  "Why is my life so hard?" asked a third.In each conversation, I've said almost the same thing.   It's something I'm convinced of.  It's not just you.  Life is hard.  Everyone's life....more

Friday 5: Celebrating Simplicity

5 simple happenings from the week worth celebrating. Here's to no injuries on the 5th grade golfing field trip.Since 5th grade is the senior year of elementary school, field trips focus on fun. The teachers put an educational spin to it, but we know what's really going on. The kids golfed, bowled, and hiked and had a great time. ...more

3 - Looking at Grief in Moments of 3

3 minutes – I couldn’t catch my breath. I felt my soul screaming. My husband was trying to comfort me, trying to wrap his arms around me and pull me close and all I wanted to do was run.  But the air just felt like it was pouring out of me as I tried to wrap my head around the idea.  I was lost somewhere between rage and horror.  My best friend was dead. ...more