Manners What A Novel Idea

YOU CAN'T ROLLER SKATE IN A BUFFALO HERD are so simple and true.  Have you listened to Roger Miller's song "You Can't Go Roller Skating in a Buffalo Herd"?  It sounds like a fun and silly song, but it has a lot of wisdom to it."Ya can't roller skate in a buffalo herdYa can't roller skate in a buffalo herdYa can't roller skate in a buffalo herdBut you can be happy if you've a mind to...more
Karen Ballum I remember 8 track, too.  :-)more

Living the Dream?

I was sold. Hook line and sinker. I wanted it all. I wanted the house, the car, the husband, the kids, the career and all of the "things" that say I'm rocking this life thing. I got it all sewn up! There's this idea that if you drive a certain car, wear particular clothes and live in certain neighborhood that you are on top of the world. That's the story. The American Dream....more

Let it GO, let it GO!

I read a lot of blog posts, facebook statii, and tweets that advise us to "just let it go.""Let go of the hurt.""Let go of your past.""Put down the baggage and walk away.""Let go of his neck because you're going to get charged with murder." What I want to know is...HOW DO YOU DO THAT?...more

Truth via Swayze

Truth can be found in the strangest of places. It can even be found in the front seat of your car while listening to Patrick Swayze....more


Here it is, another hot summer day, something we all yearn for in winter.  Here I am, in retirement in summer - one year and a week.  If you are expecting me to crow or gloat about it, you will have to wait a long, long time.  You can retire from a job, but you can't retire from life....more


Hot August day. I am waiting for the storm to erupt.  I am not feeling kosher, not copacetic at all.  In other words everything is not ducky.  I am seeing life through jaundiced eyes.  Do not worry!  I am not blaming you or anyone else.  Do not take it personally....more

Relax its only the weekend.

It is finally the weekend and after suffering a full on head cold in the heat of summer I am ready to relax and play in the Sun today. Except there is fog. That is okay I can still wiggle my toes in the sand and skip in the ocean. Except there is an algae inversion thing going on so the ocean is green. ...more


It's the end of July.  The theme for this month on NaBloPoMo has been DECADES and today's prompt:What has been your best decade thus far: Your teens? Your twenties? Your thirties or forties or beyond?There are no 'best' decades for me.  Each period brings its joys and sorrows.  I cannot remember a time free of angst or empty of happiness.  You cannot have one without the other, as the song goes....more


Some songs have magic and it stays in your head.  As Tears Go By is playing for me again. It is almost the evening of the day.  I am showered and relaxed, sipping my tea.  The rice is on the stove, boiling over.  Why is it that I never catch it on time?  Thank goodness for leftovers that go on and on - much like Mick Jagger and the Rolling Stones.
marisab Yes, it's nice knowing you, too!  I guess we worry too much sometimes about nothing to ...more