15 Super Easy Ways To Stay Happy Every Day

“Happiness for any reason, is just another form of misery”When I first read that statement, I confess it baffled me. Then I realized: as long as we make our happiness dependent on someone or something else, it’s always at risk of being taken away.Sustainable happiness comes from the small things we do every day, the little actions, the way we think, how we feel minute to minute.  It’s manageable and available as a choice....more

How to Trek in Upper Mustang : Spending your Holiday

Visiting Upper Mustang Trek will bring you to the old Buddhist Kingdom of Mustang that is also referred to as Lo. The area previously belonged to Tibetan empire hence closely tied to Tibet in geography, culture, and language....more

Dear Kiddos, Mommy is Sick.

Dear Loves of my Life,...more

I found the key to my sex drive

I remember first being introduced to sex, with a title from a Jerry Springer episode my mom forgot to turn off. It went something like, "I had sex with my sister's husband.." I said to myself, I know what the rest of the words are and meant but "sex" is a very important word as it pieces this sentence together (HAHA). My curious ass goes, "mama what s-e-x means? Keep in mind, I'm like 8 or 9. --She told me some bogus answer I can't even remember. What I did remember was, it wasn't the answer I was looking for....more

Stop Trying to Rush Life

“To rush is to miss the experience” ― Aniekee Tochukwu Ezekiel  I notice something every year around Labor Day, which as you know always falls on the first Monday of September.Everyone wants it to be fall....more

6 Ways to Capture Cherished Moments With Your Children (Before it's Too Late)

 Did you hear that?The whoosh of time speeding by.The sound of your kids growing up too fast.Levi is turning five in a couple of weeks. Ann just turned one. It seems like it was only a moment ago my son was placed into my arms. He seemed too small and too big. He is no longer a toddler, but a kid. Anne is no longer a baby, but a toddler. How I do I pause time? How do we capture each cherished moment with our children?...more

Life Goes On, Even When We Aren't Ready For It

Let me first start by saying I know very little about "blogging" - I do know that writing has helped me over the past 9 *ish* months of my life (I will get to that later). I also know that I want to learn more about this #blogger industry. I decided about a week ago that I want to write to a more public audience. My current audience consists of me speaking out loud as I write into a $20 journal I purchased, and my puppy might be listening, but who knows. So here I am....more

The Time My Husband Wore Short Shorts at the Creepy Motel

The story starts at a creepy motel in a small town in Texas. The kind of motel that had foil on the windows and the room numbers were written in black permanent marker. When I first saw him, he was naked except a small pair of short shorts hugging the trunk of his large 6'7" frame. He was also dinking with a 1980s TV and holding a Whataburger bag. But first I should talk about how we got here....more

click goes the camera

Life has been so dang busy recently lately. ^^ I've almost started the last few blog posts with that sentence, but when I try to write a second sentence I can't think of what in our lives is actually making us that busy. Is it the dog who needs ten walks and twenty-six snuggles a day? Is it the BBQ sauce that Freddie keeps spilling on his clothes and testing my housewife laundry skills? Is it the six pounds of ground turkey from Costco that we keep needing to cook? ...more

the power of three

text from Freddie on Thursday, September 7 2016: um I just bought tickets to the astros next wednesday. they were $8 a piece.   ^^^ this my friends is the beginning of the story of how we ended up going to three Astros games in less than a week....more