The Unconventional Guide to Judging People

What does judge mean? “Judge: verb (used with object), judged, judg·ing. To form a judgment or opinion; decide upon critically. You can’t judge a book by its cover.” Often we try not to judge. This seems silly when we encourage our children to use their critical thinking skills in decision making. In other words, judging people, places and things is a necessary part of life....more
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I Quit My Brand-New Job

About a week ago, I found myself at a crossroad. I had just started a brand new job and was already asking myself, "Should I stay or should I go"?...more
Thinking of what was best for you, which is what we all should be doing! We are in control of ...more

Find The Spring In Your Step

Did the winter weather get you down?  It is time to find that pep in your step and get back out there.  Spring is here and there is so much to do lift your spirits.Spring into Action...more

Weekly Photo Challenge: Reflections

R&R: Ripples and Reflections This is my first time participating in a photo challenge but I immediately knew what I wanted to write after reading the guidelines.  Here is the post:...more

If You Dream It, You Can Achieve It

     Why am I writing this? Why am I writing this on a blog site? Because I have a lot to say and I decided that someone may just want to hear what I have to say, so here goes, my first blog....more

Friday 5: Celebrating Simplicity

5 simple happenings from the week worth celebrating.   Here's to my buddies that have kept me busy this Spring Break week.I keep reminding them to focus on the "break" part. They're all about the "spring" action....more

On falling into that vacuum

The other day  L'Wren Scott, a noted fashion designer, reportedly committed suicide by hanging herself in her Manhattan apartment.She was 49, and news of her death shook me.I didn't know her of course. I knew her name though--I'd seen it in magazines, accompanying photos of celebrities wearing her clothes--beautiful pieces that were both modern and retro cool. ...more

Acknowledging the Better Plan

Only God really knows where we are going and how He will get us there | Photo by Christopher Derrell, Barbados ...more

Walking on Wednesday ~ Life is Like......

I have been taking so many pictures these days....more