I think retirement has been good for me.  A year later, I am standing slightly straighter, my smile more relaxed, albeit goofy.  I'm working on being natural and 'me'.  My vegetable beds look awesome, don't they?  I'm slowly excavating and recovering the lost part...more
marisab Very true!  Thanks for reading.more

I'm Not That Kind of Blogger

I've been blogging again for three weeks and feel like my space has been growing a lot in that short span. Not because I'm that awesome or anything. Mostly because I've been aggressively targeting people to stalk, sponsor, and write for me this summer. But still, new readers. Cool. So let's talk about the things you probably won't ever find here. AKA "Why I'll Never Be Popular" or "Reasons Why Pinterest is Not for Me." ...more
Finley Jayne I'll check out your page!more


When I was seventeen, it was a very good year.  The Pan American Games was in Winnipeg.  I had finished Grade 10.  I wore mascara and eyeliner and had a $7 hair switch which I put up in curls almost every day.  I was full of confidence I didn't possess....more


The weather had forecast some rain in the afternoon yesterday.  We headed out to Elbow early in the morning anyways.  We had waited so long for the first sail of the year.  It was time to get out of Dodge, away from the traffic,  noise and speed of life....more


Life is like a song, like Simon and Garfunkel's The Dangling Conversation."It's a still life water color, Of a now late afternoon, As the sun shines through the curtained lace And shadows wash the room."...more


Happy Fourth of July to my American family and friends.It's a hot one today.  Nothing like a dripping tap, broken toilet and a mentally ill neighbour having an episode in the morning to set my teeth on edge for the day.  A slow Internet on an even slower PC isn't helping my disposition any.  But I am hanging in there.  I am determined to make the month as per status quo.  I breathe, drop my shoulders, clear my mind.  I close down the browser, shut the computer off and restarted everything.  Success!...more

You're the sing in my song

Today I held you in the pool, tightly against my body, memorizing the way the moment felt. I watched your uninhibited smiles, listened to your screams of happiness, and watched you dare to swim ever further from me, ever deeper. I dipped beneath the surface and watched your legs kicking through the water, arms fluttering. In the underwater silence I considered how many more years we'll have just like this....more


Last night I heard the first of July fireworks through our bedroom window.  I felt a little left out, like Cinderella leaving the ball early, losing her glass slipper in her hurry.  It reminded me of all the Dominion Day celebrations of my childhood - of being left out.  I was that child, face pressed against the window, outside looking in....more


Today is Canada's birthday.  The sun is out and so are the mosquitoes.  Life does have its bite.  I wouldn't want it any other way, would you?  So cheers!  Let us celebrate - to Canada and life with all its flavours....more

My First NaBloPoMo (It's about time!)

This month I decided to join the NaBloPoMo challenge for the first time....more