Does One Person Make a Difference? A Tribute to Shaun Stephenson

A tall dark skinned beauty graduated from Total Leadership Connections™ almost two years ago. We talked about her becoming a facilitator. She had such a light in her eyes and her love of people was palpable.Off she went to Sedona to get a degree so she would have more ways to help and teach and give to others.We stayed in touch. I was hoping for her return to the East Coast....more

Have you ever tried to catch the sun?

 As the sun sets you try to capturethe path of this magnificent orb...more


I'm hard pressed to find something to write about today.  Perhaps I should set mornings to write.  I certainly was awake early today with the realization that I had forgotten to bring the bedding plants inside.  And the overnight low was -3 C!  It was luck that no harm was done....more

Breathe, It is Paradise

Small Change for Leadership Development

Yesterday I suggested doing one thing differently in your morning ritual on your way to work, whether in a car or walking to your home office.Next is a fun small change that can make a huge amount of difference in relationships....more

Life Beyond the Ordinary

How often do we miss our future promises because we are scared to go against everything we have learned as the acceptable human response?I thank God for the many people I have come in contact with throughout my life. Some were mean, some were strange, some were beautiful, and some were demanding; yet none of them were ordinary....more

things i need to quit

Quitting is typically frowned upon, right? But isn't it sometimes good to quit certain things? You know, those things that aren't good for us. Here's a quick rundown of the things i need to quit....more