The Directions

As I drove down through the countryside, during one of my "ever so often" daydreaming moments, I realized that I was off course and began to panic as nothing looked familiar. I must have made a wrong turn or two. Lost, I looked for anyone that might steer me in the right direction....more

"You've Changed."

“Look around you. Everything changes. Everything on this earth is in a continuous state of evolving, refining, improving, adapting, enhancing…changing. You were not put on this earth to remain stagnant.” ― Steve Maraboli Not many people can pinpoint an exact day or moment when they feel like they changed.  Change can be gradual and slow and minuscule until one day you wake up and realize: huh, look at that.  I’m kinda different.  When did that happen?...more

Fairy Tale Ending

Tuesday, August 2, 2016 Do you believe it’s possible for some people to get that fairy tale ending of happily ever after?All things are possible, but fairy tales are called fairy tales for a reason; they are fantasy tales. Some aspects and events in life seem to be a fairy tale, but do not last for ever after. Life always throws in curve balls....more

What Color is My Parachute? And Does it Match My Shoes?

(Excerpt from Real Time Wreck)...more

Lessons from an Ageless Bird

I was on the phone with a friend yesterday and in the midst of my poison ivy story, I was horribly distracted by the obnoxiously loud bird squawking in the background. ...more

C*** on a Train

If you’ve never had the pleasure of riding the train from Jersey into Penn Station, let me take a moment to fill you in. The train is crowded with screeching teenagers, businessmen guffawing into cell phones, and travelers with absurdly large suitcases. (Seriously, what do you travel with? Bowling balls? Cans of soup?...more

catch-up not ketchup

Whenever I come to this space I feel like I have to write something awesome. Something thought-provoking. Something important with a sprinkle of I'm-not-trying-to-be-funny-yet-somehow-I'm hilarious. But you know what? There are other times when I just really want to write about how dang cute my dog is, okay?...more

Watching My Neighbors Die Around Me

When we first moved into our building in Fort Lee, NJ, just on the other side of the infamous George Washington Bridge, it was because my cousin had recruited us here. ...more

Should You Buy a Puppy When You Have a Baby?

Should You Buy a Puppy When You have a Baby? ...more

How coming from a large family made moving out difficult

I’ve grown up literally COMPLETELY surrounded by people my entire life.  I come from a large family that is always around – dozens of aunts and uncles and cousins, not to mention 4 siblings.  Living in a house with 6 other people was all I knew – hell, my one sister and I shared a bedroom up until the day I moved out.  So naturally, I’ve just always been used to people constantly being around, and no privacy.And then I moved out....more