Take it Back

     This is my first time blogging. I never really understood it, but I figured I could use it as an outlet to get a few things out....more

the red wire or the blue wire?

Currently I have two Pinterest tabs opened on my computer. One so I can search makeup storage on bathroom counter, and the second so I can search office for men.  Two life or death/super important/hardest decision ever kind of things.  I am being the biggest baby when it comes to unpacking and decorating our new place....more

These are the Benefits of dating in your real Life

Dating is nowadays common in almost every part of the world. If we compare both the sides of the world, then western part is so advanced in these kinds of activities. However, this is a highly controversial issue in eastern countries. Some parts of the world have their own culture and in them it is strictly prohibited like African communities and some parts of south Asian countries. They consider marriage as the only legal relationship between man and woman, everything else is frowned upon. ...more

on Facetiming in

Seeing that it's the start of a new week, and I haven't posted since Friday of last last week I figured I would give my fans a little somethin' somethin' today.  Fans = my dad, my mother, and my Nonny. Congrat...more

Pithy Notes for the 2016 Graduate (or your Mama)

So I’ve grabbed you with my pithy headline. Not so much? Likely I’ve attracted your 50-plus mother. She’s reading with pink rhinestone readers she bought at Costco. She sat next to me — stifling hot in a black mortarboard and gown — on a humid May day in 1979.Like your mom, I’ll never give a commencement speech. So, I’m weighing in 37 years after my college graduation.Dear Graduates:...more

For All You Gals in Your Early 20's

Your early 20’s are a time for change, a time for growth, a time for experimentation, a time for courage and a time for mistakes. So much is rapidly changing for you and you’re still trying to find your footing while not forgetting you’re still young. As someone no longer in her early 20’s I’d like to tell you what I learned from my early 20’s to my mid 20’s and offer you a little advice along the way.Take the time to know yourself…...more

17 Sarcastic Hacks for the First Time European Traveler

 June 1, 2016 — With the kids grown, the dog dead, and the mortgage whittled down, midlife tourists are off to exotic locations this summer. As an unsophisticated rural dweller, I’ll shares experiences from mistakes made and lessons learned. June 1 is the official start of the Rube Travel season. Middle-aged men pack Sansabelt pants, while their wives buy ridiculous pink travel hats with a chin strap....more

on mushiness


How's It Going Wednesday #8

`Just trying out some different photo editing tools. Lifelong learning or at the very least 10,000 hours....more

rides with rick: the rainy one

This past Saturday marked a very special day for us: it was the day that was just far enough from my last bike ride day so that I forgot how much I hate bike riding, and I wanted to go for another ride.  I told you it was a special day!...more