It's All In What You Believe - RePosted From

You have the power to direct your life. If you're stuck, this is what I will tell you, 100% of the time. If you want to grab coffee, we can chat further. It all boils down to what you believe. I believe our purpose for existing is to life our lives chasing our dreams; to find what lights our fire and surround ourselves with people, places, and situations that fan those flames into a roaring bonfire. I believe to those we call friends, our duty is to love, uplift, rescue, support, and protect them; to help them beat back the darkness, to light their fire, to be present. ...more

Just Like Me

Something strange happened this week. Twice I was in a room filled with people who looked just like me — and it was odd. Nobody with dark skin. Nobody with a Middle Eastern accent. Nobody dressed in their country’s native clothes. Only white people, in white people clothes, having white people conversation — and I was bored. ...more

Caution: Road Humps Ahead!

Photo by Nathan Weithers | ...more

This is life. Do what you love. (?)

Remember when The Holstee Manifesto was really popular? I’ve spent a lot of time pondering this.  ...more

Friday 5: Celebrating Simplicity

Here's to celebrating the simple stuff too.  Here's to silly things that make you smile.(What are these geese doing on my roof?...more

Part 2, This is Me

Hey again! Here is the continuation of my book. There aren't many juicy details yet but you have to get through the filler information before you can get to the good stuff, right? :) Let me know what you think so far!  ...more

Lessons from a Road Trip

Something about road trips that takes me back to my single days. I loved getting in the car with my music, my snacks (never forget the snacks), my itinerary and hitting the open road. There was something about the idea of being alone with my thoughts, with God, that just made me feel brave and excited and adventurous....more

Create Miracles Now

Mike Robbins...more

Learning to Cope With Distance

spring things i'm excited for

The grammar lover in me is stressed that I ended my title with a dangling preposition. But hey, it's my blog and the grammar police have no jurisdiction here. Anyways. This winter was the longest EVER. We all know this. It still doesn't feel fully spring-y around these parts - it has mainly been around 50 degrees or cooler, but it should be warmer soon hopefully. After this crappy winter, I am ready for some awesome spring things....more