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10 ways to celebrate the end of grading

Like most college professors the day after finals week, I should be grading. The paper piles, more than half-vanquished but still huge, stare up as I type. Ignoring them, though, I’m sitting at my desk, vacillating between a state of shock that my first year as a tenure-track professor is already over, and fantasizing about what my end-of-grading celebrations should entail....more

How to Make It in New York City as a Recent College Graduate

You just graduated and are planning a highly anticipated move to New York City to pursue your dreams. Good for you. As on top-of-the-world as you feel, do realize that the Big Apple isn’t the simplest to adjust to, but if you prepare and gain a good grasp on how to go about the transition into the big city, you will be able to succeed and make it in the real world. Here’s some guidance in how to do just that so your future can be as bright as possible in New York City. The Job Hunt...more

To the Person Who Stole My Bag

With my phone and credit card and keys.You cost me more than the $5 in cash that was in my bag. Thankfully, the credit card company did not hold me responsible for your $5 charge at Ralphs supermarket and, I later learned, $267 charge at Walgreens, but I still had to get a new phone and change my locks.You also cost me a lot of mental stress. But, that's not difficult to do for a neurotic writer....more
FernRonay He had his phone & rental car keys on him as he walked along beach talking with me ...more

Friday 5: Celebrating Everyday

~5 things from the week~ I whipped up some quick personalized towels for part of a gift for Vaughn's awesome Girl Scout leaders, using my tutorial from years ago.  ...more

when the bleep hits the fan. and your head.

Yesterday morning when I was walking Lupe, a bird pooped on my head. And you know, it's not even that the bird pooped on my head that irks me. It's the fact that it had just finished raining, so I assumed the said drop on my head was a rain drop. I then proceeded to continue to walk Lupe, say hello to all the lovely neighbors of mine also walking their dogs, and get to the elevator before I went up to tuck my hair behind my ear, and I realized that what came off of my hair and onto my hand was not a raindrop. Oh no, it was a bird

4320 minutes of nothing

Freddie was gone this past weekend. For a boy's weekend/fantasy baseball team/league/whatever it's called trip.  Is it called a fantasy team or fantasy league? Why don't I know this?  Anyways, I had the best plans for when he was out of town. The best! I started by going over to Trader Joe's to stock up on wine, and I left with wine, oatmeal, raspberries, and cheese....more

currently: the year is going by too quickly edition

You know how when you're reading blogs and everyone is like Oh em gee. Time goes so fast?! How is it already May?! I just drank some sparking cider this past New Year's Eve like last week! Giggle giggle laugh laugh and all that. Well I'm here saying the exact same things today. Because seriously, it's May? May 2016? Are you sure?...more
I miss reading mysteries. I miss reading in general (just moved, still no library card, all of ...more

Why Didn't You Tell Me?

Go, said the wind to the little girl, standing on the shore. Don't be afraid. Go, the water is calm and I am at your back....more

Bathroom Renovations as a Metaphor for Life

My bathroom renovation evolved into the perfect metaphor for life. ...more