Conquering Fears

My biggest fear is REJECTION!! I have avoided situations and tasks because of fear of rejection. I have done it so much that avoiding has become so comfortable and the thought of facing the fear has almost been paralyzing. Giving into fear has caused me not to have as much progression in life as I would like. But today was different!! Today I took a huge step in conquering one of my biggest fears and it was not as bad as I thought it would be, in fact it was kinda easy. ...more

1974 to 1975 sometime

 1974 to 1975 I remember this road, I believe it was a dirt road. Mom was driving and we were riding along. I think we just came from the store, maybe a grocery store, not really sure. ...more

Flashbacks from 1970 forward!

I was born in 1970, to a poor family. I am the second oldest to four of us kids.My parents met at a young age of 14 and 15. They married this young. This had to be around 1967.Crazy today, but back then not so bad. They met in Oregon, underneath the Jefferson Bridge. A cute little town that I briefly revisited just this year. I wish I would have taken more time to just get out and walk around.Went through there in the late evening while visiting an old friend while I was on vacation....more

Trail Running: 8 Life Lessons

1) It’s okay to feel nervous. Although I move my body every day, and although I adore running on trails and have done myriad trail races, I still lost sleep the night before a recent race. Would I dress warmly enough? Should I wear a ball cap? Would my body rebel and decide to announce, ‘Uh, yea: I don’t think so’? Would I walk to the car when it was all over and think, ‘I could have done better’? Would my bowels decide they’d been feeling neglected and want my full focus? Trail racing reminds me that if I worry, it means I care....more


Its been a week since my last post on Blogher and doing #NaBloPoMo. I am so relieved because trying to post both on my blog and Blogher was a little exhausting.Why? Well, Blogher servers are on the East Coast and because of that I would post at the crack of dawn here on the West Coast because I wanted my post to be entered in the running for prize or just reach or just to be one of the first to post that day. ...more

Are You Competitive? Wanna Play?

Posted on August 21, 2013I’ve lived and breathed competitive sports for most of my life, but I’m surprisingly not that competitive....more

Reality of Life

       In life, we often feel uncomfortable with our situation. This does not completely means that you are taking the wrong path, this is a crucial part of growing up. Some people ought not to take heavy challenges because of fear, but a person needs to step out of the comfort zone. This uncomfortableness is sometimes the disguised opportunity. The beautiful struggle in life can only be felt when you start taking risks. You will realize the value of your sacrifices from the past. The opportunities you never expected will gradually appear in your life....more

When Is It Too Late To Plan My Future?

Maybe the sun is shining, but you're still not content. You realize that successful people are all at better places of  work making better money and will get a better paycheck than you this week. Your friends are either working high profile jobs, dating rich men, married or finding their life purpose in raising their beautiful 2.5 children....more