How 15 minute clean-ups have saved my day… and my sanity.

From time to time IT happens. We get absorbed into whatever tasks we are doing and all of a sudden the house is a mess. Shoes and slippers are strewn around the living room. Cups on the end table. Couch blankets and pillows falling all over the place. toys here and there. There might still be laundry in the hallway where my youngest left his clothes after changing. Dishes in the sink, or on the counter. Whatever it might be, things out of place and not being utilized drove me nuts!...more

when coffee shops become the new bars

My Friday night this past Friday was pretty rockin'. (In case you were wondering, but of course you were wondering.) Want to know what went down? I'll start at the very beginning.  ... No, that's too long....more

What Now?!: When Life Comes Unhinged

That moment when you’ve been singing Rihanna’s “What Now” all day long like your life depends on it and you look to your right and remember that you just picked your kid up from school and she’s looking at you like ...more

The start of something Beautiful

Our father died two days after my son’s sixth birthday. I was devastated as many are when their father dies. We were left with our mother who soon turned from the woman the held up the moon to the woman who couldn’t tie up her own shoes. In an effort to keep her mind going, my oldest sister and I took her out to different stores. (Do you see the start of it?) At first we picked up a few items to redecorate our mother’s house. (You know, change things around so it wouldn’t be too hurtful for her)....more

It's Okay To Fail

It’s okay to fail. These are four little words I have to remind myself of daily. I’m the first to admit that I am afraid to fail. I’m afraid that all my hard work now isn’t going to result in anything. I’m afraid that I sometimes make decisions that will hinder my plans for the future. The thing is that fear of failing shouldn’t stop us from living. It shouldn’t stop us from doing that one or multiple things we are passionate about. However, fear is paralyzing. It makes us settle for what we think is best or settle for what we think we deserve....more

A Letter To My 18 Year-Old Self

Dear Sarah at Eighteen,You will change so much in the next ten years, it will make your head spin....more

10 Self-Care Tips I've Started

   Come visit me at Happy Apple for more blog posts! Michaela Hoffman  ...more

rides with rick: with wi edition

If you have been reading this here blog for awhile (read: six-ish months) then you know that it's a special day when I agree to go bike riding with Rick.  In fact, the last time that I agreed to such a crazy thing was September 20, 2015...more