Benefits of working out daily

Being fit is a state of mind to keep your body away from problem for long time and live a healthy life forever. Healthy body helps us to work faster and in better way with our creativity and full productivity to make the life easy, but to get healthy body we need to atleast indulge ourselves in any form of exercises daily like yoga, running, gym routine, cycling or anything similar....more

Sam Edelman: Shoe Review

Love. Love. Love! Did I mention how much I love these Sam Edelman: Emmie $150.00 shoes? I mean it. These shoes make me feel CrazySexyCool. (Oh hey TLC hashtag oneofthebestalbumsever). Like a real sex kitten. These are a size 7 1/2 and fit perfectly so I recommend ordering true to your size....more

What a Trump victory will mean for your finances

The last week has been chaos for many industries as election results finally started to sink in. No one likes the unknown, and a Trump presidency has proven to be one of the biggest unknowns for our country right now. ...more

Becoming A Child Once Again

BECOMING A CHILD ONCE AGAIN!! While I was strolling in a park, few children were playing there. After some time, two of them started fighting suddenly. They were hitting each other madly and I was about to interfere to resolve the issue but, what happened next overwhelmed me and also taught me a great lesson....more

6 Great products and tools to improve your life and make everything easier.

Have you heard someone saying "life would be much easier if..." Well, here's a short collection of some household items that have been improved to make your life much easier:1. Air Fryers. ...more

How to spend a perfect weekend in San Diego?

It seems like San Diego has it all, right?  It is one of the most beautiful cities in the country and tourists love making weekend getaways there. Here are some peculiar activities you can make and places you can visit to spend a nice trip or vacations in there, you will see that you can't definitely get enough of this beautiful place. ...more

How the visual thinker can plan for the holidays

How digital media can help with the hustle and bustle of holiday planning...more

Longevity Has Its' Place

The day after my 3 miles, 6 days a week jogging, vegetarian, dentist Dad died in 2008 from a rare form of cancer, my life long hog farming Great-Great Uncle died, then the next day my full of life cousin died too. Dad was 70 years of age, Uncle Pearl 108 and Little Melvin only 16. All succumbed to physical ailments, my young cousin felled by congenital heart disease....more