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My Enemy

Morning Drinks: What's Best for Breakfast?

What's your favorite morning beverage? Coffee? Tea? Juice of some sort?Me, I usually go for coffee, preferably with a bit of chocolate mint from our yard mixed in with the grounds. Today, though, I went with the carrot juice my husband made yesterday....more

Old San Juan, Puerto Rico: Tour of El Morro

This gloomy weather has me looking back to our vacation to Old San Juan, Puerto Rico, a couple of years ago. We had a blast. It was hot and sunny for most of our stay. We explored the city, ate delicious food and visited several historical landmarks....more

My New Lifestyle

I was diagnosed with RA (rheumatoid arthritis) July 2013. The 2 years prior to being diagnosed was complete hell. I was on mega doses of prednisone for those 2 years because nobody knew what was going on. All my inflammation transpired and came out full force in my eye. My joints never hurt or bothered me....more

Find The Spring In Your Step

Did the winter weather get you down?  It is time to find that pep in your step and get back out there.  Spring is here and there is so much to do lift your spirits.Spring into Action...more

Press Your Discipline Button on these Life-Instances

A Chinese proverb says “Women hold up half the sky”. Now, how true is that? Well, one cannot deny the fact that women have the power to make or break mankind. Age and time have shown that she is no less than a man. So isn’t it important for every woman to be at her gentle best as a mother, as a home maker and the many roles she plays to make a better living or a happy family?Not impossible. Here are few instances or common women practices that can to be checked upon every time they happen.Being too much social ...more

A Great Parent Is A Great Leader

How does a great Parent resemble a great Leader? Parenting is an evolutionary, lifelong process.  Learning to transition from one phase to another is an essential element.  Here are a dozen ways to start building a strong, trusting parent/child relationship: ...more

Our day in pictures ...more
Denise Thank you Denise!more

Wellness Is A Choice

Developing an environment that includes a life of fulfilled potential in work, home and play is the essence of my philosophy of wellness. Taking a proactive and preventive approach to your overall well being, being your own health care advocate, living your dreams, and knowing who you really are will get you where you are going....more