Dear Kiddos, Mommy is Sick.

Dear Loves of my Life,...more

Making Violence Obsolete And The Voices of Women On The "Speaking Truth To Power" Path

Early 1980s, Women’s Studies Department,  University of Maryland, College Park ...more

Top 10 Best Things About Being a Blogger

 Recently, I was asked by a friend of mine to tell her what my favourite things about being a blogger were. So, naturally, I decided to turn the question into a blog post....more

How to choose the best Mattresses for your Bed?

Is there any purchase that can be more fraught with anxiety and confusing than buying a mattress? Several studies have already proven the importance of sleep being vital to our happiness and health and it stands one of the reasons that mattresses are the foundational component of a good night’s sleep. However, it is evident to see people asking “what is best bed to buy?” To choose the right one is like navigating a maze. Here is a small guide on the subject....more

Pets are your Family- Do not treat them like an Object

On daily basis, we come across many people who treat their pets more like a possessions rather than a living being and this keeps on irritating us all the times. Of course, seeing a live breathing and feeling creature being treated like a disposable entity hurts everyone to the core. Dogs, and cats, are one of the most faithful and beloved pets that everyone, at some point of time, wishes to own. However, they come with lots of responsibilities and duties that we often overlook at the times of purchase or adoption....more

Stream of Consciousness: iPhone-Less for the Weekend..

 The ocean claimed my phone on Saturday morning. Maybe 12 hours into the vacation that I had waited all summer to document.It was working one minute, packed away in rice the next.  I was frantic, desperate, weepy, furious, resigned, panicked and unsure of exactly what to do....more

Tips on How to Start Intuitively Eating

< I'd say I spent the majority of my teenage years going from diet to diet trying to achieve the perfect dream body that I had seen in so many movies and magazines.  Instead of achieving this, however, I ended up leading myself down a very dangerous path of eating disorders, depression, and a HORRIBLE relationship with food.  It took me a LONG time to recover from all of this, and, to this day, I still have struggles with food. ...more

My First Time-Five Elements Spa & Longevity Center

FABulites, I absolutely love the summer months but let's face it, they can be downright brutal. This Summer alone I've had to deal with my normal 1 hour commute turning into a 3 hour commute to and from work, I've somehow managed to gain an extra 7lbs and you best believe my Teen, Toddler, and Young Adult definitely have me experiencing the Joys and Pains of motherhood, but when the going gets tough, you hit up The 5 Elements Spa & Longevity Center for a little healing!...more


 “Piece of sh*t!” I growled, giving the cord one last yank before the blinds came crashing down. I was late for church and did not have time for this…well, like I said before....more

What It's Like to Work as a Fashion Show Dresser

Watching models strut down the runway, it’s easy to believe that fashion shows are glamorous parties, but look behind the scenes of a fashion show and you see a different story....more