Emerging Fashion Trends - The Elegance of New Anarkali Suits

The original Indian attires have a particular space in the style world. These not only offer beauty, but offer stylish looks also. They are best to be able to own sensible & the stylish appearance at the same time. The fast speed changing fashion has affected the original Indian clothes to a larger extent....more

When Your Crush is Taken

Have you ever liked someone and found out that they already have a boyfriend or girlfriend.?  Your dream guy or girl is right there in front of your face, but unfortunately they are already taken. Like most or some of us can relate to, this is basically the story of our life....more

Mentally challenged learners and the 21st century

They are one of us and just as precious as we consider our own children to be. They might be a little different but that shouldn’t deprive them off their right on education. Education helps build the foundation of a child’s life ahead and nurtures him/her to face the realities of life. Children, who are already suffering from mental challenges, shouldn’t be put in a worse state by not enlightening them with knowledge. They should provide home tuition....more

Karon Gibson RN celebrates the 4th of July.

Karon Gibson RN CCM TV Host of Outspoken with Karon RN...Ustreamtv.com. Google Karon Gibson RN for links to shows.    We will be attending a wedding of an entertainer in the Hollywood Style.  Check after the holiday for details.We recently taped an interview with Dr. Andrew Ordon , plastic and reconstructive surgeon from LA and a celerity star from the Doctors TV show. He is quite a unique personality and volunteer.  He is an asset to this world....more

Fashion in Your Twenties - How To Stay Stylish

Adolescence is a blissful period of one’s life. It is that time of our lives in which we wish to look classy and attractive. Getting twenty could be an unusual experience because it’s the end of teenage and there are many changes one is going through while turning 20. One such change is the transformation in fashion trends....more

Integrating Your Brain and Pelvic Floor

To some extend most women have a pelvic floor that is either hypertonic or hypotonic. The musculature that supports us at our deepest core is either too tense or too weak. Either end of that spectrum can leave us with issues of incontinence, urge or stress related, or difficulty with our other natural elimination process. They can also cause us to be ineffective in our attempts to move our work into the world in an empowered and coherent gesture because the part of the brain that manages our pelvic floor muscles is also over working or under working....more
Here is a missive that may provide more guidance. Thank you Janie for your email and willingness ...more

What if Expectations were AGELESS?

*The following discusses my blog post "Ageless".  Below is an introduction to "Ageless".*Please read the full post available at:https://iyfsite.wordpress.com/...more


Promoted by M.Th.I., Archeoclub of Italy - Rome, Aisu verso Ithaca, with the Embassy of the Kingdom of Morocco and  in collaboration with the Moroccan community in Rome, the festival tries, like every year, the bring its contribution to the cultural exchanges in the Mediterranean at various levels. Among the already confirmed institutional we mention the patronage of MIPAFF, Lazio Region, Municipalities of Tarquinia and Vibo Valentia....more