Occasionally I like to share with you things I have snapped on my cell phone or have been sent to me by friends and family!  Just “stuff” I find interesting.Inspirations, ideas, a face that might tell a story…Today is one of those days…What stories will you see in my little bits of “stuff ” today?Do tell!...more

The Gym: A metaphor for a healthy relationship

Every morning on the drive home from the gym, Jesse and I have gotten in the habit of recapping the morning’s training session. We’re a little more animated on the days we hit new PRs, and a little more reserved on the mornings we feel like crap. Regardless, each day we take inventory of how it went, how we felt and what we have to look forward to tomorrow....more

10 Easy Wardrobe Hacks to Ease Your Morning Style Anxiety

As a fashion stylist, the most common challenge I see my clients face, is their inability to make confident decisions about what they should wear, when getting dressed for their day. No matter what the occupation , CEO, mommy on the go, or even if you are privileged to work from home, that morning rush can become hectic and overwhelming when filled with deadlines, commuter traffic, delays, and children who need to get to school. As a result, what we often do is throw on the first thing we see, hanging in the closet, or worse lying on the floor next to the hamper....more

6 Trends You Must Embrace This Fall

OK, below  I've carefully selected six, must have style trends to incorporate into your fall wardrobe for contention with the savviest of fashionistas!  Fringe is In...more

How to Start Your Own Lifestyle Blog

With my lifestyle blog, I don't have to be an expert in anything as I am free to write about anything that appeals to me. I don't have to share every detail of my life, so I can choose the theme according to my mood, which can range from arts and crafts, interior design, family life, cooking and recipes. ...more
Excellent advice, thank you. I've been a blogger for years, but I'm not going down the ...more

New Lifestyle Blog

I'm so excited to have launched a brand new lifestyle blog last month, www.suzyturner.com...more

Reverse Bucket List

Dreaming and planning for our future is so important. We should be always striving to grow and improve, but we should also strive to appreciate what we have. It’s important that while we’re dreaming for what we want to do, we remember what we have done and what we’ve accomplished. I’ve done some awesome, fun things in my life and I want to continue to remind myself of that....more

Union of Food

Hello community, ...more

Summer Bucket List

You might remember that a few months ago I did a spring bucket list. I might not have accomplished everything on the list, but I did pretty well! I’m back today to share my summer bucket list full of new tasks and activities I want to accomplish....more

Your Life Only Gets Better When You Get Better

We’ve all been there, questioning how we got to where we are, contemplating what we should be doing next and asking why we made some of the choices we made along the way....more