The Gift of Time

It's said that we don't appreciate what we have until it's gone... that we have a tendency to take for granted that which is valuable in our lives and then, when for whatever reason it is no longer a part of our experience, we gain a sudden and deep appreciation for its meaning and worth. But in another way, sometimes the value of what you have becomes apparent only when it's been given to you. For me, that something is TIME. ...more
 @motherofnine9 It was definitely worth it. It's only been six months, but already life is so ...more

Love shoes?

 Love shoes? Browse the latest women’s shoe styles from your iPhone!The iShoes app delivers 50,000+ shoes right to your phone. Waiting around with time to spare? Browse iShoes at random to keep up with the latest styles. Need specific shoes for an upcoming event? Search shoes by type to find the perfect pair....more

Stand tall

Nne Ekeogbede via Pinterest...more
And what a wonderful way to combine both (blog and training). I for one will be very interested ...more

Living a healthy lifestyle is about saying yes to life!

Living a healthy lifestyle is about saying yes to life! It’s not just about eating the proper food, getting regular excecise or reducing alcohol/cigarettes... It’s about the choices you make that give you the opportunity to feel your best.I am in the midst of training for our special Charity Crossing (, and this got me thinking about the simple things we can do to feel our best every day.Here are few things we can start doing right now:...more

Now For The Culture Shock Spring is coming...more

Wearing Someone Else's Hair on Your Head: Part 2

If this post had a sub-head, it might be: "Whether or Not to Listen to Your Common Sense"...

Being A Perpetual Adolescent

There is something seriously wrong with my generation. And I am speaking for myself, as well as many countless anonymous others. I truly hate to generalize...but it's something I've noticed, now more than ever. Even in myself, although I'm a bit embarrassed to state so. What is it? We just don't seem to want to grow up. We're perpetual adolescents....more

so, i value my tv time...

One of the benefits of not having children yet is that my husband I can spend hours upon hours watching some of the worst greatest television that Netflix has to offer. I'm not trying to be selfish but that's a guilty pleasure that I am not anxious to give up. Judging me yet? ...more

[365day Lifestyle) The First Day of the Rest of Your Hot New Year

 Ah New Years. Did you have an awesome one? I hope so :) Mine was pretty cool - dolled myself up, got together with friends, and did a lot of dancing. ...more

Comfort Color

The color of a stormy sky, of majestic elephants, of smooth granite countertops, and of course many beautiful and rare bird species. The word itself signals a sort of mid-ground area that is neither a deep black or a stark white, and the term has come to mean a “no man’s land” of decision making- more comfortable than staying in the boundaries, yes? Grey is many things: the name of the most dramatic doctor on the ABC network, a neutral against which to balance many dark and light colors in your wardrobe, and arguably the universal signal of sweatshirt comfort....more