Living like a Worker Ant

 I have often thought that much of our life resembles the life of an ant. We run around busy with tasks, keeping our nose to the  proverbial grindstone, oblivious to the realities of the rest of human society never mind the universe. ...more

I Need a Man

For Colored Girls, Miley Cyrus, and The Rest Of Us

Your Destiny Will Compensate You For Your Pain. ~ Max Lucado [Tweet This]...more

Dare to... Enjoy The Moment

Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment. Buddha ...more
Beautiful!  Thank you for being so inspirational and lending this message to the world!more

Floral & Green: Wallis Fashion Contest!


Do Some Lesbians Feel More Pressure To "Come Out"?

I was 19 the first time I summoned the courage to kiss a girl. No club blaring Katy Perry lines for motivation; this wasn’t a fad or phase. She was my first love, and Satan couldn’t keep me from the sweetest misery I’ve ever known. Honestly, it itches my ass when girls today play with the power of a woman’s love, which now seems to be too often reduced solely to enjoying "the P." Somewhere between drunken college nights; completely awkward, sore mornings; and Ellen being the next Oprah, we lost sight of who/what a lesbian is. Is she a scholar or a slut? ...more
Great input. I think you raise an good point that to a certain extent, lesbians are readily ...more

CLEVER FIND: Red Cups Living – It’s not just a cup. It’s a lifestyle.™

By Audrey van Petegem, Chief EditorGood weather is the sign to break out the lawn chairs and invite friends and family over. A time to knock back a few cold ones and give a toast to good friends, good weather and good drinks! I am sure we all have those large red plastic cups in our cupboard, because you never know when people will just stop by when the weather turns warm....more

Nosey Parker

Nosey Parker is the British term for "overly curious".  In reality she is the ultimate shopping sleuth for the best local shopping and services for the markets she visits.  Shop local first. ...more

Personal Development: Leadership as a Lifestyle

   All Leadership is influence. ~ John C. Maxwell Leadership skills are not only for your workplace, but should be used in all areas of your life. In your role at work, as a spouse, a mom, however challenging they may be, your exposure to them helps create the leader in you.  Embracing those areas of your life where you have a leadership role helps youto lead better.  Living a leadership lifestyle will set you apart from others as someone who is in charge, capable and intently driven. It puts you in a place where others watch what you do, look to you for direction and notice if your actions are in line with your beliefs.  Living Life|With Purpose  Being intentional and focus, which are, by the way, valuable traits of a leader, will not only clarify goals for those around, but inspire those you are directing, to tune into your vision... illuminating your influence. A lifestyle of leadership in your own  home alone can teach your child how his or her contributions; such as doing chores, contributing to family meetings, and participating in family activities, fit into the big picture and can lead to a lifetime of success. There are a few simple but important rules to follow when applying leadership skills  as a lifestyle, at work and in life. ...more