Selective Hearing

Accordingly to the sound expert Julian Treasure (, we spend 60% of our communication time listening but only retain 25% of what we hear—25%!—So if you feel that you are not being heard, you are likely entirely accurate....more

Calming Signals: Are You Listening?

 If you are standing next to your horse and he looks away, do you think he’s distracted or even disrespectful? When your horse yawns, is he sleepy or bored? If he moves slowly, is he lazy? These are important cues from your horse, are you hearing him correctly?...more

Now Listen Hear!

photoDoesn’t anybody just listen anymore?  I mean really listen? To anyone?...more

Stop Assumption

The other day a friend shared an image on Facebook - you know, one of those memes that eventually makes its way into everyone's newsfeed - about a current contentious issue, which, predictably, set off a firestorm of comments among the people on her friends list. I'll admit it: I lurked. ...more
SueCat Thank you for your thoughtful comment. I am definitely all for standing up and ...more

The Listening Gift

Gift giving comes in many forms. It can be intangible and it can be subliminal.  During this holiday season of giving perhaps someone new will enter your life. A new friendship may be on the horizon. Wouldn’t it be great going in with a new skill?  This skill is called Active Listening.Active listening is a term used in many forms of coaching. It requires stillness and total presence with no judgment, no need to be right, defensive nor should there be any distraction.  Without pure objectivity, you cannot really hear. ...more


December 12, Our Lady of GuadalupeLk. 1:26-38...more


Mt. 6:24-34Last night I spent four hours listening to three individuals--simply listening--that is what I do--my chief role as a pastor--I listen--all three struggling, afraid--and each time they seemed more at ease. It is the same way for me, when I a fraid for my health, financial resources, the future--I listen- for ultimately Jesus comes through, he becomes the Center--and all is well: ...more

Hush! Hush!: Learning To Listen


Please Listen

My oldest child, 9, has suddenly lost the ability to listen to my voice.  Period.  He can hear the TV.  He can hear his brother.  He can even hear his father.  Me?  Lost all ability for my voice.  Doesn’t matter if nice tone, yelling tone, quiet tone.  Can’t hear a damn thing....more