Fantastic Friday - Listening to A Friend

Fantastic Friday - listening to a friend is a fantastic thing.Throughout the month of August Fantastic Friday will be a celebration of friendship. The posts will deal with listening, leaning, being frank, helping and being a friend. Friendship is a special gift, something to be treasured for as long as it lasts. For that reason and many others, Fantastic Friday is Fantastic time to celebrate friendship....more

Why "Brave" Is a Must-See Movie for Moms

A lot of people are talking about how important Brave is because it shows girls a new kind of “princess” -- Merida is a strong Princess who can take care of herself and wants more out of life than just getting married to a prince. I agree that this is a great movie for girls -- since seeing the movie, my four-year-old has stopped running around the house in a princess dress and pretending to marry a prince and now she is running around with her (play) bow and arrow and growling like a bear. However, I think it’s important to say that this is also a great movie for moms -- especially moms of daughters....more
I love your take on the movie - haven't seen it yet, but definitely will. I agree that the mom ...more

Please don't mistake me for the person you think I am.

Do you sometimes feel like even the people who know you best don’t really know you at all—or that they’ve missed some essential part of you?...more

Abridged vs Unabridged

As you know I've written a lot about my reading excursion lately and one reason I've got so many under my belt is that when I am in my car I listen to books. I use ALL of my time to my advantage. When the two Border's closed in our town I hit the sales with a vengeance finding tons of audio books, unabridged books....more

Pay Attention

A Life Full of Days......more

What I Learned About Parenting at BlogHer '11

I have a Case of the Mondays combined with a Case of the Post-BlogHer Blues combined with a wicked case of jetlag. I'm behind on work, my inbox seems to have imploded and the laundry pile is mocking me. Despite all of the stuff I can or should be doing, I have purposefully been taking time all day to play games with my sons, read some books and generally soak them up. I missed them a lot while I was away like many other moms (and dads!) at the conference did. In fact, while I was away from them and experiencing all of those things that come with conference life and interactions with new people, I thought about how some of the things I was learning could enhance my parenting. ...more
i appreciate your post so much. It's difficult to live in a world that no longer puts a premium ...more

The different faces of health

I have been ruminating over the fact that "health" looks different on every person. Just like no two people look the same, no two healthy lifestyles look the same. Sometimes we get caught up in the idea that the healthy way we live is the healthy way everyone should live, but this isn't necessarily the case. ...more

Awakening the wild mind

“What writing, like Zen practice, does is bring you back to the natural state of mind, the wilderness of your mind where there are no refined rows of gladiolas. The mind is raw, full of energy, alive and hungry. It does not think in the way we were brought up to think – well-mannered, congenial.” - Natalie GoldbergTo listen, and to honour what I hear. ...more

How To Really Listen To Your Teenagers

People often marvel how I know when teenagers are lying. Putting aside the fact for a moment that there is nothing new under the sun, our kids themselves don’t seem to realise we too were young once and tried on the same dumbass antics. ...more

Is Something Weighing You Down?

In any relationship, issues inevitably arise from time to time that have the potential to create tension and conflict. It’s not the issues themselves that are the main cause for relationship breakdown but how you go about resolving them....more