Listen, or don't, whatever

I talk a lot during the day. I tell people things, they listen. However, I don't really know if they are absorbing  the words of astute wisdom I offer up for free on a daily basis. I am very wise and I try to tell people that all the time. I think they think I'm kidding. ...more

How May I Help You?

If you provide service as part of your value, the first opportunity you have to learn about your customer’s needs is to ask one very simple question, “How May I Help You?”.  These five words will enable you to define the pain and opportunity. Carefully listening to the response opens the door for how you can provide the greatest value, how you might actually help!...more

The Playlist in My Head

Back in the good old days when people heard voices those voices told them to save the world or at least their country.  Now a days when people hear voices they are instructed to destroy the world or at least kill a bunch of people living in it. The one thing we have in common with our predecessors is that like now back then if you did hear voices they thought you were a complete nut job.  And boy, we sure have outdone ourselves in that department.  Every other street corner has some poor soul shouting out about the end of days....more


Do you consider listening to someone vent or express their feelings an indulgence?  Does it matter if  it is a friend or just an acquaintance?Recently I heard a friend say they weren't going to indulge someone by validating how they felt about something.  That made me so sad to think that someone could be so dismissive of another's pain. ...more

Fantastic Friday - Listening to A Friend

Fantastic Friday - listening to a friend is a fantastic thing.Throughout the month of August Fantastic Friday will be a celebration of friendship. The posts will deal with listening, leaning, being frank, helping and being a friend. Friendship is a special gift, something to be treasured for as long as it lasts. For that reason and many others, Fantastic Friday is Fantastic time to celebrate friendship....more

Why "Brave" Is a Must-See Movie for Moms

A lot of people are talking about how important Brave is because it shows girls a new kind of “princess” -- Merida is a strong Princess who can take care of herself and wants more out of life than just getting married to a prince. I agree that this is a great movie for girls -- since seeing the movie, my four-year-old has stopped running around the house in a princess dress and pretending to marry a prince and now she is running around with her (play) bow and arrow and growling like a bear. However, I think it’s important to say that this is also a great movie for moms -- especially moms of daughters....more
I love your take on the movie - haven't seen it yet, but definitely will. I agree that the mom ...more

Please don't mistake me for the person you think I am.

Do you sometimes feel like even the people who know you best don’t really know you at all—or that they’ve missed some essential part of you?...more

Abridged vs Unabridged

As you know I've written a lot about my reading excursion lately and one reason I've got so many under my belt is that when I am in my car I listen to books. I use ALL of my time to my advantage. When the two Border's closed in our town I hit the sales with a vengeance finding tons of audio books, unabridged books....more

Pay Attention

A Life Full of Days......more