5 Celebrities Who Are Fighting for Pay Equality

Many female stars complain that Hollywood is sexist – but demanding pay equality is something everyone should be considered about, no matter what your professionRead more at http://girlstalkinsmack.com/5-celebrities-who-are-fighting-for-pay-equality/...more

5 Celebrities Who Don’t Have Time to Date

Putting their careers before their love lives, these 5 celebrities say they simply don’t have time to date at the moment and are completely focused on the projects they’re working onRead more at http://girlstalkinsmack.com/5-celebrities-who-dont-have-time-to-date/...more

The Top 5 Reasons I'm a Horrible Blog Follower

Okay, I tried to catch up on all my blog reading today, but the amount of Mother’s Day posts was just way too overwhelming. After my 15th Mother’s Day post, I just gave up. Sorry, peeps. I know we love our mothers but… I just couldn’t take the sap anymore.After trying (and failing miserably) to catch up on all my blog reading, it occurred to me: I am a horrible blog follower / community member / minion. Why? Because all of the following…...more

10 Things We (Still) Love as Adults That We Shouldn't

(Original post: http://mombabble.com/2014/12/10-things-we-still-love-as-adults/)The day you become a mom is the day that you  transition into becoming a bona fide adult. We’re supposed to embrace responsibility and let go of the things that kept us mired in our own childhoods.But those things were kinda awesome, which is probably why lots of us get our claws into the nostalgia of our youth and hang on for dear life....more

Sitting… Waiting… Wishing…

Loving || That the holidays are here! I love everything about Christmas! Our house is decorated… we are hosting a cocktail party with my husband’s college buddies tomorrow night (stay tuned for some never tried before appetizer recipes) and I’ve been shopping non-stop for my husband and family!...more

10 Things You Can Learn From a Year Without Alcohol

Next month marks one full year since I last had a drink; it's astounding, really, what can change in a year. Everything has changed: who I am, the way I look at life, and who I am becoming. Choosing to live a life without alcohol has been eye-opening, challenging, at times soul-wrenching, full of emotional peaks and valleys, and quite possibly the best thing I have ever done for myself. ...more
Great post! Alcohol is at all networking events making sobriety a challenge, but you've ...more

26 Things You Learn at 26

As I prepare to say goodbye to good ole' twenty-six, and give a warm hello to twenty-seven, I began thinking about all that this last year has taught me.Twenty-six was full of trials and tribulations, excitment and opportunity, and overall I grew leaps and bounds. It earned me a new career, renewed confidence in myself, and an appreciation for all that I have been through. Here is a compliation of 26 things that I learned at twenty-six, which will hopefully make me a (much) smarter twenty-seven year old....more

Calling all Friday favorites!

Favorite News Story: Y'all. If this story about window washers at a children's hospital, dressing up as superheroes to surprise the kids, does not melt your heart, we need to check for it's existence. So many good feels came over me scrolling through it. ...more

Gratitude Linkup - Week of 6/1/14

One of the best ways to have perspective, for me, is to remember the things I'm grateful for. There have been times when I've gotten stuck in negativity that I've done a quick gratitude list (in my head or with another) and started on the path of releasing that negativity. Gratitude lists help me to remember what's beautiful and to remain present in my life.Each week, Laurel Regan's Gratitude linkup over at Alphabet Salad is a way for me to share a few of the things I'm grateful for with others....more

10 Signs You're Addicted to Reading

Sometimes I am guilty of paying too much attention to my book and not enough to the real world. In the interest of public service, I have compiled a useful list of the top 10 reasons to suspect you might have a reading "problem."...more
NicoleFroio  It does explain the permanent bags under my eyes!more