The Cubs won! And other things on my mind.

“How many innings are in baseball?”“Why does baseball take so long?”“A RAIN DELAY?”“Will this thing ever end?”Mr. T: “You don’t even care.”Me: “I know. But it’s cool to see everyone so excited online!”...more

8 Things I'm Thankful for This Thanksgiving

I'm not going with "a roof over my head" this year, because I'm thinking that's obvious and almost everyone's favorite thing to say when awkwardly put on the spot at the Thanksgiving table. Especially since the person before you just said that. I also don't think it's fair to leave out other things that are also really important in day-to-day life that no one even thinks to be grateful for.Eight odd things I'm truly thankful for?...more
I'm grateful for reading glasses.  And mammograms.  And apps that remind me to get the damn ...more

10 Hilarious Tasks For My Imaginary Personal Assistants.

Tonight I was going to write a post about It's a Small World being the most under appreciated and over-complained about attraction at Disneyland, and I was going to add plenty of photos. An hour later, I'm exasperated, as my photo albums are a frightful mess! I only found a few that I wanted to use, and I know there are more, and I absolutely refuse... refuuuuse... to make that post without those ones that strayed off. So maybe tomorrow?...more

Wowing me into Fall

 With Fall in full swing I wanted to share a few things that are wowing me right now . Can we talk TV Shows first off? Come on are you loving TGIT lineup?  I must say I have been screaming at the TV and trying to keep my tone down NOT to wake up the baby and later on my other kids. It seems with each show that passes I get more involved. When I see How to Get Away With Murder is about to start I grab one of the couch pillows cause I know I will be screaming WT* by the end of it! ...more

10 steps to crawling out of the P.V.B. (post-vacation-blues)

It was magnificent.                                                Sure, there were ...more
So many great tips! I'm the worst unpacker ever. What do you put in your salt baths?more

What's in a Number?

The Top 5 Breakfast Sandwiches in L.A.12 Reasons to Hire a Wedding Planner11 Grammar Lessons From the CIA Stylebook10 Fun Uses for Old Card Catalogs9 Bizarre New Snacks to Try5 Weirdest Gins and Vodkas You Can Buy4 Words Parents and Kids Should Never SayWhat do all these headlines have in common? That's right – numbers.(1) Now read them again without the numbers. Are the headlines any better or worse? Reasons to Hire a Wedding Planner. Fun Uses for Old Card Catalogs. Weirdest Gins and Vodkas You Can Buy. What's wrong with those?(2)...more

5 Celebrities Who Are Fighting for Pay Equality

Many female stars complain that Hollywood is sexist – but demanding pay equality is something everyone should be considered about, no matter what your professionRead more at

5 Celebrities Who Don’t Have Time to Date

Putting their careers before their love lives, these 5 celebrities say they simply don’t have time to date at the moment and are completely focused on the projects they’re working onRead more at

The Top 5 Reasons I'm a Horrible Blog Follower

Okay, I tried to catch up on all my blog reading today, but the amount of Mother’s Day posts was just way too overwhelming. After my 15th Mother’s Day post, I just gave up. Sorry, peeps. I know we love our mothers but… I just couldn’t take the sap anymore.After trying (and failing miserably) to catch up on all my blog reading, it occurred to me: I am a horrible blog follower / community member / minion. Why? Because all of the following…...more

10 Things We (Still) Love as Adults That We Shouldn't

(Original post: day you become a mom is the day that you  transition into becoming a bona fide adult. We’re supposed to embrace responsibility and let go of the things that kept us mired in our own childhoods.But those things were kinda awesome, which is probably why lots of us get our claws into the nostalgia of our youth and hang on for dear life....more