Poetry Keeps Knocking

When I was a kid I was sure I was going to be a poet. Or a bus driver. Or an FBI agent. Or a stewardess. Some of those ambitions faded away and others were squelched by reality.Whenever I take one of those right brain/left brain test I always come out in the middle. Half my brain is scientific and half is artistic....more

Father of 83 and daughter of 59 both publish their books.

 A father from Wisconsin and his daughter living in Oregon both publish their books. His book is about a Russian, Native American man.  Called "The Stone Horse & Droshki". by Ken De Villers.  And her book is "The Eve Chronicles" by Diane DeVillershttps://dianedevillers.wordpress.com/2015/03/15/daughter-and-father-publish-books-from-wisconsin-and-oregon/...more

Favorite Fiction of 2015

It's still early December, but I'm fairly certain I've rounded out my reading of 2015 titles. Everything I have set aside for the rest of the year (and I do mean set aside, since books are being shoved into moving boxes) is either pre or post-2015, so it seems safe to list my favorite fiction....more

Six Romantic Places to visit in The UK for Literature Lovers

The United Kingdom has produced some of the most beautiful words ever written, by some of the most iconic and memorable Writers. It is no wonder therefore that there are so many corners of our little island touched by a literary hand. Our literature and places are intertwined in that we cannot help but envision a city, a village or a stretch of hillside through the eyes of the Writer’s who immortalised them within their work.  ...more

Why kids don't need to be educationated

Whoa, sounds dramatic, right? But it's true. I dislike (sometimes bordering on despise) it when people treat children as space aliens. When they refuse to let children into their normal lives. When they segregate them by age groups....more

8 Literary-Inspired Ice Cream Recipes for National Ice Cream Day

Ice cream is the perfect summer treat. But what can make it even more special is being able to read a favorite book, and treat yourself (or your kids) to the character's favorite ice cream afterwards. Some of these are kid friendly, and some are just for you! Here are eight ice creams inspired by our favorite books for National Ice Cream Day (July 19th). ...more

Sensational Selections for Your Book Club

Howdy Bookworms!You know that feeling when it's your turn to choose a book for book club and you're freaking out because you don't know what to pick? I've got you covered! I've made a list of fool proof choices for your next meeting, thanks to a prompt from The Broke and the Bookish. It's Top Ten Tuesday time, y'all!...more

Cranky Broads

Upon learning of my career as a teacher of writing, a former college professor wryly noted, "Composition is the armpit of the university." As had also been the case when he commended Wallace Stegner as the United States' greatest author, the former professor's judgment was keen....more