What is Organic Produce?

Tortilla Maria

Ok, that might have been a stretch but whatevs.I accidentally found a new place in Greenville called Tortilla Maria. It is a locally owned, state funded, Mexican Restaurant with organic, fresh ingredients....more

berry good freezer jam

   My Mom has always been a very organized housekeeper. ...more

$8-A-Dozen Eggs? An Organic Quandary

$8 for a dozen eggs? When I saw Jane Black’s post in The Atlantic I could not believe that anyone would pay that price. As I mulled it over I realized that I wasn’t even sure why these eggs were superior to normal eggs. And after re-reading the article I’m not sure they are. Or at least, I’m not sure they’re any healthier than the best organic cage-free eggs from the grocery store (under $3 a dozen at my store). The difference is that these oval wonders hail from a small local farm that is not caught up in the industrial food mill. This means, for one thing, no government subsidies, making it hard for the small environmentally-aware farmers to compete with the big guys by offering comparable prices....more
There in lies the problem... people don't see how it affects them personally - so why change?  ...more

(VIDEO) What to Feed Your Vampire

I usually hate book trailers. I love what BlogHer Book Club author Deborah Harkness has done instead -- tips for wining and dining your favorite vampire. ...more

What a great idea...the video instead of a trailer. Harkness does such a good job...certainly ...more

Farmers, agriculture, and technology unite!

Recently, my IDT course was discussing industries that utilize social media. I chose the agriculture industry. From a conversation where farmers use Twitter to check weather and soil reports to blogging to clear misconceptions about E.coli outbreaks, I realized how invaluable this information could be. Here is my idea: Farmer's Markets and Farmers advertise on Twitter or blogs where they are selling their produce, what is in season and ready for purchase. This could benefit localization. Many complain about the state of food-produce and meat in our country....more


I'm easing into this whole self-examination thing: For a few years now, I have been increasingly pursuing what I call "ethical eating."  I'm not sure where I came up with the term because it's not something I hear often, so I did what any reasonable person does when curious about something, I Googled it.  Imagine my surprise when I discovered that the Unitarian Universalist Association seems to have coined the term and is running with it!  I must be slack...more

10 Lessons Learned in 2010 Before Jumping into 2011

There were lots of lessons learned in 2010, and rather than beating myself up for what didn't get accomplished, I'm going to salute the high points, feel good about what I did, what I learned, who I met, and use it as a jumping off point for 2011. Don't you think that's better than the usual New Year's resolutions? In no particular order......more

Save Your Waistline...

http://projectsupermom.blogspot.com/2010/11/save-your-waistline.html ...and donate your extra Halloween candy or candy leftovers to Operation Gratitude! Local dentists will take those extra calories, er, candies off your hands for $1 per pound and will send them to troops serving overseas....more

Eat Local

  Whenever I can, I choose to shop independent businesses....more

Hi NW! Thanks for sharing your blog. You have some fantastic recipes there.

Yes, I think ...more