God Is It Too Much To Ask?

 God, is it too much to ask? I'm trying. I see my son, and I don't want him to be like me. I don't want him to be the one on the outside looking in, wanting to join, but instead is just watching. Because that's me....more

Are We Lonely?

We are a society that values the ability to "pull yourself up by your bootstraps."  We assume that people should be able to handle the things that life throws at them by themselves or, in the worst case scenario, with their very close, immediate family.  But is that really how humans are wired?...more

The Secret to Making Friends

This evening, as we were travelling down the highway, my sister and I were talking about friendship.She was feeling defeated already, starting a new program at a new school, this being the beginning of her second semester there and she hasn't been one of the people to bond quickly. Groups are forming in her class, and she is being left out.She feels that this is high school all over again, that her role is predetermined, that she can never be anyone but the one who is "neither liked nor hated", just there in the middle....more


I sit here...I took Kidlet to public skating last night. I don't skate, I sit and freeze while I watch him fall 100 times. (Sigh!) When there, this family caught my eye....more

Music is the Answer to Holiday Stress

It's a funny time of year - it's easy to feel lonely, homesick, or left out. But music is the answer - all kinds of great music. Music is mysterious, abstract, romantic, sublime. Music expresses the human soul. Listening to records from my childhood can bring out the tears... In a good way. So many memories, people gone. So much love and good times....more

When Christmas Isn't Merry And Bright


The essence of my life,The character of my being,The answer to my sadness. Loneliness is so unbearable,So much agony inside,It steals from me everything I cherish. This feeling is dominant,Its a laceration to my heart,The nightmare of my life. Loneliness has taken my personality,It has taken my ability to be me,Loneliness has stolen from me, myself. It is a feeling with me all the time,It grows more every day,It is ruining who I am,...more

Locked Away.....

So small and sensitive,A place of my own,A key to a cage,Storing my heart,Protecting me from pain,Locked away in a faraway place. Nobody to help,To reach this place,I have a key,But there’s nobody there,To open my heart,To see my feelings. The place is at the end,Of a long and dreary path,Hard and bumpy,To my faraway place,Everyone hurts me,And the place becomes much further,Forever locked away. ...more

Dear Me.....

Sometimes you’ll want to be alone,And you may feel down.,But I want you to read this,So you can remember,The happiness,The good times,The memories,And most of all remember who you are. Remember,The happy times we had together,When we talked,Even about unhappy times,In the end for us both these are conversation times,We could smile, andNot feel alone. Remember,This understanding with one another,That made us feel,That even with problems,...more

This Too Shall Pass: Fall Mud, Autumn Feelings

I've been thinking a lot about time. I suppose fall does that to me. With all the leaves falling and the ground decaying under my feet. It's Mother Nature's most in-your-face reminder that time marches on, things change, release, fall away. And I suppose I feel like being grounded too....more
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