The Eternal Third Wheel (aka Me!)

SO, the curse of the third wheel. We all know of it, we all dread it. Being amigo number trio and having to sit on the outside of the booth, awkwardly looking into your drink and avoiding eye contact with pitying strangers as your bud and their special bud giggle and nuzzle at each other in the corner next to you.  I mean, it could be worse. You could be trapped in the corner. What do you do when you need to pee in that situation? Having to ask friends to stop snogging so you can slip to the loo is never fun.  ...more

Why You'll Never be Lonely Again

motherhood can be very lonely.

A fellow mom told me recently that being a mom can be lonely. Even though you’re basically never alone, motherhood (especially stay-at-home motherhood) can be very lonely. This is something that has been on my mind a lot lately....more
Journal Mom Thanks for sharing, Journal Mom. I can't imagine having to move every few years as ...more

Cooped up and lonely

After a completely non-scientific, multi-year study that consisted of me questioning other women, it turns out that this is the typical life cycle for women who work from home:...more

The Secret Sadness of Being Independent

I was calmly holding it together in the psychologist’s office until he asked, “Are you lonely?” Involuntarily, tears started pouring down my face and I stammered that yes, yes, I was lonely. I made the appointment to talk about how I screwed up every relationship I’d been in, but this revelation was unexpected. I did not return to find out how to fix it....more

On friendship and walls and feeling left out

I don't really know how to start this post well. I do know most of this is my own fault. And I'm not looking for sympathy. But sometimes, sometimes, I just feel so incredibly left out. And so incredibly lonely. It's not that I don't have friends, because I do! And they are great and ready to jump in and help if I ask for it. I'm so lucky for that. I know this and I'm thankful for this. This is not about that though. This is about me feeling that I just don't have close friends. ...more

Are men more lonely?

Sometimes when I see my son playing by himself in his room on a Saturday afternoon, I stand in the doorway and ask him a very complex question:Are you lonely?...more

God Is It Too Much To Ask?

 God, is it too much to ask? I'm trying. I see my son, and I don't want him to be like me. I don't want him to be the one on the outside looking in, wanting to join, but instead is just watching. Because that's me....more

Are We Lonely?

We are a society that values the ability to "pull yourself up by your bootstraps."  We assume that people should be able to handle the things that life throws at them by themselves or, in the worst case scenario, with their very close, immediate family.  But is that really how humans are wired?...more

The Secret to Making Friends

This evening, as we were travelling down the highway, my sister and I were talking about friendship.She was feeling defeated already, starting a new program at a new school, this being the beginning of her second semester there and she hasn't been one of the people to bond quickly. Groups are forming in her class, and she is being left out.She feels that this is high school all over again, that her role is predetermined, that she can never be anyone but the one who is "neither liked nor hated", just there in the middle....more