PREDICTION: Occupy Protests Will Stop Once the NBA Starts Playing

I woke up this morning at 5:00 am, turned on the local news and saw the City of Los Angeles bracing for the Occupy Los Angeles protestors who announced they were going to take full advantage of “National Day of Action” to march through downtown and over to the Bank of America where they planned to cause a ruckus.  LAPD had its hands full all day, grappling with protestors and fending off irate commuters.  Many of the people who work downtown and who were just trying to make a living were forced to take a “sick” day because they couldn’t get past the Occupy protestors.  ...more

Magic Johnson: 20 Years With HIV

I was in the fifth grade when the news came out. I knew every member of the Lakers by name, position, and number. Magic Johnson, point guard (and general jack of all awesomeness) number 32, had AIDS. Which meant he was pretty much dead, right?...more
I'm glad Magic is still alive, well and kicking. He has been doing great things in our ...more

The Neighborhood Bitch

During a recent visit to my parents house in L.A., I strolled through my old neighborhood and brooded over my mom’s declining health, the challenges my dad faced as her caretaker...more