I don't know how I did it....no clue

It’s almost been 2 years, since I lost my daddy.2 years.It feels like 2 days.  Most of the time.  Others?  A lifetime ago……I go back and read my posts.  My blog.  My tweets.How the crap did I do that?How?I’m serious.  How?Working at the hospitalStaying at the hospital overnightTalking to doctorsTrying to manage all the medicinesMaking him eatHelping my familyManaging the testsScared out of my damn mind.  Barely keeping my head above water.How?I got no clue....more

My Mom Called

My mom called.  I haven't seen her in decades. It seems so weird that a person can even say that. Decades.She traveled in and out of my life for the first 13 years or so and disappeared for the last time not long after I graduated from high school. When she was there, she wasn’t really there. The drugs and alcohol and bad decisions took priority in her life....more

The Man in the Blue Cap

A few weeks ago, I couldn't wait to finish my Saturday long run/workout so I could attend a fun day in DeBardeleben Park in downtown Bessemer, Alabama. Lawn chairs in tow, we arrived at the Bob Sykes BBQ & Blues Festival. As I was sitting down listening to the sounds of soulful blues, my husband asked me to pass him the camera so he could take some candid photos of the Blues party that was obviously going on. When he returned, he asked me to look through them. I scrolled through, then stopped at this one particular photo. My heart sunk......more

Losing Gus: 8 Years Later

Eight years ago today, I painfully pushed my baby boy, Gus, into the world.I’ll never forget the strange rush of my water breaking while laying in my...more

Another leaf has fallen

People die.  I know, duh.Yesterday, my tree of life lost another leaf. I learned that yet another one of my friends is no longer of this life.  Death was just a fleeting concept to me for the longest time. Until 1990, the only people who had died in my life were family members I loved but didn't really get to know because I was so young....more

My brother's death

How are you?...more


When You Can't Say Goodbye

Hello friends - I wanted to pass along the next chapter of my book, "Following the Path of the Dinosaurs."  #followdinopath For anyone who has experienced the loss of a parent, the chapter stands alone outside the book.  I believe we all share and learn, even through grief.  I was a single mom at the time, struggling to finish college and cope with the death of my dad.   www.followdinopath.com ...more

5 Ways To Actually Help Someone Dealing With Loss

When someone you love loses someone they love, it’s near impossible to know what to do for them. The first thing I said to the first person I told about the loss of my baby boy was, “I know, there’s nothing you can say.” I knew there were no words that would make me feel better and wanted to let her off the hook....more

Has Heartbreak finally been defined?

It has taken me over a decade of thinking, but I finally figured out how to word the way it felt when "HE" broke my heart. ...more