When You Can't Say Goodbye

Hello friends - I wanted to pass along the next chapter of my book, "Following the Path of the Dinosaurs."  #followdinopath For anyone who has experienced the loss of a parent, the chapter stands alone outside the book.  I believe we all share and learn, even through grief.  I was a single mom at the time, struggling to finish college and cope with the death of my dad.   www.followdinopath.com ...more

5 Ways To Actually Help Someone Dealing With Loss

When someone you love loses someone they love, it’s near impossible to know what to do for them. The first thing I said to the first person I told about the loss of my baby boy was, “I know, there’s nothing you can say.” I knew there were no words that would make me feel better and wanted to let her off the hook....more

Has Heartbreak finally been defined?

It has taken me over a decade of thinking, but I finally figured out how to word the way it felt when "HE" broke my heart. ...more

Grieving for the Unborn

A topic rarely talked about. To mourn the death of someone who was never even born. Spontaneous abortion or miscarriage is the natural death during early pregnancy....more

Recipe for a Memory~Happy Valentines Day Bro~Hanging with the Angels

On February 14 1955 my Mother received the most special Valentines gift she could have ever imagined, my brother Douglas. Or as we called him growing up, Dougie. However, for the last six years Valentines Day has been a day of mixed emotions for all of my family and Brice. I have two sisters and one brother; we lost our brother in a tragic accident in 2009. ...more

Should You Befriend The Mother Of Someone Who Tried To Destroy You?

When she made the appointment for aesthetic services, her name sounded vaguely familiar.  I assumed I would recognize her when she arrived.  I didn't, but my co-worker did and summoned me into the reception area with urgency."Do you realize who that is?"  she asked staring wildly.  The look was a definite indication that my client was not welcome there."No....why?""That's Roger's mother!"...more

What to say (and what to avoid saying) when a friend is suffering

Early last week I received some harrowing news. An old friend of mine lost her husband suddenly and unexpectedly. He was young. He was healthy. And they had a family. I grappled with how to respond. What do I do? What should I say? How should I say it? It took me awhile to wrap my head around the situation and get my own emotions in check. When I did, I wrote a message and later in the week, I sent a card....more

Christmas, Again

This was our second Christmas without my mother.We set a place for her near our tree, her wedding picture alongside a lit candle, before we began our Christmas Eve. It has been 16 months without her, and moments of her still sneak into my day. It's a surprise where they come from—I can't trace what calls these thoughts out, because I will be in the middle of something unrelated to her, like washing out my son's lunch box, and then I'm suddenly standing still, remembering how she never liked driving in icy weather. ...more

When You Meet Someone Who Also Lost a Twin Daughter

I recently became friends with a mother on my daughter’s cheerleading squad. There was an instant affinity between us, though we had little enough in common. She’s the mother of five; I have two. She works full time; I stay at home. She has an au pair (a real one, from a foreign country and everything); I don’t even know a neighborhood kid that I could call to babysit. But we bonded anyway, over the shrill yells, mistimed choreography, and the joy of watching our daughters be a part of a team. And one day, we bonded over something else. ...more
sunnysideshlee Thank for your kind words. I appreciate it.more

How I'm Recovering From The Death of My Son

I lost my son, Gus, to SIDS 7 and a half years ago. It is by far the hardest trial I've ever faced in my life. And recovering from his loss has been a real challenge and one I feel will be ongoing throughout my life. I've been doing a lot of thinking recently about what it was that helped me crawl out of the deepest hole of grief that has ever consumed me and how I became, once again, a functioning human being. This is what I've come up with: ...more