5 ways to live an extraordinary life with cancer

Shortly after Hubby died, I read Chasing Daylight: How My Forthcoming Death Transformed My Life by Eugene O’Kelly. O’Kelly was diagnosed with cancer and given maybe three months to live. His book is about what he wanted to accomplish and how he determined to live those remaining 100 days.  ...more

The Sudden Loss of my Grandpa

As many of you who are aware last week we lost my grandpa. I would like to take this moment to tell everyone who has reached out, prayed for our family, and just offered to be a shoulder to cry on, we really do all appreciate it....more

Changing the Lens of Loss Brings Focus to Life

The other day I received two texts from two husbands - past and present - at the same time. Bing bing. I didn’t know they were both texting me, I was precariously in plank position on my yoga mat in my bedroom, solid on my left toes and balancing on the big toe of my right foot - the one with a broken fourth toe. I’ve gotten really adept at using my big toe to manage the needs of my decrepit foot. It takes some concentration, and feels like I’m tempting fate. ...more

Grief, Loss, and Silver Linings

Grief.It’s fear and pain and disbelief and rage and what feels like never-ending sadness, all rolled up into one big mess of dark and ugly feelings.Grief takes hold of you and you can’t muster the motivation to get out of bed in the morning. Multiple times throughout the day your eyes well up with tears. You consider running for the hills but you force yourself to stay rooted in your seat. As you make the drive home, the salty water finally, finally falls unchecked from your eyes and down your cheeks....more

When You Are Beyond Mourning

“Each person’s grief journey is as unique as a fingerprint or snow flake.” – Earl Grollman...more

Top 14 reasons to go on living

Does the thought of a new year – stretching out long and empty – fill you with dread because you’ve lost one of your most valuable treasures? If so, then listen to how much you are needed, how many are counting on you:#14. Your country needs you — to vote, write letters to your congresspersons, pay your taxes (you’re pretty jazzed about that last one, right?).#13. The economy needs you — to treat a friend to lunch, enroll in that Zumba class, sign up for sky-diving....more

A cancer widow's thoughts on loss

My luggage got lost somewhere in Airportland. The return flight after a fabulous holiday with family in New Jersey was by way of Chicago to Los Angeles to Oregon. I de-planed in Chicago to this v-mail: “Due to delays, you won’t make your connection in LA and so we’ve rescheduled your flight for tomorrow.” What?!A quick phone call to the airline established a new route home. One seat left. I made the flight. My luggage didn’t....more


t took some time for me to realize you were only in my care temporarily. God, I loved you so much. You filled me with a light so bright I no longer hid beneath the crippling veil of darkness I was so accustomed to wearing....more


I was a lonely, broken girl of 12 when I met him.He was everything the whimsical imagination of a young girl could dream of: strong, enchanting and deep brown eyes full of mischief. When the sun’s rays would shine upon his fiery chestnut locks, they glistened like a new copper penny....more