A Rough Day

I didn't post yesterday due to attending a memorial service.  Without a doubt, the worst part of aging is the ever increasing number of deaths, loss of friends, and funerals to attend....more
I agree that words fall short.  Sometimes silence is more healing, along with the hugs and ...more

What not to say..

What I want you to know about miscarriage. At 25 my husband and I found out on mothers day that I was pregnant. I had woken up at 6ish that morning stumbling into the bathroom, I hardly remember opening up the packing of the pregnancy test. Next thing I know there are two lines, running into the bedroom, literally kicking my husband yelling at him telling him to get up. "Get up, I'm pregnant, and going to store." I said. He said "huh? what? okay, wait why are you going to the store." He confusingly replied. "Did you not hear me" I quipped back....more

The Price Is Right

One of my favorite things about staying home sick from school when I was a kid, was watching The Price Is Right. I loved Bob Barker's way with the ladies, I was fascinated by his long skinny microphone, the sets and the prizes mesmerized me. The blinking lights and shining teeth. The "New car!", the dinette set. They were what glamour was made of. I always wanted to do the game with the punch wall....more
 @TangledLou I read your response a few hours ago and I can't stop thinking about it. The word ...more


Male Therapist: "So tell me how this works?"Detective Michael Britten: "I'm awake with my wife and I close my eyes, I open them and I'm awake with my son."Female Therapist: "And this has been happening since, the accident?"Male Therapist: "So you begin working on one case here, in reality, and then suddenly you begin working another case there, in your dream."Detective Michael Britten: "It completely feels real to me."...more

Grief poetry: 'The Coat'

A bit of background to this, which I neglected to give last time I posted. My apologies. I lost an online friend to cancer on Easter Sunday, 2007...obviously the fifth anniversary is rapidly approaching, and emotions are running high. This is an old poem, but reflects present feelings: The Coat ...more

What do we learn from online friends?

Luckily, the worst of this feeling seems to be passing. I’m pleased, because I didn’t really want to spend the next month wondering what was going on. So, I’m going to invite you to share now. I’d love to read about some of the things you learned from your online friends, or others who’ve gone before. In my opinion, one of the best ways to pay tribute is to remember and share, which is the entire point of this blog, really....more

Saying Goodbye

I'm going to have to share this news eventually, and since I'm dealing with some of the follow-up details at the moment I figured it might as well be now.But I'm having trouble finding the right words.... brevity seems cold, but I don't think I have the emotional fortitude to say this with much detail. Here goes... my German Shepherd Freya, who I've written about a few times here, was struck by a car and killed yesterday.I think I have to leave it at that. I'm sure I'll need to revisit the events and come to terms with all of it, but for now this is what I can manage....more
 @Cynthia M I hope you find sometime to recoup from your loss :) It's never easy to lose a pet.more


For the most part I am realistic about my connections to people. I don’t call acquaintances friends and I don’t mistake friends for family, however close we might be or how precious I count them.For many years I was bereft of family. My mother shrank from relationships, shriveling emotionally until she reduced herself to a voluntary shut-in, even pinning cloth to the bottom of her curtains as if to ensure privacy. My heart ached for her and for the years of loss of family she engineered –not just for herself but for me....more

'Tis better to have loved

I'm so sorry for your loss but I am happy that you have been able to find love again. I wish ...more

Walking Through Grief

Walking a child through grief may be one the hardest experiences we may have as parents.  Instinctually, if we see our children in pain, we want to protect them and take it away.  When they scrape their knee, we clean it up, slap on some boo boo cream, patch it up with a band aid, give them a hug and watch it heal in days.  When we see them in emotional pain, we want to hold their heart tight until the discomfort passes and place it back once we feel it’s safe....more