Mourning a Loss: Processing Divorce

Mood Swings I've been in a funk lately. A few weeks ago I was in denial. Last week I was deeply sad. This week, I'm angry....more

Sadness in the Empty Nest

While having an empty nest opens up a new world of opportunities and adventures, it does come with a side of sadness.  This past weekend, Clarence Clemons "The Big Man" passed away.  Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band have always been in my Top 5 as far as favorite artists go and this just broke my heart. ...more


My son Lucas has only been to my parents house one time. Given the circumstances, once is enough. He was almost five months old and it was a trip made out of necessity. There was much work to be done....more

My iPhone:An Homage to My Failed Relationships

Several months ago when I first started dating The Bad Boy, he got fed up with the Needtobreathe, David Gray, Ray LaMontagne mix that is forever playing in my car. He clicked through, settling on Atreyu and said "you can't complain, it's in your ipod, you liked it at one point in your life." I laughed as he continued to click through and when he hit Metallica he gave me that you got to be kidding me look. I explained it was left over from the days of Matt and that I never took it out. He laughed and it was dropped. ...more

Celebrating My Friend's Last Birthday

Today is my birthday, and I did something I’ve been putting off for months and months. I called a friend who is dying. We lost touch about 10 years ago when I moved out of the area, his marriage fell apart and all those ties that bound us were broken. I’ve thought about him many times over the years and, well, you know how it goes. Life gets busy....more
I love that last line: Oh god oh god life is short live it like you mean it. So wonderfully ...more

Never forgetting.........

I lost my grandfather from Parkinson’s, what a horrific disease. It’s been over a month now and still so surreal, an extremely appalling dream that I cannot wake from.  My grandmother is left on this world to pick up the pieces and move-on from a 56-year marriage. I cannot fathom the idea of coping, cannot wrap my head around the emotions she encountering. Her entire life revolved around him; doctor’s appointments, feedings, medications, and grooming....more

Jenny, Jenny, Jenny

We’ve all seen the latest Jenny Craig commercials with Carrie Fisher as their newest celebrity success story.  That’s cool.  I have to admit that I was a little taken aback when I first saw Carrie – way different than I remembered her in her Princess Leia days.  But, I applaud her for putting herself out there and doing what she needs to do to take the weight off and get healthy.   However --- in the commercial I saw this morning, Carrie says something about thanking Jenny Craig for allowing her to be pretty “one more time” or “one last time”, something t...more

Facing My Worst Fear

It was so many years ago, I was just a child but the impact of my father's death one summers day has a profound effect on my life today . Being out on a boat without life jackets was the greatest mistake we made back then, owning a boat now has opened up a world of trauma....more

Ann: A story about loss and grief

Parenthood, Actually: This Day Is For You

Happy Mother's Day! I hope that you are reading this as you relax on a sunny porch while your children bring you lemonade and paint your toenails. Even if that's not quite the case, I hope you are able to find some relaxation, some joy and some peace on this day. ...more

A few years ago, I wrote a blog post for Mother's Day and it reaches out to a lot of people in ...more