Being Josh's Mom

My 8 year old son died on July 7, after a 13 day battle with E. coli. This post is adapted from what I read at the celebration of life event we shared with family and friends....more

Just Before Bed ...

It's time for bed.I missed yesterday's post because I was exhausted.Twenty-four hours with six girl scouts of our own and ten others and loads of walking and I broke 16K steps on my Vivofit on Saturday left me crashing and burning on Sunday and so I didn't post.And I could be sad and mopey about it, and I do feel kind of meh that I missed, but I'm also moving along....more

A Lament For Job's Dead Children

As I drove to church early Sunday morning, I heard a gospel song on the radio that had the following refrain, "God gave Job twice as much as he had before."...more

The Time Parade of Passing Glances

I used to move through life guarding a secret.If a stranger locked eyes with me I’d wonder if they saw my soul and knew my shame. Hope would shimmer fleetingly that they might save me from myself, but then some primal reflex would pull my shoulders forward to protect my heart as I escaped.Later I changed my life and a furtive happiness clung to me.  I feared my fragile self would become visible before its time, so I kept my head down to avoid notice....more

Saying Goodbye to Your Ex Best Friend

I recently stumbled over a scrapbook I had made a few years ago and inside it were photos of my best friend and me. My heart broke because my best friend is no longer in contact with me. I don't want to throw it away, just like I don't want to remove the photos of us that are in almost every single photo frame on my wall. I love the memories and I never want to forget them, but seeing them makes me miss her and feel extremely sad. How do you get over losing your best friend?...more

Talking To The Angels

Talking To The AngelsPosted on November 13, 2014by The Pintere...more

A Hug is Worth a Thousand Words

Ripped Away

June 14, 2001 -CaliforniaI was on top of the world...bursting at the seams..literally and figuritively.One and a half days of work until my maternity leave started.I wanted a few days to put the finishing touches on the Curious George nursery.Some time to enjoy being a husband and wife before we became a daddy and mommy.I was doing meaningful work I loved with fantastic, supportive co-workers....more

What Might Have Been

Dear JB,I can't celebrate my oldest son's birthday without thinking of you because it is yours as well. Or was yours-though you left us a week before you turned eighteen. You would have been twenty-nine this year and I can't help but imagine how differently life would have been had you not beenripped away. ...more

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