Death, Loss And Their Potential To Awaken Life

As I sat in a local breakfast spot with two of my best girlfriends this morning I received a phone call that a young woman my family knows passed away in a drowning accident yesterday evening. She was a local middle school teacher who left behind her husband and two young children, both under the age of four....more
@elaineR.N. Elaine and Melanie! How good to see you here, when I return this morning. I had to ...more

I Lost A Friend At BlogHer'13

So. I lost a friend at BlogHer '13. I realized I was being ignored right away after I got home from Chicago, I felt it in my heart. This friend, she's usually engaging and funny and always had a kind word for me across all the social platforms.She was strangely silent for a few days, and my first feeling was fear. I was afraid something awful happened in her life. She wasn't answering texts or phone calls from me at all. I saw she was actively posting on Facebook and I figured they were scheduled posts....more You think? You never really knew me at all did you?    Signed: The Real ...more

Life is Hard

A boy breaks your heart Another boy breaks your heart You have to break a boys heart You lose a relative You lose a parent You lose a best friend<...more

Lament for a house

  Three and one half years ago, my husband bought us a house at an “Undisclosed location”.Sure it was a weekend get away and I did manage to have an actual week off there last year, but it was cozy, it was comfortable and the back room was bright.It was a good spot to spend a third of our week at, which we seemed to do year round. We had to get serious, as when my husband sold our house in Philly, we were turning our minds to retirement living, We decided we needed a rancher.Not that this old house isn’t, but, we wanted a house to live the rest of our days out in. ...more

Sad music can heal your broken heart by rewiring your brain

New research published in 2013 shows that people prefer certain music based on recent experiences. So if you just got in an argument with a rude person in the parking lot, you'll want to get in your car and listen to "angry" music. Ditto with a bad break-up and sad music. Music therapists explain that matching your music to your mood makes you feel understood, wich in turn provides a release that (eventually) allows you to move on with your life....more

we are family

my mother died almost three years ago. my father has been in an alzheimer's unit for five. my two brothers live close to my father, my sister is 2000+ miles away and i am 500+ miles away. the four of us have always gotten along well and my sister and i are very close. when our parents began their decline we were united in our ideas about dealing with medical issues and what was best for them. after mom died we gathered to go through old pictures and letters and memorabilia and it was good to be together....more

Carmina, Seth and Connections Untended

I went to my summer orientation at Ithaca College in 1983 mainly concerned with the paltry, much-ballyhooed 1:3 guy/girl ratio.  That fear quickly gave way to elation when I saw Seth - a tanned fellow frosh with a shy, crooked smile and black Specials t-shirt sitting on a dorm room desk during our ‘grain alcohol in trash can’ mixer....more

Lessons of the Fathers

Fathers across North America today are celebrating Father’s Day, a day on which fathers are celebrated for the impact they make on their children’s life. I never celebrated one Father’s Day with my dad. Heck, we never really celebrated much of anything during his short life. He has been gone 20 years, and it’s on days like today that I get to wondering what it would have been like to really experience what having a father was all about....more

There Are All Kinds of Ways to Lose a Child

It is enough to gaze into trees climbing the hill above us. It is almost time to leave but I cannot turn the radio off. I stand there, losing precious moments in a busy day, savoring the gentle voice of a stranger -- a man whose son killed himself. He says, “there are all kinds of ways to lose a child.” How do you tell someone your 17 ½ year old daughter is gone -- alive, but gone....more
Shannon LC Cate Seven months later, I just stumbled back to this post & saw your comment for the ...more

A Friend Indeed

 Some real life stories are stranger than fiction. Sometimes you should never question why some things happen in your life because you can never get an answer to that.I grew up in a middle class family in Ramnad in South India. I had a good friend and we were inseparable, almost joined at the hips. Everyone said that we were more like brothers than friends.Then my friend met this girl.You will call me a MCP if I say, “And there started the trouble.”...more