Louisiana Crawfish Bawl...OK, Boil

 My brother called me a couple of days ago.  Seeing his number on the caller ID generally puts me in “what happened and is everyone ok” mode. Not that he never calls, but he doesn’t usually call without a pretty big reason.  This time was no exception…depending on your perspective. He was in the process of renewing the LSU season tickets. Remember…perspective....more

A Long Time Ago In a Graduate School Far, Far Away

The Prompt: Share a story about the furthest you’ve ever traveled from home....more

The First Thing I Ate After Lent...

Being a born-and-raised Catholic, each year I participate in the forty day fast that comprises the Lenten experience. Also being a self-declared “sweet-aholic,” those six and a half weeks of fasting every year are a time for me to put down the cupcakes and step away from the Twizzlers....more

Louisiana Poet Laureate Julie Kane on Aligning Her Life With Poetry

April is gone and with it National Poetry Month. For some, that thirty days of appreciation of the ancient art may be the only time they think about poets and verse or consider how much poetry adds to our lives. Sadly, too, for others, the only time they will hear a poem outside of school may be when someone dies or moves on in some other way. ...more

Book Review: The Silence of Bonaventure Arrow

Every week on my blog, I review a different novel that inspires me to travel (or, on rare occurances, convinces me to stay home!). Most recently, I "travelled" to Louisiana via The Silence of Bonaventure Arrow. Check it out - I think you'll love it as much as I do!   Bonaventure Arrow is born out of tragic circumstance, yet is perfectly healthy, gifted even, but lacks the ability to make a sound. And yet, he hears everything....more

A Rainy Day In The South...

The wind blew Wednesday as the clouds rolled in.  We had made our preparation and settled down to watch a movie and eat our warm soup.  Every now and then I would walk to the door and open it just to see what the wind was like...it was blowing pretty hard out there.  But this was not unusual when a hurricane or tropical storm was on its way. ...more

Continuing To Prepare For Isaac...

I stayed glued to The Weather Channel Monday morning until the LSU medical community in New Orleans made a decision on allowing their dental students and residents to leave the area for a couple of days because of the impending hurricane.  Relieved, I then waited for them to make it back to Alexandria, which is generally a three hour drive.  David and Ryan left at 1:20 and arrived here at 7:00.  The traffic was backed up so far that they decided to take another route that was also clogged with traffic.  That was part of my concern with them leaving the city so late. ...more
Hope you and your family are okay! Let us know how you're doing. Keeping fingers crossed...more

You're Out of Here

The majority of my blog postings get started by me reading something in the news that really upsets me or that I feel really strongly about. The most recent issue in the news that's really grinding my gears is the one about Delhi Charter School in Delhi, Lousiana. They have a new policy where if they suspect a girl at their school is pregnant they will force her to take a pregnancy test....more

Good-Bye, Christmas...Hello Mardi Gras!

I suppose one of the great things about living in Louisiana is that there is not much post holiday depression here.  That is in part due to the fact that the party has not stopped for us...it has just begun!  As quickly as we take down those red and green Christmas decorations, the purple, green and gold of Mardi Gras adorn our homes. ...more