The Cards

Life was good.  I was 38, happy and healthy and married to a man who worked hard and loved me.  Our kids were now 16, 12 and 8, a girl and two boys respectively and all doing what kids those ages do. We were working on our interpretation of the American Dream.  We had a large, beautiful home in a lovely suburb outside of Alexandria, VA with good schools within walking distance....more

Thank You For My Problems

THANK YOU FOR MY PROBLEMS It took me many tragedies, 5 years on dialysis, two kidney transplants and a myriad of other seemingly overwhelming and unfair obstacles to be thrown in my path to finally utter the words, "I am so grateful for my problems!"Why would I say such a thing?...more

#Change A Story

I'm Glad I Found Love in a Low-Tech World

I've been with my husband for over 12 years.  12 years.  While it may not seem like a long time, a lot has changed!...more

More Than a Feeling

3 Simple Ways to Show Your Kids LOVE

My kids always surprise me by the things they include in their love notes to me. They always know when to give me a special note…and it usually stops me in my tracks and makes me re-evaluate the way I rush around focused on “mom tasks” like planning activities....more

Simple Rules That Helped Us Survive 24 Years of Marriage

This was a big weekend for my husband and me.We celebrated our birthdays back-to-back, took a day off, and then celebrated our 24th anniversary. We've been together for more than half of our lives now, which is pretty amazing considering we married quite young-- in our early, early twenties, because we were sure we were ready....more
These are both on our list as well - the name calling one especially. That just hurts in a way ...more

When I Was Young

When I was young, it was more importantPain more painfulLaughter much louderYeah, when I was youngMy faith was so much stronger thenI believed in fellow menAnd I was so much older thenWhen I was young-The Animals...more

10 Reasons I Love My Husband More Today Than the Day We Were Married

 First comes love, then comes marriage...and then come the years you get to know each other and continue to fall in love....more