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Polyamourous, kinky, sex-positive author promoting an alternative to monogamous, vanilla living.My book "Polyamory and BDSM, Discoving Love, Sex, Vulnerability and Radical Honesty" is out on Amazon worldwide and it is available to download for free tomorrow, May 1st, for 24 hours! Available here: Amazon...more

My Husband and I HIGH FIVE... and it's awesome!

 My husband and I have been dishing out high fives left and right lately. And... it's awesome.We have become a well oiled machine with our kids. We are a team. And I am realizing how important this is....more

10 Things I Didn't Expect From Motherhood

I read a slew of books during pregnancy. I loved finding out the size of my baby every week in relation to food/fruit dimension. I also had a book dedicated to “teach” parents about the first few years of toddlerhood. And here I am. Two years and a month into parenthood, and there are a number of things that I hadn’t expected to happen to me at all. ...more
Agree with so many of your points. My eldest is about to go off to uni (I have 2 teens(, and I ...more

7 Dating Lessons I Wish I'd Known Sooner

1) If someone keeps being flaky or says they are too busy, they are just not that into you.There is one thing you should always keep in mind that: if someone really wants you, they will make time for you. If not, they will make excuses. No one is that busy to not even have 5 minutes a day to drop you a text, or at least follow through with your plan together if they truly care about you....more


May we work on releasing the fear so we may be more open to practicing compassion.Inspiritual: A space for spiritual evolution and transformation...more

What Happens After You Say 'I Do'?

Recently, my girlfriend and I were chatting about our kids and our husbands and she shared how she wished her marriage was as perfect as mine.  I was taken aback because my marriage is a lot of things, but perfect it is not!  If she knew me and my husband right after we were married, she certainly would not characterize my marriage as 'perfect'.During that first year, past relationship baggage and my idealistic expectations of what a husband is supposed to be, had us both wondering if tying the knot had been the right thing to do....more
The last line of this really is the most important part - being committed to each other will get ...more

Proof of Love

“There is no love. There are only proofs of love.” -Pierre Reverdy...more

Love Measured 3 Kids Deep

I can't believe it. It is the middle of the afternoon and all THREE kids are probably sleeping. At the same time....more
Liesl Garner Thank you for the encouragement!more

Motherhood Changed Me (But Not How I Thought)

 Motherhood Changed Me. (But not how I thought it would)They said that motherhood would change me. That it would make me boring. That it would put me in a different stage than my friends.  “Not me” I thought. I mean, sure, I knew some things would change. But me? As a person? Nah.I recently downloaded the timehop app. It’s innocent enough in theory – it scans your social media and shows you pictures & posts from the same day last year, 2 years ago, etc. Throwback Thursday for dummies, if you will....more

Are You Reliving Your Parents' Marriage (The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly)

             Somewhere along the line, we all have to relive our parents’ marriage, mostly the marriage we saw before the age of five.  During those early formative years, our minds were like sponges soaking up everything we heard and saw.  Reliving your parents’ marriage can be good news, if your parents had a happy, healthy, and loving relationship.  On the flip side, if your parents’ marriage was a train wreck, this can be very bad news....more