Charocal....Who Would've Thunk it?!

You know, Andie, I never thought of charcoal as a cleaning agent.  What an amazing concept.  I ...more

Making Your Eyes Go From Daytime to Date Night to Girls Night Out

Its so simple to transform your looks to adapt to the activities that you're doing. Some don't realize that you can do it in literally just a few minutes. We've all had those days... Picture this. It's been a long looooong week and you just want to get out and let your hair down a bit and just relax. If you're anything like me, a 45 minute commute from work to home is not my idea of winding down. After getting off of work at 5:30, all I want to do is spend some QT with my love. A date night is the the perfect way to wind down. Plus, do I really need to mention that I'm famished! ...more

Top 10 Favorite Avon Lipsticks

  Hello My Lovelies!...more

And then I became the sixth or seventh Kardashian.

So last night was my hair and makeup trial for the wedding, you guys, and apparently I’ve been doing hair and makeup wrong for pretty much, well, my whole life? Or at least from late teens onward. Before then, I think I pretty much nailed it.   Anyway, I learned quite a few tips and tricks, some that I’ll share with you all now because I’m altruistic like that. Here we go:  ...more

5 Fabulous Beauty Tips for Looking Gorgeous Every Day

Whether your goal is to look naturally flawless every day, or you prefer to up the glam factor and turn heads, you definitely need to know these coveted beauty tips (that supermodels and celebrities rely on to look picture-perfect). From learning how to ensure your makeup lasts all day to getting thick, long eyelashes (without having to glue on false eyelash strips), featured here are 5 fabulous beauty tips for looking gorgeous every day. ...more
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How Do You Do That?!

Here are just a few things that I wonder about and confuse me. So to people who excel at these things that I don't understand, how do you do that...?...more
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Let's Get Cheeky

People always talk about their secret favorite beauty products. You know, those cult products that you have used for years, can’t live without, and sometimes you keep the fabulousness of said product to yourself because you don’t want to share you secret. Well today I am sharing one of my favorite products for Spring/Summer. It’s called Rosie Jane Cheek Gloss, by Australian makeup artist, Rosie Jane Johnston....more

Confidence is Key Part II

So I know that I promised a second post about the photoshoot I did with Dylan Wilson Weddings (makeup by Elijana Cosmetics, styled by Alta moda and jewelry by Bourbon and Boweties and Bent by Courtney, but available at Alta moda) so here it is....more

Friday Faves: Elijana Cosmetics: Confidence is Key

I'm going to be honest, I'm not very confident. I know I've said it on the blog before and I really do mean it....more