A Dream Weekend In Vegas

 There's nothing like a night out on the town . Whether it be dancing the night away with your girls, having a romantic date night with your love or seeing a live show... What you do and how you look can make or break how you feel and the confidence you have. ...more

5 Beauty Tips To Achieve Melt Proof Makeup In The Summer

You know the dreaded feeling when you can feel your foundation literally dripping down your face or your eyeliner smudging and even smearing. I usually use lightweight foundation in the warmer months but even then it is a fear of mine. It’s vital to adjust your makeup routine and products in the warmer months to prevent your makeup from running down your face. ...more

Summertime Inspirations| Orange and Gold Daytime Smokey Eye

When I think about summer, I think about vacations, bright colors, and sunshine. This look was inspired by Summer. I wanted to create a look that screams summer, but still fun and flirty....more

Beauty Haul: Paris and London with First Impressions

Recently I was fortunate enough to go on a study abroad trip through my university to Paris and London. I had never been before so this trip was particularly exciting for me! Since this was an academic class I was on a strict schedule, and did not have too much free time, but nonetheless it was an amazing experience!...more

Makeup: Less is More

Every woman has their own style in both clothing and makeup. Some women tend to go to an extreme when it comes to makeup; they either go completely barefaced or they pile it on....more


All Cruelty Free!...more

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