Ride or Die Makeup Tag

This post is brought to you in part by too much caffeine and a late night YouTube binger.  ...more

I Took a Makeup Break

I wouldn’t call myself a “girly girl” (I’m sure feminists would love a diatribe on the phrase alone), but I love makeup. I'm not a shopper, couldn't care less about purses or shoes, but I’ve always looked at my face as a canvas I can perfect upon. I have always firmly believed everyone looks better with makeup and I never leave the house without it - and if I do, I am very insecure about it. ...more

Makeup to Fix up

I’m sorry that I’ve hadn’t given you an update last week but my mother was very sick and I had to stay with her. Let’s just say some older people don’t have internet access and I can’t trust all of those free wi fi that’s offered so bear with me.I made it home and saw the mess that was left for me. A stack of dishes, mail on the couch and every towel was dirty and the kids’ bedroom....more

5 Ways Wearing Makeup Actually Makes You Feel LESS Beautiful

I’m a big advocate of doing anything that makes you feel more beautiful and self expressed, including with beauty, makeup, and fas...more
Wow !! Wonderful post really sometime a makeup gives us a confidence in between the environment ...more

My Favorite Blush Palettes

Spring Pink and Gold Makeup Tutorial


5 Time Saving Beauty Secrets Every #GirlBoss Should Know

Not a morning person? Running late? These beauty tips can streamline your beauty routine and save you a lot of time every morning. These get-gorgeous beauty tricks are guaranteed to shave off minutes and save your sanity on those crazy mornings....more
Dry shampoo for the win! Seriously, these are all good tips, although I would suggest a 12 hour ...more

I Don't Wear Makeup, But That Does Not Make Me More Feminist Than You

Can women wear makeup and be feminist? I recently came across a comment that berated someone for claiming that she wasn't wearing any makeup when she clearly had some blush and concealer on, and then continued to argue that it was hypocritical to say that they were not anti-feminist when they "clearly leaned" towards that attitude. I don't know why this has to be said, but... ...more