Hey Black Girl- Banana Powder Is Not Your Friend!

Banana powder seems to be the rage these days with makeup fanatics of every race and color. Especially black girls. Youtube offers an abundance of videos detailing Kim Kardashian’s highlighting and contouring regimen including Ben Nye’s Luxury Powder in “Banana”....more

DIY Hair Tutorial: How I Cut My Long Hair At Home in 7 Steps

Cutting your own hair at home can save time, money and frustration. If you have the patience and are willing to invest in a decent pair of hair cutting shears, you're 100% capable of cutting your own hair....more
Very brave. I don't think I'd trust myself to avoid chopping big chunks off.more

The Hottest Makeup Trends Of 2016

These 2016 Makeup Trends are definitely intriguing and eye-catching. They were spotted at the most recent runways and they promise to stay for a while. I decided to compile the top five 2016 makeup trends in this post by spotlighting some of the most famous Instagram Makeup Artists featuring these trends. If you want to achieve such trends you must follow them on their IG accounts so you could keep up with their tutorials and tips.  ...more

Best drug store makeup products: Jordana Cosmetics

I love high-end cosmetics.  Brands like Benefit, Too Faced, and Urban Decay make me swoon! But, there are some smokin’ deals to be had at the drug store, and today I wanted to shine a light on one brand in particular: Jordana....more

Beauty review: Wet N Wild lipsticks

I’m going to keep this short and sweet: if you like having an outrageous choice of lipsticks in your collection, get to know Wet N Wild.  I got turned on to ...more

Beauty review: primer products – eyes, lips, face, and Ultimate Ozone

I love makeup – so why am I nonplussed by the entire “primers” category?Is it just me, or is the word “primer” a bit off-putting when it comes to cosmetics?  The concept is clear – just like with wall paint, makeup primers prepare the surface and make stuff stick.  With walls, I love that concept, but for makeup, it somehow doesn’t connect with me....more